• Crystal M 4 weeks ago


  • fnaf lover 4 weeks ago

    Yay! The vid was made on my birthday party!!!

  • Mario Marinez 4 weeks ago

    Bonbons head turned all the way around

  • god minion 667 matti c 4 weeks ago

    You need to go to a medical mental hospital for the insane people you talk to a stuffed teddy!!

  • Michelle Carroll 4 weeks ago

    I have a crush on you bon bon 😖😔😓😶😍👯

  • Keera Lacock 4 weeks ago

    Foxy: STEAK 🥩

  • Brandon Kelly 4 weeks ago


  • Benancio Reyes 4 weeks ago


  • sharon johnson 4 weeks ago

    Poor bon-bon

  • Alex Springtrap 4 weeks ago


  • Alex Springtrap 4 weeks ago

    It’says kin

  • Paul Van Dyk 4 weeks ago

    a plunger wow that is mest up

  • Larissa Pierce 4 weeks ago


  • Jethan Kyros Dayao 4 weeks ago

    What’s all the haloween lanterns for?

  • Jethan Kyros Dayao 4 weeks ago

    Do more baby stuff.

  • Jethan Kyros Dayao 4 weeks ago

    :] yeah.

  • Daphne Carter 4 weeks ago

    100000000000000. $ FOXS. You

  • Vince Chavez 4 weeks ago

    Randomly Bon Bon:ugugfrhjuuhvxswdvghujnbvcdg me: what is life now…😐😶

  • Pidgey _ 4 weeks ago

    when foxy said bye at the start of the video be had a voice crack 😂😂😂

  • Loide Aaron Dacalos 4 weeks ago


  • Anna maria pinkie dash 4 weeks ago

    Happy Easter cos it’s nearly Easter

  • Bonnie Bon Bon 4 weeks ago


  • Bonnie Bon Bon 4 weeks ago

    I ship Bon Bon with bonnet

  • Neymar Jr Fan 4 weeks ago

    logan paul is better

  • Neymar Jr Fan 4 weeks ago

    logan paul is better
    💓💜💙💛 give him 1.00000.4.3

  • Neymar Jr Fan 4 weeks ago

    logan paul is better
    💓💜💙💛 give him 1.00000.4.3 likes

  • Face Sonam Yangzom 4 weeks ago

    So Foxy Is The Manager? AINT IT SUPPOSTED TO BE BABY XD?

  • Kimberly Proctor 4 weeks ago

    Funtime Freddy’s new name is Funtime cow or Funtime moo

  • Violetas Fauras 4 weeks ago

    Freddy f, Freddy!!!!!!!

  • Pizza lover 22 1 4 weeks ago

    Mincraft.fnaf roplay.bonbon gets fired

  • Eren Jeagar 4 weeks ago

    R.I.P Bon Bon

  • lt3 mailman 4 weeks ago

    WOW 5 MILLION sit ups

  • barriesonfire 3 weeks ago


  • barriesonfire 3 weeks ago


  • Burrito Cat 3 weeks ago

    Doing work out

    Struggles on 3

    Famous person comes in

    UHhHhhHHh 11737494847362782902837464749930292 TRiLLION

  • Casey Leonard 3 weeks ago


  • Darren Herbert 3 weeks ago

    bonbon mest up whith freddy

  • Kennedi Tremmel 3 weeks ago

    Poor bon bon

  • Nadia Rhazzal 3 weeks ago

    Umm i think ballora is ganna get fried soon

  • MMD mangle 3 weeks ago

    poor bon bon but poor freddy to though

  • Natalie Pajo 3 weeks ago

    Bon Bon is my favorite type of Bonnie and his cute Funtime Freddy is my favorite Freddy

  • Alexandra Yerena 3 weeks ago

    poor bon bon

  • Gavinbot Gaming 3 weeks ago

    *Looks through comments* man people dont watch the full video before commenting

  • Loide Aaron Dacalos 3 weeks ago

    Way bon bon gets fired

  • Luna Rose 3 weeks ago

    Lol “Are you Freddy’s new girlfriend?” In my mind ‘I wish he was’!!!

  • Luna Rose 3 weeks ago

    I kinda liked him as Kirby…… Why did he stop being Kirby????

  • Mae Enriquez 3 weeks ago

    123 you ar ausama

  • Bonnet [FNAF: SL - kind - crush: ???] 3 weeks ago

    Oh good, now BonBon can rebel with me!

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