• Maritza Torres 4 weeks ago

    I like bonbon tall

  • Cole Moss 4 weeks ago

    Funtime foxy amazing so cool

  • Christopher Lor 4 weeks ago

    f*ck you foxt

  • Christopher Lor 4 weeks ago

    Be more nice to bonbon!😠

  • Christopher Lor 4 weeks ago

    Foxy why are you a bully

  • Christopher Lor 4 weeks ago

    Stop picking on bonbon!

  • Drake Tan 4 weeks ago

    Do CUPHEAD piz

  • Lol Funy plushie game friends 4 weeks ago

    Hello i can’t thing correct at all i don’t know why

  • Angela Williams 4 weeks ago

    What texture pack is that?

  • lorressa gibbs 4 weeks ago

    I love you

  • lorressa gibbs 4 weeks ago

    More foxy qlsssssss

  • Zoe Lee 4 weeks ago

    Your videos are super awesome

  • Cuong Bui 4 weeks ago

    Bonbon Your Not Grown Up Your Just Over Sized XD lel

  • Lavender 54236 4 weeks ago

    When baby walk in with long legs I laughed so hard 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Sophie31JadeGamer_YT 4 weeks ago

    in the background i think puppet is dying lol hahahahahahaha
    Edit: Saw baby and now im dying lol

  • Ralpholos Gaming 4 weeks ago

    I just love the but can you do this when Freddy does it or did somebody say chicken gag or even the unexpected humor such as when baby came in with the tall legs, and then Freddy’s reaction

  • The Greek 95 4 weeks ago

    I hope everyone is happy in the end. And foxy, I think you have that headache because “she” is trying to get out. I think “she” started getting inpatient about this

  • Inga Papolskine 4 weeks ago

    holy @#@* bonbons a gaint

  • The Marionette 4 weeks ago

    you are cool the way you are bon bon

  • The Marionette 4 weeks ago

    yeah hi

  • The Marionette 4 weeks ago

    do you no the way!!!???

  • A'Lee Morris 4 weeks ago

    44735635247 fnaf 7588683588

  • Mohd Azlani Azmy 4 weeks ago

    never golden freedy

  • Alice Angel 4 weeks ago

    Freddy was harsh when he just saw bonbon and he just said eww then left that was harsh

  • Clare Donald 4 weeks ago

    Why is bonbon so big?💘😘

  • Rusty Chapek 4 weeks ago

    Man march 27 was my birthday

  • Cafer Kaya 4 weeks ago

    Bende çekiom bakın

  • Jose-angel Hernandez 4 weeks ago

    you are a meany guy foxy

  • Luna Rose 4 weeks ago

    When is the voice gonna leave???

  • Balloon Girl 4 weeks ago

    Bon Bon should be small and cute

  • Kristyle Melendez 4 weeks ago

    Hi JJ. U OK.

  • Circus Baby05 4 weeks ago

    this is already creepy

  • foxy plays 4 weeks ago

    black lung

  • Wolfing Demon 4 weeks ago

    Me:I feel like we should learn a lesson from this.
    Also Me:Nah

  • pan pan the pandas 4 weeks ago


  • pan pan the pandas 4 weeks ago


  • Jashawn Best 4 weeks ago

    Foxy do a show about you guys leaving on a pizzeria for a for 10 seconds and and you come back

  • Jashawn Best 4 weeks ago

    You foxy you supposed to have magic wands

  • cuti_fnaf shipper DONT MESS WITH ME 4 weeks ago

    ya i agree puppet that is mea

  • cuti_fnaf shipper DONT MESS WITH ME 4 weeks ago

    mean srry

  • cuti_fnaf shipper DONT MESS WITH ME 4 weeks ago

    wow foxy has no love oi this wold

  • hasan wilkins 4 weeks ago


  • Funtime_ Games_ 4 weeks ago

    Hey bon bon don’t change yourself because at least you have people who care about you and that love you no matter how you are.😌

  • Maddie dreemurr 4 weeks ago

    Foxy YOU ARE THE SHORTEST if you dont count the hand puppets.

  • MollySkyLander PLAYSROBLOX 4 weeks ago

    im tiny but i like it because no one bullies me

  • Caitlyn Rhoads 4 weeks ago

    Make BB and JJ quit all their job from Puppet puppet is taking advantage of them

  • Flamemaster343 3 weeks ago

    little kids like funtime foxy should learn how to word things better

  • funtime spicy 3 weeks ago

    Love vid

  • Bonnie The bunny 3 weeks ago

    Foxy is being mean he should be happy for bon bons who is going to be calling them little if I was him he be dead if I was bon bon I would have kill them bon bon and Bonnie I have a favorite characters in these videos

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