• mogang steve 3 weeks ago

    Do the villager murder run like if you agree

  • demon of shadow 3 weeks ago

    There goes my childhood

  • Thecrazycreeper 3 weeks ago

    do tomes the train

  • The Bill and Jeff Hand-Puppet Show 3 weeks ago

    Sesame Street was my favorite show when I was little!😭😭😭 What have you done to it?!

  • Cardcylinder 770 3 weeks ago

    SSundee should do a scp theme

  • helen pitre 3 weeks ago


  • helen pitre 3 weeks ago

    i hate seris

  • janice carter 3 weeks ago

    Were is ssunde

  • Illuminati Vetro Gaming 3 weeks ago

    You should do Sonic Murder of Meme Murder. Make some sort of trap or something.

  • E and A vlogs 3 weeks ago

    You guys should do dora!!!

  • Geoff Farns 3 weeks ago

    That intro scared the shit out of me.

  • Jinky Anagap 3 weeks ago

    Do scoot doo theme

  • Jinky Anagap 3 weeks ago

    I mean scooby. Doo

  • Iqbal Haqim 3 weeks ago

    Murder run

  • Iqbal Haqim 3 weeks ago


  • Iqbal Haqim 3 weeks ago

    You don’t run but you hide

  • L Lopez 3 weeks ago

    Wait why Elmo he just a kid fiendly monster that kills children in there sleep

  • Tr3xTheDoctor 3 weeks ago

    You guys should release this Murder Map as an official minigame.

  • Margaret Chan 3 weeks ago

    Do Annabelle next ian

  • Tacodogg7564 Taco 3 weeks ago

    You should do ghost busters

  • Bendict Bash 3 weeks ago


  • Krystian Lojko 3 weeks ago

    Do game of thrones theme

  • MIXED XD 3 weeks ago

    do plants vs zombie themed map

  • hiep Nguyenxuan 3 weeks ago

    Do mickey

  • Shiny Playz 3 weeks ago

    next is nemo

  • Nightmare_Games And more 3 weeks ago

    D.C. And marvel and idea for killer trap fear trap where when active all hiders stop moving and for hiders revenge trap where the hider gets the killers sword and kills the killer

  • THEGAMINGOD13 3 weeks ago

    Plants Vs Zombies THEME!!

  • cara 503 3 weeks ago

    nice vid liked

  • DaRealDipper 3 weeks ago

    whats next cailou theme?

  • EZxSOLDIER GAMING 3 weeks ago

    They put beastie boys in the Destiny two add I have to buy it now

  • Lol Gaming 3 weeks ago

    Instead of Barney what about Elmo when he holds his breathe for 1 min 😂

  • CaM BOmb 3 weeks ago

    OMG this kinda ruined my childhood

  • Its Me 3 weeks ago

    pls do famous people like obama trump and hillary plsss do it i dont know what to do for the fourth so you can think of it

  • Its Me 3 weeks ago

    and like if you agree

  • Victor XD 3 weeks ago

    No harm butt ssundee you are not wery good at hiding

  • Kamala Lang 3 weeks ago

    Ssundee this is not a hate comment but you just ruined my childhood life

  • Kamala Lang 3 weeks ago

    but i still love your vids

  • DangerZone Gonzales 3 weeks ago

    Do micky mouse

  • Ezekiel Najera 3 weeks ago

    did anyone get a nightwing plays minecraft ad?

  • spyman08 Gaming 3 weeks ago

    Clifford the big red dog or the bee movie

  • spyman08 Gaming 3 weeks ago

    A list of my ideas for the murder thing: Clifford the big red dog, smurfs, bee movie, Thomas the tank engine (lol that would be funny) and shrek (The theme music could be all star in a creepy way)

  • Bob Brown 3 weeks ago

    The next murder episode could either be carnival/clown themed and the music could be slow carnival music or doll themed and the music is a slow, creepy lullaby or Rick and Morty themed.

  • Patrick Ansama 3 weeks ago

    Do Undertale next!!!

  • hameed zayed 3 weeks ago

    do adventure time

  • Marissa Legarda 3 weeks ago

    How About Tellatubes?Just a Suggestion?!?!?

  • progamer47 3 weeks ago

    ssundee you are god cobblestone = life dude

  • Ronron Tomas 3 weeks ago

    When I started watching Ssunde this is my first video

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