• mikky eigbogba 2 weeks ago

    Haaaaahaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaa classic foxy

  • prettyprettyprince 32 2 weeks ago

    cupcake is real name is carl

  • Arianna Crabb 2 weeks ago

    I can’t believe I have be watching your videos for one year now.

  • Mayra Blaiotta 2 weeks ago

    Freddy: WE CANT OPEN DOORS, WE ARE animatronics
    Me: animatronics WTF

  • Rainne Fernando 2 weeks ago

    ha abat cuphead

  • Samir Qotab 2 weeks ago

    Cupcake real name is carl

  • Jimmie Roberts 2 weeks ago


  • Christine Holder 2 weeks ago

    Its not bar bar or bell….its CARL

  • official Bonnie the Bunny 2 weeks ago

    Just why xD

  • Jennifer Animations 2 weeks ago

    I already knew that cupcakes name is Carl anyways so that’s the reason why I didn’t want to watch this video but if you want to watch this video just watch it if you don’t know his name anyways cupcakes name is actually Carl if you didn’t know.

  • Aden Woodward 2 weeks ago

    barth o u mule

  • Deverd Bellamy 2 weeks ago


  • purplegirl5682 afton 2 weeks ago


  • Kawaii Furry 2 weeks ago

    I been new his name is carl

  • Dan The bunnie 2 weeks ago

    It’s carl the cupcake

  • Jane Rode 2 weeks ago

    Cupcakes name is Carl

  • Che Che Christ 2 weeks ago

    Cupcakes name is coral

  • Vicky Britt 2 weeks ago


  • Brae-lynn Yeo 2 weeks ago

    Its carl I know because my friends play fnaf and they found a note that shows a picture of cupcake and saids carl

  • Joleen johnson 2 weeks ago


  • Joleen johnson 2 weeks ago

    i lauphed when foxy said are we gonna call him carl papa now? HAHAHA

  • Lanetria Rice 2 weeks ago


  • Asher Eheart 2 weeks ago

    Carl the cupcake

  • shiny theoldbunny2 2 weeks ago

    its carl

  • Debra Jo Holcomb 2 weeks ago

    His name is…..CARL!!!!!

  • John Strah 2 weeks ago

    I hate Freddy

  • troy holcomb 2 weeks ago

    You must be cuckoo by going by putting your chest of chicken in Foxy’s Cove you should be more pacific or you can find it but no one else not even foxy to go steal it

  • troy holcomb 2 weeks ago

    His name is coral everyone know that cupcakes real name is Carl the cupcake it’s that simple it’s Carl

  • troy holcomb 2 weeks ago

    Pretty maybe I should call you Freddy slacker bear

  • Jahmari Watson 2 weeks ago

    Its puppet

  • Hayley Allen 2 weeks ago

    Panda: GET IN MA BELLEH!!!

  • luke dreemurr 2 weeks ago

    All of you are wrong if you search it up it is carol

  • Hayley Allen 2 weeks ago

    Oh God panda’s father and uncle are such a weird influence

  • Declan Hutchison 2 weeks ago


  • Casey Masters 2 weeks ago


  • Quenten Shreeve 2 weeks ago


  • Red X Mann 2 weeks ago

    I heard Po P.O. P.O. from Bonnie

  • Funtime Faily 2 weeks ago

    Cupcakes name is puppet because when he says squeak it sounds like puppets voice so it’s puppet doing cupcakes voice

  • Kylie Gangell 2 weeks ago

    Bonnie x Freddy and foxy x chica

  • Erdi Pajaziti 2 weeks ago


  • Evil Angel 2 weeks ago

    Foxbit needs to happen

  • Vanessa Leggio 2 weeks ago

    That’s from llama with hats.

  • Gevie Johnson 2 weeks ago


  • Gevie Johnson 2 weeks ago

    Me likey

  • Lindsay Marie 2 weeks ago


  • Lillian Shields 2 weeks ago

    cupcake sounds like puppet

  • Harmony Earnest 2 weeks ago


  • Brad Adams 2 weeks ago


  • Tay Marie 2 weeks ago

    I, really like bonnie

  • bgreene5er 2 weeks ago

    Pandy is adorable

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