• Ryan Brook 3 weeks ago

    Xylo don’t activate that new prime thing. Its an automatic mineing construct. Its a good thing you didn’t set it up right it’s like the roots alter rituals.

  • Warsmith Kraygar 3 weeks ago

    My lord. Sir Ritchie is studying thamerchy with Mitchell and Mario. They are gaining strength. I’m still trying to find information on who attacked the guild. For the Light!

  • Isaiah Vlogs 3 weeks ago

    Suggestion: Have all of WAVE fill all the chalices

  • Kai Bursinger 3 weeks ago

    add pure liquid mana, water into one of the chalisces

  • Mining With AJ 3 weeks ago

    And here we go again.
    Something else to boost his ego.
    Greeeeeeat . . . ;D

  • Mr Lemon 3 weeks ago

    I guess your officially the Star Lord now

  • Super C 3 weeks ago

    He read my stream comment

  • ssj4 goku black 3 weeks ago

    Xylo I have one question why does it seem that your defense capabilities are weaker than usual ? I mean you have token on a stage 5 dragon and took almost no damage (even tho you used angle of vengeance when hat happened) but that shouldn’t matter cause will it does still buff your defense it doesn’t do it by a lot and plus right before you started angle of vengeance magic you survived multiple stone death stare with a Gorgon when that same stare turn other gorgon’s into stone ! So I think something’s magic your Armara defense weaker but what? Maybe your wearing to Much armor so one of the effects aren’t working?!

  • Goku the Destroyer 14 3 weeks ago


  • Terrarian Pony 3 weeks ago

    Ask Hannah to join W.A.V.E.!!!

  • TheAuraSharingan 3 weeks ago

    So xylo is master of astral magic huh. Does that me he is gonna finally go back to lightning and master that as well?

  • Chariyan 439 3 weeks ago

    Th is is my favorite episode so far

  • DJ soda 17 3 weeks ago

    Couldn’t you mix the new constellation and the time grove together

  • Eli T farley 3 weeks ago

    Panda and Colin atact the gild

  • Xx_kittlefox_xX 3 weeks ago

    I was just crying about opening soda and it almost made me bleed but when i watched this i felt alot better

  • JerryBlaze7 3 weeks ago

    i think your right that the color lights indicate ores related to the mod.

  • The Elite Lemon 3 weeks ago

    Omega working with Mitch to take you down he is gonna betray you

  • Aydan Litteral 3 weeks ago

    Put the four main elements in the chalaces and a vacuum chest on the side that puts all the ores into your emc, and use the linking tool to connect the crystal underground to the neromatic prime, I don’t know if it does anything but it will look cool😜

  • HannahBug1 3 weeks ago

    (He died at the end)

  • Jimmy Riddle 3 weeks ago

    Xlyo stop stealing Michael’s thing he is the star lord now. After all he does have star dust growing on him now.

  • •StărVsGäming• •StărVsGäming• 3 weeks ago

    Go to the Guild Hall and move it Now PANDA GONNA BEYTRAY U

  • Tony Garcia 3 weeks ago

    You are a god use the power I got the power ohhhh use the power

  • The Crazy Comet 3 weeks ago

    Xylo is the one of the most powerful wizards on the server, but he can’t fly…

  • The Marchal 3 weeks ago

    Add electrobs wizadrdry to the server everyone who sees this please like so that they can see this

  • •StărVsGäming• •StărVsGäming• 3 weeks ago

    Maybe Xylo’s Parents were the Star Gods before that could be the reason why he can go so far in Star Magic basically become a Star God

  • josh umali 3 weeks ago

    Xylo, in battle you can wear your new mantle and once you use its effect, you can switch to your other mantle

  • Jalen Sariman 3 weeks ago

    6.15 ish does wizard xylo seem difrent or is he a fan of pixelmon or something

  • KidSly1237 3 weeks ago

    Wait I thought the sun was a star, that means sun light is star light but brighter and stronger

