• SSundee 7 months ago

    Neo doesn’t choose these answers. All the answers are based on a Twitter poll by you guys…LOL

  • Alex Does Stuff 7 months ago

    Bateman doesn’t have powers he’s just a rich dude in a costume

  • Caleb Tinonas 7 months ago

    Antman Joined da avengers in civil war… Shouldnt it be Disqualified

  • FUNTIME GOLDEN FREDDY 7 months ago


  • Pierre Vivaldi Gaming 7 months ago

    No love for Deadpool? 🙁

  • Teo Vanly 7 months ago

    Real question here : Who is sick of the fact that Ssundee’s Lucky Block, as well as this game are full of guns and guns ? I mean isn’t using sword more frequently a pain ?

  • Gaby THE AWESOME 7 months ago

    They should of puten revers flash and poisen ivy

  • Chocolate gaming 7 months ago

    Avengers is marvel

  • S.H that vlogs youtube 7 months ago

    almost every superhero was in dc and marvel don’t go together

  • Vegeta Eating Chashu Pork 7 months ago

    wait…they don’t know who Doomsday is? He’s the other enemy of Superman I honestly thought they would know

  • Sean Farmer 7 months ago

    It is at this point that anyone who knows comics facepalms at the lack of knowledge on Crainer SSundee madalin and tia… They need to watch more tv

  • Alfredo Lopez 7 months ago

    Antman is already in avengers

  • Dragon Balls 7 months ago

    antmans in the avengers

  • Micah Brinso 7 months ago

    Ultron is an evil robot on marvel anvengers age of ultron

  • Micah Brinso 7 months ago

    Dooms day should be on there

  • Micah Brinso 7 months ago

    He almost killed super man

  • Damon 7 months ago

    HOW IS DOOMSDAY NOT THERE just why….hes literalllllly the only immortal villian that even superman cant kill…..

  • Coolskeleton 95 7 months ago

    the green arrow XD HAHHA CRINGED SO HARD

  • GRAMMY EPPS 7 months ago

    it ever day bro

  • Oryus Privett 7 months ago

    Thanos 1 darkside 2 you agree

  • Raimonda darara 7 months ago

    Scarecrow is a guy who trys to make the world fear

  • Sean Gilbert 7 months ago

    Antman is an avenger

  • Virus ThunderBlast 7 months ago

    I’m so pissed they didn’t seperate Marvel from DC.

  • Matevž Jaušovec 7 months ago

    Ssundee and Maaddi should win first round, becase antman (as well as spider man) are an avengers in anumated series!!!!!!!!

  • Sjean Luc Mañalac 7 months ago

    Antman is olredi in the avegers

  • BajanEiv Gaming 7 months ago

    Guys if you’re arguing about the last one he said on a Superhero Movie so that doesn’t include comics.

  • Xavier Marshall 7 months ago

    WTF Antman us in the avengers

  • SSP GAMING 7 months ago

    I know scarecrow and ultron their so demo

  • HeroisGM 7 months ago

    Yay my guess was Deadpool 😃😃

  • Blue Dragon 7 months ago

    Thanos is from justice league, Ultron is from the avengers, and scarecrow is from batman

  • TheReRexTev 7 months ago

    This is killing me so stress

  • TheLaimona's 7 months ago

    Bruh ant man is in avengers

  • Lolly pops 7 months ago

    Incase anyone didn’t know but FRIKIN Superman can fly, laser eyes, x-ray vision, superspeed, strength (and something I probably don’t remember) soo he is like 4000 million times better. No offence Barry

  • Bc3109 7 months ago

    Lol DC characters in marvel

  • Lewis Biddle 7 months ago

    I was screaming deadpool at the screen for the first section

  • CommandBlock Conner 7 months ago

    U guys r idiots

  • Kitty 101 shadow 7 months ago

    DOOMS DAY is from Batman vs Superman.

  • Christine Turnock 7 months ago


  • Christine Turnock 7 months ago

    Go Maddie doomsday

  • Dylan Nguyen 7 months ago

    Ssundee’s twitter followers are rather… ignorant *cough* idiotic *cough* Sorry, I think I have a cold. I think the answers made me sick 🙁

  • Rey Egoogan 7 months ago

    Ant man is on the avenger kehaan dude

  • Rey Egoogan 7 months ago

    The civil war

  • Anonymous9001 7 months ago

    I was screaming deadpool so much in my head on first round ;D

  • TheEnderLord445 7 months ago

    neo kehaan you all are idiots antman is in the avengers

  • XxMiaxX xX 7 months ago

    Oml I was stressing out so much!!!!!😂

  • Richard Gamber 7 months ago

    Super villains
    Me: The joker, Thanos, Utron, Loki.
    Spiderman for a very small time was in the avengers!

  • Shamir ZZ 7 months ago


  • Pretty_Pink_Princess 7 months ago

    People from dc comics shouldn’t be in the avengers because the avengers are from marvel.?

  • jared 7 months ago

    wolverine and deadpool are not superheros

  • Pretty_Pink_Princess 7 months ago

    DEADPOOL is wrong because he’s already in the avengers

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