• SneakShotPlayz 1 week ago

    love 100

  • Amazing Fun land 1 week ago

    Love you Tina this is Dylan hall remember I am his sister Dempsey so I am on my account I love you and I have chicken pox and you are helping me get through it same with Ryan ❣️

  • Ahiana Kawaii vlog 1 week ago


  • nathan peel 1 week ago


  • Teo Turčan 1 week ago

    Is Ryan for real jour boyfrend

  • Heidy Speek 1 week ago

    5:25 a mouse on the screen XD

  • will8050 will8050 1 week ago

    my move set: SOCIALLY AWKWARD – Special Ability: GIRL’S FLEE – Weakness: FLIRTING – level: ITS OVER NINE THOUSANDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Wait i forgot the minus…. Woops?

  • Bunbunplayz Minecraft 1 week ago

    says their going to be late , stop in the middle of the time for like 20 mins

  • gangyi liu 1 week ago

    i hate the mouse on the sceen

  • TheQuacker Gaming 1 week ago

    There is a mouse on the screen

  • Harley r Quinn r 1 week ago

    i fond out that tina and tony are twins!!!………. ._.

  • Rose 048M 1 week ago

    Hey guys you know that feeling when you have the best idea ever and you forget it because something else pops up or if you have to wait for someone? Like if you have that feeeling.

  • C Drawz 1 week ago

    Ooooo did Ryan blush

  • Ki ki 1 week ago

    I didn’t know cat had a tall and why dus she have the 🎮 song on

  • Nathan Kossoy 1 week ago

    Tony x Kat ❤️💛💚💙💜💖 it NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDS to happen, JUST DO IT, pls, pls… 😔

  • deer craft 1 week ago

    Omg that jokr

  • Owen Hughes 1 week ago

    My flirting level is so low it’s be low the universe it’s OUT OF THIS WORLD lol

  • Richard Forshey 1 week ago


  • Aaron Caller 1 week ago

    Hi Tina you and Ryan are so cute together ❤️

  • ASHLEE CAVENDER 1 week ago

    I don’ really like it when she doesn’t get to play with Ryan, unicorn, and Goldy on gratoes and grimlans

  • ႶႮႺႺპႠ 1 week ago


  • CyberneticJack 1 week ago

    Good job Tina, Keep up the good work

  • CyberneticJack 1 week ago

    Kat looks like a trex with her little tiny arms

  • Andrea Ohare 1 week ago


  • Juan Pantoja 1 week ago

    Tina where is the next daycare video

  • Katie The Bunny 1 week ago

    My fav animal is rabbit i love your slipers dad

  • Its Jada Jada 1 week ago

    When she said good one I laughed SOOO hard

  • Katie The Bunny 1 week ago


  • Thomas Torres 1 week ago

    Language tina

  • Tjmaster 1 week ago

    I see a curser

  • stan Ruiz 1 week ago

    hᎬ sᎾuᏁᎠ ᏢᏒᎥmᎬ

  • Devin & Kieran Maguire 1 week ago

    At 5:30 I saw your mouse

  • Jojo Jboy 1 week ago

    Do you guys all way at like animals or some time you at like human and I’m just said your brother is mean or rude but he just kind in the inside

  • T.C Gaming 1 week ago

    Hey Tina what was that deleted vid. on Dragons?

  • Jacky Gonzalez 1 week ago

    Tina were is your mom?

  • CMC Moto Vlogs 1 week ago

    Theirs a game just like this on iOS called Order and chaos it’s really fun

  • christian rood 1 week ago

    There was so much blushing😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳

  • James Cammack 1 week ago

    can u upload these videos faster

  • Tayvion Hatch 1 week ago

    Poor tina

  • thedragonbros 1 week ago

    Awww he drank clam juice 🥤 for you 8:30 of Ryan’s first kiss spill your guts or fill your guts start at 8:00 for full detail of him drinking it

  • MattmanPlayz 1 week ago

    ok tina answer honestly will u ever got together with ryan not irl but maybe but if u could would u

  • waffle girl 1 week ago

    Hi tina  love your video 🙂

  • Little hulks flameS Eltari 1 week ago

    Why not much videos from Ryan 😱😰😰😰😰😰😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢

  • Joseph T 1 week ago

    Lol Tina is me when i talk to a girl even if I don’t like them

  • Demetria Hardrick 1 week ago

    Cat x Tony 😀 😍😍😍😍

  • the Dubys 1 week ago

    Like all the girls fall for me 😎… I have really clumsy friends :V

  • Frankfredbear Plays 1 week ago

    My flirting level is over 9000

  • Zoli Taylor 1 week ago

    Just by the laugh that tinas dad made I knew it was Unicron Man

  • romano riego 1 week ago

    3.1k likes and 1k comments LOGIC

  • Doodle Bro 1 week ago

    at 1:10, Mr Lion relized wat he has done and there´s no commentry about it lol

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