• ellie smit 2 weeks ago

    ropo.exe be strong 😀 exe ruls!!!

  • Haynes Arie 2 weeks ago

    come on ropo you can do this

  • Chloe Mead 2 weeks ago

    Nooooo Jack even though that happy song he sang was pretty annoying but still noooooooo ok I’m done

  • Crystal Fox 2 weeks ago

    Fight Ropo We belive in you 😏

  • Troid Girl HD 2 weeks ago

    I am super exited for the next episode can’t wait

  • Fritz Aquino 2 weeks ago

    Just kill virus

  • Crystal Fox 2 weeks ago

    I think Jack is a bad doctor 😰😓

  • Boluwatife Odunsi 2 weeks ago

    Whatch my videos

  • Samina Akhtar 2 weeks ago

    Ropo don’t be cured

  • MultiFandom Phantom 2 weeks ago

    Just me or did Jack say “When it’s the real RoPo coming out…” Anyone else think what I’m thinking?

  • Kiki's Adventures 2 weeks ago


  • Kiki's Adventures 2 weeks ago

    Noooooo ropo

  • Tasha Thomas 2 weeks ago

    June 8th is my birthday

  • Gareth Wong 2 weeks ago


  • Gareth Wong 2 weeks ago

    Fight it ropoooooo

  • Gareth Wong 2 weeks ago

    When is the end of exe

  • Great and Greg Gamer 2 weeks ago

    I was second

  • MAHFUZ Anang 2 weeks ago


  • Marlea Cooper 2 weeks ago

    Hi ropo I love your vids and come see my channel

  • Lovely Pika 2 weeks ago

    Com’on Ropo you can do it! Beat the .Exe inside of you!!!😣😣


  • adriana nazifa 2 weeks ago

    wait jack is so annoying

  • gabriel Mendez 2 weeks ago

    it would be cool if u get cured and use your powers

  • MCgamerSK 2 weeks ago

    Fight it Ropo ! FIGHT IT !

  • Adyaraka Maharaj 2 weeks ago

    Ropo you can fight exe virus in your mind cmon you can do this

  • Wilma Galang 2 weeks ago

    jack what did you say that ropo wont shoot you?hahahahaha!

  • Cathie Lynn 2 weeks ago

    Nooooo you can do it ropo exe

  • Liz Pickford 2 weeks ago


  • Gary Bjorkman 2 weeks ago

    Please no I don’t want ropo.exe to leave don’t fight it little ropo

  • Darren Hibberd 2 weeks ago

    Noooo rope.EXE

  • Maeve Ulrick 2 weeks ago

    Ropo did you know that there wasn’t a red square around the screen every time you turned into a .exe

  • Daquan Gray 2 weeks ago

    Back at it again Ropo

  • angelica salazar 2 weeks ago

    Yuse your powers to fight back

  • Terry Hasler 2 weeks ago

    Omg sooo good!!!😎😎

  • mr kaktus plays 2 weeks ago

    Can u do today or Tomorow this because this is so good (I DU no what I think because im from Finland so) I think Finland have nigt when there is Day I DU no thatB-)B-)

  • mr kaktus plays 2 weeks ago

    I just hope RoPo would never be cired

  • David Childs 2 weeks ago

    ropo cant be cured

  • antonette frederick 2 weeks ago


  • antonette frederick 2 weeks ago

    You have to fight it

  • Robin Rock Adeva 1 week ago

    Hey i litte ropo i love your videos 😇😉

  • Fahim Abbas 1 week ago

    This fight ti Ropo yuo can don’t ti jack

  • Amy’s Slime 1 week ago

    Oh no ! What happens next

  • damion lewis 1 week ago

    Can you do .e.x.e ropo

  • Jordan Bernas 1 week ago

    I got a question why is there a part where ropo become .exe where no red thingy around the screen

  • Muhammad dimas minecaft dimas 1 week ago

    Jake your version what

  • Donzell McNair 1 week ago

    Lol Jack was,singing, frozen 😂😂

  • Rex In the furey 1 week ago


  • Janice Gonzalez 1 week ago

    Ropofighted fight the EXE just don’t want to take over body just fight it or else you’re stuck there forever you need to be cured so Bistro Jack helps you to be cured

  • E Mj 1 week ago

    I love this episode. It may be weird but i love ropo.exe XD

  • LJ Forker 1 week ago

    i hope you make I other video of the exe video

  • LJ Forker 1 week ago

    ropo exe 2.0

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