• Andrew Basta 2 weeks ago

    u read it

  • chiquita alleyne 2 weeks ago

    wayyy different looking

  • Jermiah Boy 2 weeks ago


  • Nukeler God Dane 2 weeks ago

    where is natsu, erza, gray,and lucy at .

  • Pixel gaming 2 weeks ago

    Hay xylo I can spy on meve for you

  • mega wolf 2 weeks ago

    you could name her Angi or

  • mega wolf 2 weeks ago

    or you could call her Ares

  • Dragon Smoke 2 weeks ago

    Name it pyro

  • Anesh Andrus 2 weeks ago


  • sir Pinky 2 weeks ago

    Xylo i beleave you can use a stick to make the dragon sit

  • Colbey Johnson 2 weeks ago

    My favorite magic is lightning/thunder

  • Anesh Andrus 2 weeks ago

    Name the dragon azezel it is the name of Japanese dragon also known as the rainbow serpent

  • Team Whitlow 2 weeks ago


  • Fish Blobington 2 weeks ago

    The twilight rebirth or twilight bursters

  • Team Whitlow 2 weeks ago

    I love your vids dude i love them so much i downloaded the mod to make my own roleplay ( p.s. its one where everyone starts with a baby dragon we are the dragon guardians

  • frozedlight 2 weeks ago

    I think there should be like a dream thing were you see all your dragons (the old ones) and they show you were there egg is (yes I know some were male)

  • Geramy Gamez 2 weeks ago

    Magnus if a guy

  • Blake Lancaster 2 weeks ago

    Call the guild the starlight sorcerers

  • Nysir Barnett 2 weeks ago

    Hey xylo you have not made anymore gtasquad videos in minecraft when are you going to make another vid. Also I’m a big fan I watched a lot of your videos 2-10 Times u r cool

  • Mouamle Hassan 2 weeks ago

    give your dragon bones he loves them

  • Blue Gaming 2 weeks ago

    23:32 Odin has magic

  • josh umali 2 weeks ago

    Noooo! I was at school when the video cane out! I was at school and I just see a notification on my phone that says that you uploaded a new video!

  • Brayden Sukoski 2 weeks ago

    You should name the dragon flame and also you should add in unicorns, Pegasus, wyven, mantacore pls

  • ThatOne Dude 2 weeks ago

    Is this a server and if so can you join it?

  • IDoLife657 2 weeks ago

    It is a good thing that xylo has plot armour or that anvil would have killed him

  • Barbers Borders 2 weeks ago

    Call him Loki

  • more rog 2 weeks ago

    I think dragon’s may just eat in till you stop feeding them

  • Minecraft PE 2 weeks ago

    You should call him/her Ruby!

  • Legends of Smokey Fur 2 weeks ago

    name your teamcrime sorcyer

  • nindrago the astronian 2 weeks ago

    How about we find a 4th member, one with Air powers to join W.A.V.E …?

  • nindrago the astronian 2 weeks ago

    Hey Xylo, ever thought of increasing your arsenal with some.. COMBUSTION BENDING..?? (AKA THE POWER TO MAKE THINGS EXPLODE!!!!! EHEHEHEHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!)

  • cool creeper20 2 weeks ago

    Fun fact: after u tame a dragon if you fall from a great height it will come and save u 🙂

  • cool creeper20 2 weeks ago

    Also u should try and get an ice dragon. Hatch the same egg for ruby and put it in the snow biome. Plus its wings look rly cool

  • GMDarkLord Gaming 2 weeks ago

    Mitch is back too

  • nindrago the astronian 2 weeks ago

    Aww.. Whats the matter..? Has the mother of Dragons lost his touch..?

  • Sith Lord 2 weeks ago

    I think you should name the ruby dragon Appolo

  • Андрей Конаков 2 weeks ago

    Dude you know you must refund the blocks you missed from the previous episodes

  • Mr DeathLord 2 weeks ago

    Btw u can make your dragon sit by right clicking with a bone(:


    If u find your first one call him Loki

    Because he’s god of mischief

  • Derp Fantasy 33 2 weeks ago


  • tiny cheetah 2 weeks ago

    name her cayos because she likes cayos

  • Blue Giraffe 2 weeks ago

    Water Magic is my favourite!

  • Drama idk 2 weeks ago

    No vids today ;-;

  • Killer Collin -Plays Roblox and Minecraft 2 weeks ago

    Name the dragon red scale

  • Brayden Sukoski 2 weeks ago

    Pls add in more magic creatures

  • foxy eevee 2 weeks ago

    The dragon elegance or the dragon guard or replace dragon with hippogriph

  • zeke 5light 2 weeks ago

    my favorite magic is water and ice magic

  • bat god god Hunter 1 week ago

    You should name the red dragon the red star

  • bat god god Hunter 1 week ago


  • bat god god Hunter 1 week ago

    Or rubis

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