• Zombie BrosPlush777 1 week ago

    bon bon so true

  • Greeny Fazbear 1 week ago

    Can You Make New Video About Me????

  • dameztoya 1 week ago


  • Zaira Randall 1 week ago

    What happened to Baby

  • Reese Wolf 1 week ago

    What about baby!

  • BBgaming 000 1 week ago


  • Da best YouTube channel on earf 1 week ago

    Roasted Ballora

  • Jorge Rosario 1 week ago

    Make a video were you have a deforse with ballots

  • gb cb trd cb . thrwve2 tu 1 week ago

    my bro wants me to un sud

  • Kristijan Clash Royale 1 week ago

    and what about baby and lolbit

  • Breana Panda 1 week ago

    What about Baby or Lolbit?????

  • Kate Swirlc 1 week ago

    Oh Foxy finally! I’m happy that you said “oh this chair has been here since episode 15” and you didn’t say “wait what did I say”

  • Patricia Neuwirth 1 week ago

    Would be cool when the old Chica comes to see the sister location

  • Miranda Marshall 1 week ago

    I don’t want bonbon to be a plamer

  • Raymond Family 1 week ago

    You should make a fallout 4 video!

  • Sillykittycats Johnson 1 week ago

    I wanna make a mod 4 u

  • John Nwodo 1 week ago

    Foxy lock your credit card from the other

  • Sillykittycats Johnson 1 week ago

    Do a video


  • Cuong Bui 1 week ago

    My Brother Thought That This Video Was Sponsored By Nintendo Cause Of The Thumbnail XD lol

  • Gaming Queen 1 week ago

    “We can unclog your pipe.”

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Pringle McShingle 1 week ago

    Puppet: Expect Puppet to be showering and brushing his long hair
    Foxy: What hair?
    Bon Bon: *says something* (I couldn’t hear what he said)
    Me: *laughing way toooooo hard*

  • whisperToROAR VEVO 1 week ago

    Foxy: This has been here since episode 15.
    Me: How many freaking episodes behind am I?!

  • Kaylee Buffington 1 week ago

    Of all things why plumbing sorry I need to know 😶

  • ViperBR1 1 week ago

    How about next video where foxy changes his credit card number

  • Reyna Delacruz 1 week ago

    He for got baby lolpit JJ and bollon boy

  • the queen of five nights at freddy's 1 week ago

    ballora bon bon said you stink

  • Brad Akers 1 week ago

    More lo it videos

  • veludemann 1 week ago

    you forgot baby’s room

  • Jack Dawson 1 week ago

    XD ballora smells XD

  • Marquise Pixley 1 week ago

    Funtime foxy can you meet the the famous films

  • Marquise Pixley 1 week ago

    We haven’t seen bonnet in a while

  • BATIM and FNAF Plush production 1 week ago

    Have anyone notice that ballora stairs look like High heels

  • Bran Lort 1 week ago

    Hey can you do a bit when you guys want to be mermaids all of you lol it you ballots Freddy springtrap pls to it pls btw I’m a girl and 7 you might be 20 are 14 I guess my picture looks like a boy

  • Chassie Butler 1 week ago

    Omg you are the. Best!!!!!!!

  • zrtaylor Foxy 1 week ago

    Yo foxy do you a video when golden Freddy get’s all of the evil robot’s over time and you Freddy and puppet take them down. You can inpress lobit she might love you the

  • Jonathan Roman 1 week ago

    What happened to foxys other voice

  • Pixel Blocks 1 week ago

    oh man bon bon is good at plumming

  • Bubba Thompson 1 week ago

    Who luigi in dis mess bro he my guy and magic is amazing

  • Mcgavyn Estes 1 week ago

    I lauphed so hard my face fell off

  • Shiva Shariat melzer 1 week ago

    Good job Bon Bon 😊👏👍🏻

  • Meua Animate 1 week ago

    You should make a shirt that has the chair who agrees lol 😅😂😂🤣

  • Brittany Chaves 1 week ago

    Geovani ask for help from Foy

  • the fighter 1 week ago

    Hi Bomario what is your jobs name tiny designer fixer what is your buisness number 77132 tiny

  • Gavin Bishop 1 week ago

    Video 15!?!?!?

  • Margaret Groomes 1 week ago

    Finally, someone who can actually do the job

  • chris marcum 1 week ago

    Circus baby and ballora are my 2 favorite animatronics

  • odilon soares 1 week ago


  • Lucas Held 1 week ago

    Hi good afternoon dude

  • Lucas Held 1 week ago

    M. Mm. Hmm. Mmm.

  • Bonnie The bunny 1 week ago

    Man Bonbon is good I need them for my plumber call Mindy Bank bombon would be a great Plumbing for you

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