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  • Marcus 2 weeks ago

    am i the only one that screams at their screen when Jardon is opening the mystic timber?

  • Jordan you’re gonna have to change up your style of content to become big again.

  • Jazadachi 2 weeks ago

    Who else remembers watching this guy back in the days jamming out to when his first Minecraft music videos came out

  • Jimmy Heymann 2 weeks ago

    yeah 360p comments get your sh*t together you were early, we get it, you’re cool WOOHOO! great accomplishment in your life!
    Jeez, those comments trigger the hell out of me.

  • CaptainRedTorch 2 weeks ago

    My eyes hurt so much when watching you play the sapling game

  • AzeNZing22 2 weeks ago

    Jordan please end this series… If you want to make a Minecraft video make something more relevant or fun. This is coming from a long time fan. Start a new series or play with more you tubers.

  • Eis Toast 2 weeks ago

    Hello 😀

  • Ninja Kayden 2 weeks ago

    Do mildly infuriating

  • Crazy Grapefruit 2 weeks ago

    I feel bad for Jordan he has like 10 mill subs and rarely gets over a 100 k views…smh

  • Missy Who 2 weeks ago

    the grape flavouring is derived from purple grapes that aren’t usually sold in shops

  • Will Pflaum 2 weeks ago

    dis is gr8

  • M'arshall Thompson 2 weeks ago

    They protec
    They attac
    But most importantly
    They got Jardon’s bacc

  • Hoi Yah 2 weeks ago

    I just want to say that Jardon made my childhood with his hunger games on Minecraft. He should definitely go back to playing them. Anyone agree?

  • Dominik Kempen 2 weeks ago

    that was really nice of the people to protect you 🙂 *salut

  • pasta 2 weeks ago

    7-Eleven’s name is from when their hours were 7am – 11pm

  • sambeawesome 2 weeks ago

    The entourage is my favorite part xD

  • ders a snake in me boot 2 weeks ago

    finnaly its back!!!!!!
    edit: thought this was the other series nvm

  • Joel Hudson 2 weeks ago

    So… Jordan, Hou much must one drink to produce an 8 hour stream?

  • The J1G Project 2 weeks ago

    I feel watched a tutorial on Craps not minecraft today… lol

  • AutumnSphinx437 2 weeks ago


  • DemiMaster DX 1 week ago


  • MIDNIGHTΩ RAZERJ 1 week ago

    Jordone do 10 hour skybound 😇😇😇😇😮😮😮🙋🙋🙋👍👍👉👍

  • AutumnSphinx437 1 week ago


  • _ chuckizza _ 1 week ago

    Do the whole mingworld on camra

  • Wendy Willason 1 week ago

    Wasn’t Club Penguin for little kids?

  • Tyrique Smith 1 week ago

    Haha, I love the Mianite reference. X33N is intuition

  • DaftFader 1 week ago

    Open 7 days a week from 7am till 11pm…

    …. 7eleven. 😉

  • Daniel Petrella 1 week ago

    Entourage is the best thing about this series right now 😂

  • Mjrlun 1 week ago

    Hey captain, my friends were talking about how your channel is dying, even though its really not. This is very important to you and me, and advice I can give you this, do more diverse videos, not just reddit, geogessr, and fortnite with the once or twice a week skybounds. Thanks for reading.

    Please upvote this so he can see 🙂

  • Ephraim Timmerman 1 week ago

    The mianite reference at the very end tho, “I am your intuition”

  • Ed Wolfram 1 week ago

    7 eleven was the hours of operation

  • OmegaGamer2020 1 week ago

    honestly, captain, this is a dead series and I think you should go back to modded survivals. I’m not trying to hate on the series tho

  • infamouscoma886 1 week ago

    Seen is getting annoying he’s really childish.

  • Jordan Pitti 1 week ago


  • Koreda Haiyatto 1 week ago

    Not being nicked is probably the best course when you can get defenders.

  • Eli Edelson 1 week ago

    Did anyone else catch the bts mianite reference when X33N said he was Jordan’s intuition?

  • Hannah, professional Fangirl 1 week ago

    Lol that mianite refrance.

  • Kyarrala 1 week ago

    rip cub penguin

  • Dash 1 week ago

    0% enthralled

  • Isabelle Rodriguez 1 week ago

    Lol I don’t think Jordan realized what he did just lol

  • anegolaughlove 1 week ago


  • Tayyab Pasha 1 week ago

    This is one of my fave eps

  • Chase Carney 1 week ago

    I honestly think that this series has gotten so boring, i see them doing the same thing every episode just doing challenges.

  • Amy Buzz 1 week ago

    Plz 8 hour ep I love this series 😊

  • Jack Baker 1 week ago

    RIP Club Penguin

  • Dne Tne 1 week ago

    Please keep this outro music <3

  • _ Astronommical _ 1 week ago


  • DiversityPvP 1 week ago

    It was the #1 PvPer of Skybounds… I!

  • Harry Niu 1 week ago

    i hate you xeen

  • Nakhi Peterkin 1 week ago

    Minecraft is coming to an end… Jordan ive been watching since I was literally 8 years old. Im almost 16 now. I think it’s time to quit this dead game.

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