• Émeric Doucet 1 week ago


  • Ryan Just 1 week ago


  • ZovaLine Minecraft SkyBlock & More 1 week ago

    Bring this to the top!

  • The1AndOnly Gamer 1 week ago


  • BabyAshc00n 1 week ago



  • UltimateGames 1 week ago

    4th like!

  • Bill Brummer 1 week ago


  • Omi ツ Omi ツ 1 week ago

    Thanks for uploading Factions Dad! 😄

  • •WildXiLoveU • 1 week ago

    what happened to the other vid u removed it and when is skyblock fire gnna reset its kinda getting too inflated

  • Zak Swanson 1 week ago

    haii all xD

  • Nay Rod 1 week ago

    Lest gooooook ! First tem 1 min a go

  • Mok1546 1 week ago

    Who else noticed that he posted it and then took it down. Broke my heart.

  • Nepsii 1 week ago


  • Mok1546 1 week ago

    U legit got me. thought the skype call was mine lmao. Got soooo scared.

  • Nay Rod 1 week ago


  • TBNRsavannah 1 week ago

    This better be the right video this time 😂

  • Owen Gamez 1 week ago

    OMG u got my head @wildx

  • Edit King 1 week ago

    If wildx pins this comment, it’s a proof he reads all the comments

  • Nay Rod 1 week ago

    Keyler evry 750 and 500

  • Ryan__ 1 week ago


  • Nay Rod 1 week ago

    Way sock bedrock


    uhhh new vid down??? the fact vid whattt

  • ItsJustJacob 1 week ago


  • Ross Asprey 1 week ago

    I would love to play factions but I can’t pvp 🙁

  • Moows 1 week ago

    Hopefully this series dosent take over skyblock and you forget about it like last time

  • Pro Creeper 1 week ago

    Early squad where you at

  • Deceptives Ignore this 1 week ago


  • FifaTrading 1 week ago

    Wheres out godly creates huhh..? seems fair ey

  • F1NN5TER 1 week ago

    Me v you big boy

  • Awesome Patel 1 week ago

    Get the face cam back

  • VirusPlayz 1 week ago

    Can I join ur fac I’ll give u a base

  • Jett Sloane 1 week ago

    Wild low key abuses

  • Nicola Douglas 1 week ago

    Pin this if u love your fans

  • Tony Is An Edater 1 week ago

    You should pick up some of the X squad boys *wink wink* like maybe PTNinjas or something idk

  • Believin 1 week ago

    I’m hay aka I’m gay xd who didn’t watch idubbz xd

  • Faction named: Gucci Gang and not even invited the founders of the gang..

  • Slipery Sandals 1 week ago

    Oml, tony’s laugh is sooo frakin cuuuutee!!!

  • SharkPro H 1 week ago

    They opened so many godly crates which is not fair for the players.. STOPP.

  • ItzDav - SaicoPvP 1 week ago


  • David Larsson 1 week ago

    Play with Lube

  • David Larsson 1 week ago


  • BionicBenMC-Minecraft&More 1 week ago

    Wildx can make alt faction that make u a base

  • xXTeejayXx 1 week ago

    I got banned from wilds discord :((

    Edit: it was Sock that banned me

  • Bluecrayon 007 1 week ago

    “Holy fruit loop” A very inspiring quote from tony.

  • Fight Me 1 week ago

    I’m confuse, which one is 1st episode?

  • hmble 1 week ago


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