• Team Edge 2 weeks ago

    Hey guys! wherever you are right now, floor, chair, and the couch is lava! Did you survive? What weapon would you give the team to use? Let us know down below! Have you seen our What’s In The Box Challenge? Go check it out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PUGu4GNuyYY

  • Babyblossom Vlogs 2 weeks ago

    love your vids (= please can i have a shout out i subed gave thumbs up and hit the notificaitions . i have my own channle babyblossom vlogs please do the same for me

  • Alexander Iliev 2 weeks ago


  • THE BLUE EYE Armijo 2 weeks ago

    J Fred was the first to talk

  • Wwe 993 2 weeks ago


  • animation network 2 weeks ago

    Doesn’t he mean the floor is greenscreen

  • Hammock Hamster 2 weeks ago


  • Melissa Grandpre 2 weeks ago

    Who else only clicked on this because matthias eas in the thumd nail

  • Chazz Gomez 2 weeks ago

    You should do a vid of hunger games

  • Flowey The Flower 2 weeks ago

    slow stick!

  • Dat Boi 2 weeks ago


  • Fresh_Sans 2 weeks ago

    PANIC! At the disco

  • Lancaster Gaming. Ind 2 weeks ago

    Glo stick

  • watermelon king 2 weeks ago

    Is that a lava mat or is it just edited

  • Dark Side 2 weeks ago

    brian is gonna be creeper with hat

  • Damayraliz Castro 2 weeks ago

    A egg I think

  • Gracie pie 2 weeks ago

    A glow stick. I can’t think of anything else.

  • Team Sleepi 2 weeks ago

    Sub=Become Rich🤑
    Like=Good Luck Forever🍀
    Comment=Get Your Crush😍
    Do All 3 & Be A Savage🔥

  • Clean Music Nation 2 weeks ago


  • 2 Cutie Pies 2 weeks ago


  • BASKI JOBS 2 weeks ago

    I love Team Edge

  • TASTE THE RAINBOW 2 weeks ago

    Who else ammidiqtly thought of matts song im friends with the creeper

  • Sammie Artwell 2 weeks ago


  • THE XTREMESNIPE 2 weeks ago

    E G G

  • Robyn Bowman 2 weeks ago

    Glow stick

  • Robyn Bowman 2 weeks ago

    Nevermind it was a egg

  • Michele Peyerk 2 weeks ago


  • Austin Wile 2 weeks ago

    Can you have jacksepticeye or someone like that in one day

  • Nicole Elston 2 weeks ago

    U have to break a tree before u use it

  • Shad0w Shad0w 2 weeks ago

    For the question of what has to be broken before it can be used my answer was a horse

  • MC DragonLord 2 weeks ago

    how dare u insult batman

  • That 1 Sophie!! 2 weeks ago

    The break on a car

  • Electro Steele 2 weeks ago


  • Emma Butcher 2 weeks ago

    An egg

  • Denise Baptiste 2 weeks ago


  • MinecraftMaster5681 2 weeks ago

    Whatcha my channel it’s cool

  • Snaps Mcgoo 2 weeks ago

    10:00 when you think you free to watch team edge but then you realize you have one more page of homework

  • Khoa Phạm 2 weeks ago

    5:41 very cozy eh?

  • Jon Harrington 2 weeks ago


  • Cherish Nanette 2 weeks ago

    minecraft parkour lol

  • Ryan Martinez 2 weeks ago

    bryan has the best troll face

  • Ken Kitchen 2 weeks ago

    A glow stick

  • kobe lozano 2 weeks ago

    I wanna know who’s sleeping in the background

  • Toosie Footsie 2 weeks ago

    XD OML Okay so at 2:43 When Matt Was talking about the auto, so i left and accidently hit the mute button and i was like WHAT HE LOST AUTO TO THIS GOD…. I HATE THIS XD

  • Lightning_Productions456 2 weeks ago

    #EdgeGamesSeason2 ?

  • Ebomb Gaming 2 weeks ago

    5:10 matthias’s animal call

  • JOSH DOSE SOMTHING 2 weeks ago

    Yes the three musketeers are in this video.

  • Sabita Pant 2 weeks ago

    Answer is egg

  • Timmy Oliver 2 weeks ago

    This is my name timmy

  • jagath j 2 weeks ago

    Glow sticks should be broken before use too rite?

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