• Rebecca Durrant 1 month ago

    I just came from the talking cat
    Rip Gibson
    U will be remembered 🙏🏻😘❤️

  • Cello Girl11 1 month ago

    I love star wars

  • GSM SpeedForce 1 month ago

    palpatine will FALL!!!

  • Liam Mcfarlane 1 month ago

    This video was so powerful… I’m holding back tears

  • ZombieGaming 1 month ago

    Lord dab on the haters

  • Colin LaBeau 1 month ago

    All hail emperor penguin!!!!!

  • Spencer Kirby 1 month ago

    Keep it up

  • Jonathan Holt 1 month ago

    Cody your speeches are awesome

  • Camdon Hanson 1 month ago

    I love you

  • Mithun Parmesh 1 month ago

    I can t breath

  • Mr Potato 1 month ago

    Who wants daily

  • Skymine3456 1 month ago

    This reminds me of how in Star Wars Legends there was a ONE SITH.

  • Cameron Aufdenberg 1 month ago

    Wen is joebuz coming back it just is’t the same with out him after he left i did no watch for 3 months so can he come back pls?

  • gamerboyz 2000.0 1 month ago

    Hey Cody if you still do roblox it would be nice if you did some vids there my man I play roblox too

  • MinorPopcorn 1 month ago


  • blitz ex 1 month ago

    Cody do you use the starwarsmod

  • The Atlantic Wolf 1 month ago

    Cody I thought you said you were doing hello neighbor every Friday mister!!!!!!???!!!!!!

  • the white block line 1 month ago

    Cody does darth penguin have a secret chamber of all the sabers of the sith/Jedi he has killed?

  • this is bad darth painguin is to powerful only one preson can stop this madness and thats joebuz

  • RJb 2 1 month ago

    i thout you were in a t bomber not a t fighter

  • Lord Vader 1 month ago

    May the dark side be with you young one and be successful killing the rebel scum

  • Robert Erhardt 1 month ago

    Awesome role play MUST DO MORE!

  • Apple Pie Gamer 1 month ago

    All hail emperor penguin the ruler of the death penguin

  • budderowen2 on youtube 1 month ago

    Palpatine’s sith name IS Darth sidious: | (Unless he is saying the priest is also sidious)

  • budderowen2 on youtube 1 month ago

    Women of the sith are dead as the species is extinct (also rule of 2 so it’s just penguin and palpatine)

  • the white block line 1 month ago

    Cody why dont you wear the darth Vader costume even though it is on the thumbnail?

  • Camia Allen yt 1 month ago

    You guys should do more vids together like old times! Also Cody please make another series on jurassic craft, please join joebuz, bring back monty!!!!♡♡♡♡:-) 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Christian Sokol 1 month ago

    Is this still a thing?

  • Crimson FireFox 1 month ago

    I was really hoping it was another modded survival 🙁

  • Spartan minecraft 1 month ago

    Still better than the prequels

  • TR-8R 1 month ago


  • Drew Rose Rose 1 month ago

    When fighting over bae goes wrong

  • Lucas TheAmazing 1 month ago


  • King J 1 month ago

    Cody you need to continue this series

  • Darth Vader 1 month ago

    Wow I love it and the music to it’s like a move

  • Tactical Doge 1 month ago

    Oof your flying a tie without a helmet.

  • Fuzz- Chan 1 month ago

    Cody I downloaded dream craft on my windows Exp and the voidslauncher thing stopped working and dream craft won’t work

  • Giovane Baika 1 month ago

    baita merda da porra

  • RMC Miner 1 month ago


  • futuristic blue hub blue 1 month ago

    Thanks for the update and new season

  • mmandey 1 month ago

    I’m watching both

  • The Bakonboy 1 month ago

    love how there is an order to overthrow the emperor to show that the troops are only loyal to Cody!

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    Please guys my dream is to get 50 subscriber
    help me and subscribe

  • TheBlueSoulOfIntegrity 1 month ago

    This confuses me because the Emperor is Darth Sidious and The Praetorian Guard/Troopers serve Snoke

  • TheBlueSoulOfIntegrity 1 month ago

    19:02 The real Emperor would be like *UNLIMITED POWER *shoots everyone with force lightning**

  • TheAmazingWorldOfDoge 1 month ago

    Dude no one likes Minecraft no more play roblox that’s what most kids play I mean I dont

  • Vernon Villareal 1 month ago

    Ur video sucks

  • Callerius Nine 1 month ago

    17:36 There can actually be 2, come one every nerd knows that

  • Unknown2354 1 month ago

    Vader means father so dark father

  • MarcusGamingDK 1 month ago

    what’s the mod called?

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