• Gracie A 4 months ago

    Hi I love you guys thea and crainer! But crainer, thea’s brightness is way too low and I think it would be easier for her to do these maps with higher brightness

  • THRC Howdy Team 4 months ago

    crainer, did you throw away pat’s Christmas card?

  • Natsu Dragnell 4 months ago

    I love u guys

  • Алексия Нижегородова 4 months ago

    Don’t guje her her screen is darcer then yours so it’s harder to see. Ps-my spelling is afel

  • NetTDM 4 months ago

    I have subscribed to your channel!!!

  • Crainer&Thea the best youtubers 4 months ago

    Happy 2018 Crainer and Thea Love your video (where is ssundee)

  • Jordan Matthews 4 months ago

    Hipie new year

  • Jacob Mogg 4 months ago

    When is ssundee posting a new video? !

  • TheWreckedAngel 4 months ago

    Anyone else realize in the thumbnails theas hair is still blonde lol

  • Sebastian Simpson 4 months ago

    I miss ssunde

  • Zane Plays video games 4 months ago


  • Deavin Gonzalez 4 months ago

    Happy new YEAR 2018

  • lizbeth Palacios 4 months ago

    Ya’ll dont really do prank videos why??? cause i really like ya’ll doing pranks on each other so…? can ya’ll pls🙂 do more prank videos

  • katspop VanDeuson 4 months ago

    The plane crash was the last map

  • Kryptic 4 months ago

    I love doing these escape room things in real life idk if u guys have these but we do lol we get an hour to escape themed rooms like horror action etc some of the themes we get are the great heist spaceship (horror) Anas house (horror) castle is action there is also stuff like submarine insane asylum nuclear meltdown it’s fun!

  • Landen Hord 4 months ago

    Ha this came out on my birthday

  • Berrick Alexander Philbin 4 months ago

    i want more escape rooms

  • Cat Potatoe 4 months ago

    The Keehan scene when he was revived amazing!

  • Berrick Alexander Philbin 4 months ago

    crainer buy atoma tone on amazon the big one poot every thing on as hi you can go to the bodom with your finger and play it nekst to theas ear

  • luka jancer 4 months ago

    when will ssundee post a vid

  • Lupe Garcia 4 months ago


  • ST.Layla Duffy 4 months ago

    Thea should play FANF!!! >:-)

  • Daniel Gonzalez buisness 4 months ago

    The first time of the game when the house was on fire Bobby died

  • Debra Watts 4 months ago

    Did ssundee take a break from YouTube or something because he has not uplouted please respond if you know and if you know crainer please tell me btw great vid 😊

  • THE GoldenCreeper 6561 4 months ago

    What happened to SSundee?

  • floraUS11 4 months ago

    Why didn’t they learn from Full Metal!!!!

  • Aden Tran 4 months ago

    What happen to ssundee he never made another vid in 3 days I’m kinda nervous 😩

  • Cleyz 4 months ago

    Don’t press read more

    You Savage…

  • Hawk The Gamer 4 months ago

    Why was it so dark for thea

  • The professional 4 months ago

    When u looked at skeleton in da face it tp u

  • Whitney Striblen 4 months ago


  • Senibua Sander 4 months ago

    Wait, where was the meme or fan art of the day? It didn’t show up for me…

  • The Ace 4 months ago

    thea turn up your brightness please

  • VAROTH CHANGTHONG 4 months ago

    Thea need to turn up brightness

  • The Iron Ender 4 months ago

    Crainer help ssunde havent been uploading videos for a week is he ok

  • Craig Masters 4 months ago

    Tell thea to turn her brightness up an meme/fan art didn’t come ps…..love u guys

    happy new years

  • Leman Ahui 4 months ago

    hey crainer where is ssundee at why he not upload a video is almost a weak

  • Master Gamer 4 months ago

    Heu Crainer (doubt you will see this) do u have an update for Ssundee? Im pretty sure everyone is pretty concerned

  • Jimin are you okay? 4 months ago

    Where is Savage Craft?, Where is Crazy Craft?. I’m gonna cry ;-;

  • funny ducky 4 months ago

    Neeeeeehhhhhhhw jeeeeeeaaaarrrrs

  • Kitten Puppy 4 months ago

    Uhh… Does anyone miss Ssundee? Crainer how are you and Ssundee

  • Ethan Dougall 4 months ago

    thea and crainer should try sky factory together

  • Kj Serafine 4 months ago

    Plz stop calling you girl friend dude

  • Fg Manio 4 months ago

    Crainer: “We’re climbing up floors right


  • Krazy 3906 4 months ago

    Where is today’s episode

  • MR PICKSEL 4 months ago

    I had a dream that crainer and thea baby sat me but I’m old enough to stay on my own I went to there house

  • VeReX 4 months ago

    Keep doing your vids are cool. Like if you agree

  • Summer Victoria 4 months ago

    Thea and crainer how do you download minecraft

  • Johnatan Givony 4 months ago

    Get thea brightness up
    Like so he see

  • Logan McCarthy 4 months ago

    Happy new year

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