Today we are playing Minecraft Story Mode Season 2!
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  • PopularMMOs 1 week ago

    We are still on track for 2 vids a day, hope you all are enjoying the extra vids!!

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  • lion gamer 6 days ago

    The golem has been disarmed

  • Thor Keck 6 days ago


  • unhookedrat 9377 6 days ago


  • Melona Tadifa 6 days ago

    I already knew this happened

  • BlueLunar Eclipse 6 days ago

    I love your vids

  • Karina Palacios 6 days ago

    Its over 9000 =]

  • Cal Boss 6 days ago


  • Jose Bolainez 6 days ago

    Wifi uhh do slow 😣😝😡😠😾💩

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  • Judith Medeiros 6 days ago

    helloooooooooooooo im alive

  • Will barbour 6 days ago

    Hey, pat, i found a map called jen love. I think it would be good for the hunger games!

  • MsOneWolfie 6 days ago


  • No-Pro Gaming 6 days ago

    #Potato491 being the “word of passage” totally doesn’t mean its the password to enter at the terminal :3 I love how they made random game related nuances happen in story mode.

  • Will barbour 6 days ago

    Also, #PATATO451

  • Valeen Graves 6 days ago

    I almost cried when they read that journal…..DX

  • Dragon Rider 6 days ago


  • Happy Dog lover 6 days ago

    My name is Olivia

  • William Plush991 6 days ago


  • dolphinboy09 dragon 6 days ago

    Jen is funy

  • Daniel Martinez 6 days ago

    Jen is a lol

  • Wolfblox Gaming 6 days ago

    20:39 jen said hey guys in the outro!!!!!

  • Elijah Adams 6 days ago

    its funny how they are so smurt

  • Dylan Jonsson 6 days ago


  • Penny Peacock 6 days ago


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  • Rygirl26 6 days ago

    A lot of people most likely won’t get this but #Potato451=Potato-Nothing rly 4-James Madison wrote 4 more Federalists paper than they were supposed to write in totally…and 51-HAMILTON WROTE THE OTHER 51 (Comment if you know this lol)

  • JoseGamer 711 6 days ago

    1:00 muahahaha-Pat -_-

  • #Potato451

  • natie Ruiz-Oviedo 6 days ago


  • Renee Dring 6 days ago

    Your good from the giant golem

  • MLDaisyMC 6 days ago

    Girl Power! #LetJenControlTheRemote #WheresShanaraChroniclesGone?

  • MLDaisyMC 6 days ago

    You guys should do a livestream sometime!

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  • Jacob STANLEY 6 days ago

    You guys are the best!💓😍💖💟💜❤️💕💔💘💜💝🖤💗💞😌😚😀😘😜😃

  • DeathShooter 6 days ago

    Stop pausing plz

  • Ethan Chen 6 days ago

    pls make a seris on minecraft dinosaurs use these mods (jurraic craft and fossil arclolagy ) i am bad at spelling

  • The Reaper 5 days ago

    He’s a one armed freak

  • melainakiss 5 days ago

    Poor Petra. I understand how you feel. Also, #POTATO451

  • WitheredGoldenFreddy5674 5 days ago

    YEP THE NAME IS #POTATO451 !!!!!!!!!

  • Clodualdo Diaz 5 days ago

    Pat he’s allergic to potato’s

  • jessica kitty 5 days ago

    0:39 that is the cutest laugh i’ve ever heard it’s so adorable!!!

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