• Kyle the cool Gamer 1 week ago

    Freddy is scared because he already played

  • Jada Kitkat J.K. 1 week ago

    When I heard Baldi’s voice it sounded like got a cold or something😂😂😂😂😂😂!!!!!!!

  • Dawn Leal 1 week ago

    yes been waiting for thus

  • Jonathan 10 Gutierrez 1 week ago

    Lol i died just looking at the thumbnail XD

  • Lina Milenkovska 1 week ago

    Don’t click read more


    Ok stop!!!!

    Ok now you should stop

    No matter how much you try will never end

    Why didn’t you just stop


    Ha ha ha ha you’ll never pass😈😈

    Oh now your course sorry I didn’t know this

    Just joking


    I’ll never stop

    Ok I’ll stop for realz



    …….. I will never stop

    Ok I’m getting bored you

    Gratulations you have one for real

    did you really think I would stop

    I would never stop

    Ha ha ha stop you would be stuck

    Now you’re done for


    Congratulations you have won


  • Jonathan 10 Gutierrez 1 week ago

    Yass my fav characters like taco bell wendy mc donalds and burger king and kfc yass my fav oitside food

  • Aimon Inocentes 1 week ago

    it voice’s like Richard and rolanda

  • renhold24. no 1 week ago

    Baldi basics long ding dong

  • John Powers 1 week ago

    Baby and ballroa are dead

  • julie salandanan 1 week ago

    When will you make baldi’s friends?

  • lucy senpai 1 week ago


  • Gaming and Piano 1 week ago

    Poor foxy!

  • cutelittlewolf gurl 1 week ago

    Don’t click read more


    You did this

    I wait



  • ashraf Hosny 1 week ago

    why did you not say hi guys

  • fnaf fan 55 1 week ago

    I was waiting for this Episode

    No really i did wait

    Your baldi voice is good

    Thats not a single coin its a pile

    How long is my text going to be

    Baldis name is baldi cuz hes bald

    Does baldi has make up i mean look at this lips

    That was creepy hearing the music slowly turning out

    Super long text :p

    Welcome to Baldis basics and mean math

    So……….baldi has canzer? Or what cuz hes bald….

    ANNOYING TEXT i guess


  • megz volgz 1 week ago

    It 8

  • chica 33 1 week ago

    is puppet german? hear this: 13:9

  • Hailey Stockton 1 week ago


  • Dakota plushie 1 week ago

    Its not 542,its 6480

  • Sandar Saw Win 1 week ago

    1000 -700+1000=something

  • Bonnie Gallagher 1 week ago

    You’ll should do a episode were lolbit kills purple guy

  • Shrugz TM 1 week ago

    The cancer makes me wanna die

  • Jane11 The nightguard 1 week ago

    I miss Mr.Wigglesworth….sometimes to be honest…

  • Petras Petrauskas 1 week ago

    the answer to that really hard Q is: 12936

  • Jane11 The nightguard 1 week ago

    Baldi is saying some hands on equations….i should know….i learned it and it was easy…..soo…the is something with dividing to completely answer his question….

  • Jane11 The nightguard 1 week ago

    Kfc, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, taco bell….XD omg I can’t name anymore. XD. Lol guys

  • FeatherKit 1 week ago

    It was so simple…the 3ed book he said “whats 9×6×5×4×3×2=? And its 6,480

  • Willi Wren 1 week ago


  • Bon bon Bon bon 1 week ago

    Foxy 8

  • ETHAN HOSTETTER 1 week ago

    so that means that bon bon and ballora and baby are still in that timeline

  • Ia420ent 1 week ago

    I still dont get this guy

  • Tim the fnaf gamer 1 week ago

    Lol this was a funny video!!

  • purplegirl5682 afton 1 week ago

    oh nuz i sux at math

  • Landen the James fan 1 week ago


  • Howard Koslov 1 week ago

    Literally disgusting.

  • Jerome walker 1 week ago


  • Jerome walker 1 week ago


  • Anisha Aainaa 1 week ago

    Me. 100+9998888191872728+0001888876=?

  • Brianna Bread 1 week ago

    Fnaf-Stalker Edition

  • Anisha Aainaa 1 week ago

    More video and baldi

  • Isaiah Reynolds 1 week ago

    I do like boldly

  • Isaiah Reynolds 1 week ago

    A creep boldly creeps me out

  • Cheryl Hildebrand 1 week ago

    Freddy Bonnie 5 + 3 equals 8 I use my hands and I made 5 and free and then it put it 8 Foxy’s right and you too Bonnie and Freddy you too said it wrong but foxy said it right write foxy

  • purple guy 1 week ago

    Foxy and lobit sitting in a tree k i s s i n G

  • ɠąცཞıɛƖ ῳıɖɛɠཞɛŋ 1 week ago

    Baldi?! Cool

  • Elena Vargas 1 week ago

    7 in all guys

  • baa baa 1 week ago

    Hi buldi

  • baa baa 1 week ago


  • sindija kaktiņa 1 week ago

    Dier foxy i višh i kod mit you love you 😢

  • CircusBaby Tv 1 week ago

    Answer the question 5678999755323678907544656+68743645444678094421×754788+555433÷78547548679009553244566538298446774÷576396=

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