• shaun Sons 4 months ago


  • Leonard Behaj 4 months ago

    Baby Kiss friends

  • Leonard Behaj 4 months ago

    Please please please

  • Leonard Behaj 4 months ago

    Make a video of Baby kiss,s foxy

  • Leonard Behaj 4 months ago

    Hi Foxy

  • Leonard Behaj 4 months ago

    I ❤ you

  • Jason's Universe 4 months ago

    Omg I just saw a head

  • Noah Talksdifferent 4 months ago

    Puppet cracked me up when he says hes taking a shower

  • Daniel 4 months ago

    I has theory!!!1E!E!!!!! So remember that episode where Freddy drew a heart on Ballora’s room’s wall because he “liked” her? Well that heart was made of pure dreams, Freddy’s dreams. So when that happened that’s why Ballora’s room is being so weird and transformed into this, because the heart, Freddy’s dreams, infected the room with his dreams and we all know how Freddy is, weird, and he has weird dreams too because of how weird he is (And to definitely proof this we’ve heard Freddy dreaming before and he also freaking does it in this episode!) so would make sense. Also that is why the heart didn’t turn grey and it’s still it’s normal color, pink. That’s my theory.

  • Chris Bowser 4 months ago

    I seen it but Laura had the flint and steel and lip foxy on fire

  • ballora gamer 4 months ago

    yey ballora’s room is normal now and it’s going to be beautiful again

  • Chloe Williams 4 months ago

    Give Circus Baby a channel like if you want her to give a channel

  • Lucky û 4 months ago

    They say never trust edited comments

    Oh, well then

  • Monserrath De la cruz 4 months ago

    Is funtime foxy XdarzethX?

  • Siridia Arroyo 4 months ago

    Hi Foxy

  • Lane Schroeder 4 months ago

    Finally ballora’s room isn’t so weird and scary

  • Rodney Soares 4 months ago

    I dont know who to ship foxy with anymore😲

  • bruce cena 4 months ago

    hey foxy can u all meet the rockstar animatronics from fnaf6? oh and i want to see lefty too.

  • lol 10370 4 months ago

    I hate Funtime Freddy he plants a evil toaster under ballora’s room now he’s put it under Foxy’s bed just destroy in fire killer in the fire seriously also Freddy’s a dummy head a super dummy head

  • Edwin Plays 4 months ago

    Ballora If You want me to answer your question why the sky is blue it’s because there are layers on top each other so it makes it blue

  • fnaf 1 2 3 4 sl 4 months ago

    Make a game or games

  • Nate Moon Torres 4 months ago

    you guy’s should Mack a video about lobit talk’s to much like this commit if I’m right

  • 7maccas 4 months ago

    i saw freddy in the room!!!

  • Roblox Figure Gaming 4 months ago

    Yay you got my idea on the stream

  • Boo Ja Kasta 4 months ago


  • Melinda Sanico 4 months ago

    will bonbon get a channel

  • Inkbendy20 20 4 months ago

    Ballora is weird…

  • Pablosaurs910 4 months ago

    I wanna kill myself after watching this

  • Than Daleap 4 months ago

    So sleepy

  • Heleina Dash 4 months ago

    How did the toaster even ended up down the hole in the first place?????

  • Hunter Thomas 4 months ago

    I think Freddy the tnt master can beat the room

  • SamanthaFox44 4 months ago

    ROOM ALIVE WHAT!!!! 😱🤨

  • Matthew Lewis 4 months ago

    I’m watching you Foxy .

  • Bendy The Ink Demon 4 months ago

    No he dream about bendy chapter 3 and Golden freddy

  • Kitty Cats MROWWW 4 months ago

    Did enyone nodice the the sign in baby room saying R.I.P here lies washy?

  • lps Ezziewolf paw 4 months ago

    And foxy I now you were doing the focse of that thing in her room..I new the hole time

  • lps Ezziewolf paw 4 months ago

    Oh foxy you now how you said everything you say comes true you shod say I wish lobit love me and your wish is come true..🤔🤔🤔😎

  • Justin Loney 4 months ago

    y do you Think fun time foxy is a Girl?

  • CALLAN18 #FOXYGF 4 months ago

    Plz go back to the basement

  • The Roblox Gamer 4 months ago

  • Hernesto Mercado 4 months ago

    balloras room is kinda fancy

  • Hernesto Mercado 4 months ago

    shadow freddy?!

  • Judy Anne Yap 4 months ago

    pupet master is not pupet master it’s popet

  • Terri Miller 4 months ago

    baby is asum i like her room

  • Xavier Posey 4 months ago

    Did anybody get the reference when they said stranger thing’s?

  • Evelyn Harper 4 months ago

    Shadow Freddy did this

  • Morgan Phillips 4 months ago

    OMG I love ur vids watch them all the time 😘

  • Razvan Miclea 4 months ago

    Freddy has a you tube channel

  • Twinklesmelyros 4 months ago


  • Daila Flores 4 months ago

    I got ur shirt bollra is my favrtirit :3 i like her room so munch
    And maybe bollra and funtime foxy can kiss and can u on
    Alots of dates and be girl friend and boy friend lol lol lol lol

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