• mike skythebrinee 3 weeks ago

    I love this CHANNEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BraveSparkles 123 3 weeks ago

    I love your channel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rome Henderson 3 weeks ago

  • William Saccone 3 weeks ago

    Poor foxy he wanted girl shcool cookies

  • Spring trap 3 weeks ago


  • William Saccone 3 weeks ago


  • Techman 3 weeks ago



  • Susanne Blythe 3 weeks ago

    Foxy can bon bon and ballora have an exciting channel to? Please 😦😦😦😦😦

  • Lolbit The Fox 3 weeks ago

    Love the scream at the end of the video xD also what the the clover at the sidenof the screen?

  • Tyree Roberson 3 weeks ago

    This video is asome

  • Kymani The Bender captain 3 weeks ago

    Bon bon trying to summon cow Satan or moo Satan 😈

  • abriones429 3 weeks ago

    Ewww foxy is eating worms in protein bars

  • Hollis Buchanan 3 weeks ago


  • sorat99 3 weeks ago

    buloa is evll

  • Glitchydroid 3 weeks ago

    I learned never give Foxy energy drinks

  • Digital Gaming 3 weeks ago

    Foxy needs a break from this stuff and those people who do stuff like this should get karma like everyone other than you Foxy

  • Jaden Kirk 3 weeks ago

    Funtime foxy and puppet you to are girls in the games it even said.

  • pink fluffy unicorns 13 3 weeks ago

    Oh god I’m scared RUN FOR THE HILLS !!!!!!!!😲

  • Anita Kolić 3 weeks ago

    idk what to say or even whats happining

  • Anita Kolić 3 weeks ago

    XD Ballora farted XD

  • Noah Morehouse 3 weeks ago

    do a Minecraft fnaf polar express rolplay plz 🙂

  • Minecraft Trolling 3645 3 weeks ago

    When you guys said Girl Scout cookies I saw I sign that said now selling Girl Scout cookies lol

  • Jessica Chaleunsouk 3 weeks ago

    Funtime foxy x Spring trap

  • Lexie Andrews 3 weeks ago

    Awesome video keep on do the good work foxy and baby and papet and bonbon and balora 😄😆😋💚👍

  • Littie 3 weeks ago

    This video must have a different title it should be
    Foxy goes Super CRAZY

  • queenmuziq 3 weeks ago

    One of us power juice is my blood XD

  • Victoria Hale 3 weeks ago

    in the protein bar has worms

  • Krypto Gamer 3 weeks ago

    Olá estou aqui mendigando inscrito,se eu fiz parte da sua infância se inscreva no canal pra me ajuda a realizar meu sonho.🐶

  • Niomi Donald 3 weeks ago

    How are going to tern Bon Bon back?

  • Vinny NotVince 3 weeks ago

    Foxy react to old memories plz do it I hate my key board

  • Vinny NotVince 3 weeks ago

    I reset YouTube blora smells like HUGE farts and big poops

  • Aventureros de maravilla 3 weeks ago

    One day I know in a vid ennard is gonna appear

  • Melanie Esquivel 3 weeks ago

    Please can you make a video of Pokémon please

  • Artistic Pictures 3 weeks ago

    I am a girl scout so I will get you some girl scout cookies Foxy! What is your favorite kind?🍪🍪

  • Normand Thompson 3 weeks ago

    nice vids!

  • Katy Daniels 3 weeks ago

    I think foxy is waaay to obsessed with power jouce I think he needs to cut back on the power jouce srach that he needs to cut way way way back on it

  • Flaming freak-show XD 3 weeks ago

    I was hoping foxy would say” I AM THE CAPTIAN NOW!!”

  • faceclan7415 2 weeks ago

    That moment when you drink juice from ballora

  • Raystar123 - 2 weeks ago

    My profile picture has you on it your my favorite animatronic

  • jazzy TEM 2 weeks ago

    Me: *watches video * okkkkk note to self never give anything that is made to make him hyper yelp yelp *writes some notes down * never give him a lot of sugar or anything in that power juice…..never

  • Sharon Humphrey 2 weeks ago

    I like when foxy scared Freddy by saying power juice

  • Diana Arellano 2 weeks ago

    😎 cool

  • Tracy Martinbianco 2 weeks ago

    Lol I love the end

  • Matthew 5505 2 weeks ago

    Did somebody say 3 month subscription

  • MiniMiniCarla 2 weeks ago


  • Lloyd Dyson 2 weeks ago

    Patrice bars are hearts

  • 1coolrock11 2 weeks ago


  • Evie S 2 weeks ago

    I just want to say 1 thing, in FNaF SL, it actually says that Funtime Foxy is a girl. So, HA FUNTIME FOXY! YOU JUST GOT BUSTED!!!!

  • Five Night at cats 2 weeks ago

    You men I Dance to forget

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