  • Andrew Jordan 3 weeks ago

    I ment calis

  • Fandall Ft 3 weeks ago

    Yay Hanna showed up in the video
    She also got her block

  • Logan Brenneke 3 weeks ago

    Silo I have an idea where you can place the Guild Hall the place without Twilight Paladin’s had their Town Hall it’s the only place orange when think to find it and not to mention all the dragons you guys left there when you got teleported enough said about me discuss it in the next wave meeting but in all honesty Salo you need to trap Orange contain him for at least 2 days that should buy you enough time to teleport the guildhall but it will seriously drain you by the time oranges free you will have to come enough to use the fence of magic (defense)

  • Coanda Coala 3 weeks ago

    If horologium speed up thing then why dont you use the mantle to speed up the thing that make the mantle of star dont know what it called

  • DRAGFALL LUARD 3 weeks ago

    that’s why i don’t want to say lucky
    it brings bad luck when you say that word

  • IchiroFuma 3 weeks ago

    The thing you made mines liquids, but you have to find the liquid first using the last item you made. The blue particles designate that you will get water from placing the structure centered over that block. The red particles were for lava. There may or may not be Wizardry Mana as a possible liquid to mine as well. I think more liquids can be set up to be mined in the config.

  • •StărVsGäming• •StărVsGäming• 3 weeks ago

    We’re all Waiting for Zellophoney Live stream or one episode of Zello meeting the others it would be interesting cause a whole alternate universe and somehow zello is their

  • Zaidon Mooney 3 weeks ago


  • joseph perets 3 weeks ago

    insted of the master of the mistic arts from doctor who name your self the master of the astral arts

  • badwolf 2119 3 weeks ago

    Glad i waited to watch this my night has been horrible but this video helped a bit thank you khaleesi. 🙂

  • Tyler Troake 3 weeks ago

    Use the Lucerne mantle to spy on Orange so you can see if he’s home

  • Destin Ziegler 3 weeks ago

    Oooh i just had a great idea if it works for the chalises

  • Elsabe Hughes 3 weeks ago

    Please upload more regurally

  • Jamy jam Jar 3 weeks ago

    Make more different magic from different sources and be come a god

  • Carter Mcmillion 3 weeks ago


  • Legends of Smokey Fur 3 weeks ago

    fill one containment chalise with milk

  • Vaclav Soukup 3 weeks ago

    ( Messenger of the Gods is and starts to transform into Alycias angelic form ) Alycia starts ro speak : ,, Finally Xylo, you were claimed to be worthy of the title God of Stars and Magic.,, Alycia laughs sarcastically ,, . ,, Enjoy it while you can ,, . And try not to scream like a little girl next time. Its not good when mortals or other gods see you like this. ( Messenger starts to turn into Cerns Lord of the Forest form ) Cern starts to speak : ,, Good evening, Xylo. I hope youre happy that youre now a God of Stars and Magic. Old Octaras ( former God of Stars and Magic ) really needed someone fresh and young who will take care of that work for him. But thats not why I wanted to talk with you. You see , now that youre God of Stars and Magic, it gives you new responsibilities. Heres some advise : first of all, you will need to gets some followers. You see, without followers who build our shrines and prays to us, we are weaker than flies. You really need to get some of them, because youre weaker than bug right. Any lesser God or magic creature can kill you now. But being a god has some lighter sides : youre really allpowerful ( I think you saw that yourself ), you cant die from old age ( or it will take very long time to die like that ), your wounds are regenerating much faster and , most importantly , you can have Demigod children. And I think there is a really good candidate for that. , ,He stealthily looks on Hannah. Anyway thats all for now. By bye. ( Messenger transforms into golden dust and it flies to somewhere )

  • Vigvig1 Gamer 3 weeks ago

    star/sun magic because a star is a sun

  • The Crazy Comet 3 weeks ago

    “At least im the undying right? ”
    *runs away*

  • chars ander 3 weeks ago

    go and attack orange and have them test out what your mantle can do

  • Ishcar 3 weeks ago

    Xylo get gaykok’s bow it is in the Totem book

  • Bryle Barranco 3 weeks ago

    Xylo attuned yourself to horrogium maybe it speed up the cool down of the mantle

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