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  • Artyzone24 That one Nice Guy 1 week ago

    I love the EVO music. I always sing along to it.
    Dum Dum da Dum Dum da da Dum Dum da Dum Dum da da Dum Dum…

  • Hiss 1 week ago

    We always need the full uncut versions of your videos

  • Minerva Rivera 1 week ago

    Why did you shut down grian.net. It was such a great server

  • Bros Bricks 1 week ago

    I totally agree with your house opinion Grain

  • DaWinner IsHere 1 week ago

    Plz return the Astroneer game I wanna see what happened after u got lost

  • Abrammk 1 week ago

    What if when or if you ever end the evo series you could make it a map

  • WoOnFire 1 week ago

    If you want to livestream do Sea Of Thieves.

  • Officer chicken Family 1 week ago

    Is this live???????????????

  • Wizard123 1 week ago

    Hi grian love your vids

  • TheBanditPanther 1 week ago

    Grian, you should add GeminiTay to your crew!

  • Alpha Centuri 1 week ago

    Do it like in London how their is downstairs an rlivait the road

  • Frisk Dreemurr 1 week ago

    What if Sam is one of the watchers. He wants revenge for not being in Evo. That’s why they pick on Grian.

  • CreeperBoy Gaming 1 week ago


  • raze Dragon 1 week ago

    1:30:23 thank me later

  • CrinjaNinja 1 week ago

    Grian I just had such a good idea for a new lighting system! use anvils to hang them up. So basically you put the sea lantern/glowstone down one block down from the ceiling, then put an Anvil on top of it. I really like this idea and it works well in lots of builds. I hope you use this trick in your next video, I would be delighted!

  • Mochriadhemiach 1 week ago

    If you need ideas for lighting that can help give the land some detailing, I like to dig into the ground 2 blocks. Place a glowstone/sealantern then on top of it your choice of leaf block (i like jungle).

  • LPS Hamster 1 week ago

    We can hear you grain! And also can you build a unicorn one a stick

  • Alex M 1 week ago

    15:28 Yeah, I agree. The Grian Community and TheFearRaiser Community are probably some of the best on YouTube.

  • Mary&AJ H 1 week ago

    it was hilarious in the last are when you put rubbish in taurtises chest and all of you in steve skins start running off. the steve skins make it hilarious though.

  • Ace DeLong 1 week ago

    Hi Grian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sean Moore 1 week ago

    19:16 Don’t you just hate it when you smash a window? It’s a real *_pane._*

  • Sarnage7 Hau 1 week ago

    Build swap?!?!


  • Brantley Howard 1 week ago

    You guys should move to the next version in the next episode or the one after that

  • GlitchZ 1 week ago

    I love your vids keep up the great work and don’t let the haters get you down

  • Mr. Tophat 1 week ago

    Winxclub donated 50 Danish coins But is that person Danish

  • onion.eyes 1 week ago

    you and zee are like the home improvement guys XD

  • Ryman Ryman 1 week ago

    The fortnight vid was fun

  • Ryman Ryman 1 week ago

    3 or 4 second intros are good if they last like 7 seconds it’s like “when’s the video going to start”

  • Daryl Williams 1 week ago

    Grian do you know Rendog

  • irsyad zakaria 1 week ago

    I would love to see fortnite in this channel!

  • Ryman Ryman 1 week ago

    Sometimes I do the villager thing to

  • Comobs 1 week ago

    Great stream! I enjoyed, I like seeing you doing progress step by step

  • Chris Delaney 1 week ago


  • Nyerguds 1 week ago

    This was great! Too bad I didn’t see it live. Keep being awesome, Grian.

  • hellloo teamm 1 week ago


  • Xbox Gaming 101 1 week ago

    build the pi a police station but use the mob prank on the build off cam and make the train station go to the new chunks btw love your videos keep doing what u r doing and remember GRIAN EMPIRE RULES!!!!!

  • Cutie Pie 1 week ago

    I like the EVO song it’s cute :))

  • Alvin Vinny 1 week ago


  • Ellie Fitzgerald 1 week ago

    it’s unny [in a good way] coz grian’s saying “ma dudes!’ all the time!!😂

  • Ellie Fitzgerald 1 week ago

    Also Grian if you ever happen to do a QandA of sorts could you tell us why you chose the name Grian for your channel and your ‘name’
    Thanks, your channel is fantastic and means a lot!!

  • Paco Acosta 1 week ago


  • Noah McLernon 1 week ago


  • Noah McLernon 1 week ago


  • The Nature Soldier 1 week ago

    Grian do another hidden base tutorial!!

  • Raahim Kamaal 1 week ago

    Notice me

  • DeathStroke 123 1 week ago

    Hey Grian I have a Crazy idea and wanted to put it in chat even though you must likely not see it. I would love it if you built a tracks some where as a prank to someone or just build it as a side project. Hope you see this comment

  • blubfusion 1 week ago

    what if you made the underground area of Grian Empire the Hall Of Donors (for the fans :p)

  • Nikolaj Rosquist 1 week ago

    oh Grian, you could’ve used sandstone slabs for the floor in your new house to save a lot of materials 🙂 Good stream though, sadly missed it

  • Stacey Tomasello 1 week ago

    Why did Grian say electric boogaloo

  • karen cairns 1 week ago

    i missed the stream but enjoyed it keep making vids

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