• Snowflake8278 1 month ago

    Bonbon morning bunso hv to start a day out with me an hour early morning morning I will try and be done by the time ka I get off Twitter you want me and you want me sa I want you and you can have a great day love and love love and miss na is the day I hv I want you and you love you so

  • Snowflake8278 1 month ago

    You need to do a vid of all of the animatronics are there

  • jeff mccreary 1 month ago


  • FUNTIME FoXY 1 month ago

    When foxys a baby he’s like kill kill kill kill killl kill when he’s and adult he’s like ugh I’m bored grr BABBY com here right now!!!!!

  • toy mangle the fox girl 1 month ago

    Baby went in the boys bathroom

  • Gage Miller 1 month ago


  • Orlando Virya Nanda 1 month ago

    I like ft foxy become a baby

  • Angel Rubio 1 month ago

    U should do a video of ft foxy and lolbit hanging out

  • leon eagan 1 month ago

    Fredbear : oh my god Puppet what have you done ?

  • Galaxy Heartz 1 month ago

    You should do Baby Lolbit ;D

  • Abby Gamer 1 month ago

    I liked it when he was a baby 👶:(

  • Emilka Bogdanska 1 month ago


  • LIMERY YT 1 month ago

    laughing out Loud!! XD!!

  • Black Hole Dragon Tamer 1 month ago

    I think the doctor thinks Freddy is a human

  • Rosy The fox 283 1 month ago

    will be nice of someone do Animaton for it

  • BluestarPlays :D 1 month ago

    I hate Freddy

  • funtime chica 1 month ago

    good funtime Foxy baby😙😔😙😚

  • Megan Roberts 1 month ago


  • Kizzy Lopez 1 month ago

    Wow you didn’t know this puppet was right behind your bed or in front or in the sides of your bed and throwing a baby potion on you foxy you should know this you should memorize things and you should stay up at night I mean morning

  • Jennifer Quinn 1 month ago

    More I like them

  • Nabor Dominguez 1 month ago

    He talks so cute😹

  • Raquel Maciel KeilysonBr 1 month ago

    Click in 🖒

  • brandon thornton 1 month ago


  • YonderRaptor894 Page 1 month ago

    Start a crafting dead film

  • Luan Lam 1 month ago

    Finally a good video FINALLY XD

  • Luan Lam 1 month ago


  • Dajuan Marshall 1 month ago


  • Esther Castillo 1 month ago


  • Jose Paez 1 month ago

    Baby: do you wanna play a game ?
    Baby foxy: change my diepa?

  • Ariellevein to u rich Royal 1 month ago

    foxy I’m have a pretend that I have your friends

  • Ash Pig 1 month ago

    do more of you turning to a baby vids

  • sightgasm 1 month ago

    How did
    Foxy be a kid

  • doggy pound 1 month ago


  • Kimber Lillie 1 month ago

    How long can you talk like this?!

  • ian mew 1 month ago

    Hey baby ft.foxy u so cute I want to hug u cute voice and don’t destroy the pizzas really it want end with baby ft.foxy ok baby love you hehe I’m a girl about away 😍😎 bye.

  • Zeph FNAN 1 month ago

    Are You OK?? Because That Baby Funtime foxy skin Has No Ears Or Tail : But I’m fine with this

  • scary girl 1 month ago

    Nice to meet you Minecraft Five Nights at Freddy’s & wonderful commenters.😶😊❤

  • Jun ior 1 month ago

    Tommarow is my last day until spring break and I don’t have Minecraft so I can’t play with you on servers I wish I could

  • maria sanchez 1 month ago

    Hahahaha!😂 Aw…so cute!😍

  • Jace Ang 1 month ago

    hi foxy love you im a boy i hate freddy

  • Katlynn DeLeon (2024) 1 month ago

    Is their more Baby Foxy!?

  • Joshua Clark 1 month ago


  • Kitana Melina 1 month ago

    Nyan. Is scary because its chucky

  • XxarioogamerXx THE LUCKY PRO 1 month ago

    I love this channel I like the more rp ones I do like the baby ones but more foxy tell baby that she should make a vid of her becoming one

  • Girl meets World lover 1 month ago

    I know a song that’s called pacifier

  • Mackenzie Wireman 1 month ago

    Ha ha ha I love ❤️ it so funny

  • Mrcool FNAF 1 month ago


  • Ashley Bardales 1 month ago

    funny time foxy you are baby💖💖💖💖💖

  • Ashley Bardales 1 month ago

    is puppet doum🤔🤔

  • April Reeves 1 month ago

    I love baby fixed so so much

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