Today we are racing on this Epic Dark Side Lucky Block Race


  • PopularMMOs 3 months ago

    By far the hardest race since we continued the series….LOL

  • Yungling Esparza 3 months ago

    Plz subscribe and I will subscribe back,plz help a small youtuber

  • melainakiss 3 months ago

    You got snowballs. You should have used them.

  • GamingwithM.K. Conley 3 months ago

    I love ❤️ you guys!

  • crystal bender 3 months ago

    mr.popularmmos how do u become a youtuber because i want to be like u

  • Timothy Evan Widarsono 3 months ago

    PAT your stone sword had 9.5 attack damage

  • Walmir Sardela 3 months ago

    Bye lol dolls for us and for me pl-zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Amanda Irvine 3 months ago

    Other youtubers do this a lot!

  • Itz Marie 3 months ago

    Can u do more roblox??meepcity racing,flee the facility,flood escape,murder mystery??

  • 玉兰 蔡 3 months ago

    You weren’t wearing the gold

  • SushiStar 3 months ago

    Has anyone EVER noticed that his intro song only has one M in MMOs

  • Rudy is Awesome 3 months ago


  • Rolando Cruz 3 months ago

    you are a noob pat you have fire reisie

  • Gavin Moya 3 months ago

    loool dooooo moooooooorrrrrreeeeeee

  • Mcduck 3 months ago

    Pat Are U Friends With Dan If Not Why?

  • lanaya burnett 3 months ago

    You will never get a shout out

  • Marcelo Novoa 3 months ago

    my birthday was on the 8th

  • Josep Dean 3 months ago

    THE ONLY thing pat and jen did not do is live stream😢😢 for 4years so long

  • NATALIE GORMAN 3 months ago


  • Thalia Mora 3 months ago

    hi ya

  • Thalia Mora 3 months ago

    Hi jen how are you

  • Francheska Laguna 3 months ago

    dragonball is awesome

  • Gabby Gabaymax 3 months ago

    Good one. I very very very ×100000000 love it!

  • Alyssa Zugelder 3 months ago


  • Brandon Haught 3 months ago

    Can you do a Jeff the killer mod

  • Luis Pineda 3 months ago

    I love you guys so much you are my best YouTubers ever

  • Dylan Hinote 3 months ago

    i love you guys and im floridian

  • Dylan Hinote 3 months ago

    you BOTH did great but pat is always beast mode!

  • Dylan Hinote 3 months ago

    pat find a realistic jen to fight in the challange games i mean you guys did fight a realistic pat mam dont like you pat said to JEN

  • Dylan Hinote 3 months ago


  • Homie Blobfish 3 months ago

    I’m so glad that you guys brought back this series! You guys are by far the best chanel I watch, and you guys are just the funniest/cutest couple X3

  • RoseGirl_Neko 3 months ago

    i love lucky block races keep it up Pat and Jen i love u. Ur my favorite youtuber ever

  • Jack Kowall 3 months ago

    Poo hole

  • Jellybelly Gamer 3 months ago

    and pat i guess

  • Jellybelly Gamer 3 months ago

    i love you jen

  • Xfinty McCain 3 months ago

    I like it when pat completely owns jen

  • Ashley Lopez - Ochoa 3 months ago

    Good job Jen

  • Gaming With Grace Roblox & more 3 months ago

    The rules no 1, 2, and three sounds like the rules in the custom parkour map

  • Popolopiuy 3 months ago

    You can jump on a iron bar

  • XxZeno_ WolfxX 3 months ago

    5:38 “NO! DAMMIT!” Jen-2018

  • SweetiePlayz 3 months ago

    “It was sSsSoOoOo good” me: her voice sounds weird *hides back in her shell*

  • Emilia Richardson 3 months ago

    Do some more build battle

  • Cathy Mirasol 3 months ago

    Pat pls play more roblox

  • Xanthe mann 3 months ago

    Hi guys love you

  • Danielle Copp 3 months ago

    Jen you was rageing on the out side

  • Littlelibbyharris ! 3 months ago

    Pat you actually got that gold armour from a block

  • Daniel123 Dh 3 months ago

    no she said i just fell of you listen again

  • Daniel123 Dh 3 months ago

    she said she fell of
    even look at the chat it said she fell out of the world 19:16

  • Libby Fisher 3 months ago

    HI thank you for your videos you have inspired me to become a YouTuber as well as other YouTubers
    subscribe to me Libby fisher

  • Libby Fisher 3 months ago

    I all ready subscribed
    Subscribe to me
    Libby fisher

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