SSundee tries not to die to FRED AND THE DOG THING!!
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  • Killing Keeler 4 months ago

    You should be able to get cobwebs from dirty dan
    And I’m trigger that no one use the new killer traps

  • Sky Czar Mendiola 4 months ago

    Do a teen titans

  • Jumpedship 5914 4 months ago

    Rick and morty?

  • Jordanplays ! 4 months ago

    Do camouflage armor

  • Beenish Khan 4 months ago

    You never told the killer new trap

  • Gg Gg 4 months ago

    Do Star Wars murder run.

  • Ssavious 4 months ago

    Ssundee please stop using that resurrection stone

  • savage CJ 4 months ago

    Guys can you do every character you pick has a power without having to pay nether stars that would be awesome like if you agree we need ssundee to see this and I would want to know what powers each character can do every week.

  • savage CJ 4 months ago

    You guys should make a trap for survivors that they are clones that could move so the killer will get confused

  • Der 6000 4 months ago

    You should do teenager mutant ninja turtles

  • Kevin Jerman 4 months ago

    Do a rick and morty murder run

  • Dennis-Troy Ona 4 months ago


  • BearLife77 4 months ago

    I will be the Protect this city lol gets me every time. XDDD

  • kingina mo LO! 4 months ago

    santa exe

  • Heather Bell 4 months ago

    You forgot about the killer traps

  • Maydeyngeek 23 4 months ago

    A N G E R Y ghost

  • GameBros 4 months ago

    “I like to use human bones as toothpicks” Interesting very interesting

  • Undead Ninja979 4 months ago

    Make a trap where the killer switches spots with one of the other pepole

  • Monneth Abas 4 months ago

    Goooòoooooooooooooooooooooooooood ssundee

  • magmumfenix22 4 months ago

    I bet ssundee will do a Christmas one next week

  • BGPz Gaming 4 months ago

    Anyone Else SAW the barney statue on the map?

  • Drifty360 4 months ago

    i wish that this was a mini game on mineplex or something

  • Demonstar Friends 4 months ago


  • Doreen Ndayishimiye 4 months ago

    Make a trap when the servers can get a randem weapon that effects the killer diffrentily

  • Johny Orteez 4 months ago

    Teen titans or wwe would be good murder run

  • Welp ThereYouGo 4 months ago

    SSundee, it’s ESCAPE not EXCAPE :’)))

  • Aaron Jonk, 4 months ago

    Idea for new trap: If you die, your traps will be given to an random survivor

  • SrIncreased 4 months ago

    Rick and morty theme xD

  • KingGaming 04 4 months ago

    wat were the killer traps?

  • Eva Twibill 4 months ago

    Hey Ssudee you probably wont answer this but can you Please please please please do a BTS Murder Run pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaassssssseeee

  • David123 4 months ago

    Why is ssundee always the last killer?!

  • JOSHSTAR123 486 4 months ago

    SSundee can you do factions again. 50 likes plz

  • Lewis King 4 months ago

    Do a Christmas one so your normal btw

  • Nahsir Malone 4 months ago

    ssundee u should have told them where the part was when u were still alive duuhh

  • Johnny Boi 4 months ago

    Ok think it is unfair that the killer gets so much speed I think it should only be speed 1

  • Nightshineguardian TheOpSquad TOS 4 months ago

    Ssundee you so why did you not travel to water you idiot my god why you so dumb yoy could have pass to the water u give you dislike im disappointed to you so much

  • Johnathan Christiansen 4 months ago

    He never read the new killer traps!

  • Dare K 4 months ago

    I’ve subscribed

  • Dare K 4 months ago

    Can you guys do an inside out murder run

  • Gamexx gaming Magat 4 months ago

    If you eating yourself you came bigger or smaller

  • G extreme 4 months ago

    Roses are red,
    Violets are violet,
    Not fricken blue

  • G extreme 4 months ago

    Roses are red
    Maddy’s hair is violet
    Ssundee is bootyful

  • Tempest 4 months ago

    ssundee stop protecting the city u useless

  • Pixel Lid 4 months ago

    I need ARKKKKKK!!!!

  • Nirvad Alic 4 months ago

    hey SSundee way you dont ask Kehan to get a new trap like opside can he get trap over 5 m way not

  • EpicKid147 4 months ago

    Like the comment if you want the murder mystery to be bendy and the ink machine

  • Dav1d Samuel 4 months ago


  • SteamAtNyte 4 months ago

    The ultimate way to kill while your the murderer is get the super sayian then the body swap which swaps the killer and a guy and then use the super sayian fly up then switch with someone and they will fall to theyre death XD

  • TrikyFIREBLAST 4 months ago

    Crainer is barney 2.0

  • Tristan Fang 4 months ago


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