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  • andrew nelson 3 weeks ago

    A Minecraft video! Wow

  • Bryant Oliva 3 weeks ago

    Who still plays Minecraft , craft mine is better

  • Anthony Rupp 3 weeks ago

    Hunger Games! Hunger Games!..with XEEN!

  • Delirious Theory's 3 weeks ago

    Uber pot

  • AJ Schoonover 3 weeks ago

    Rip jardon and his views

  • Jeffry Yoon 3 weeks ago

    Where’s Mianite?

  • PlasmaRaptor 3 weeks ago

    Please do more!

  • thasin wasif 3 weeks ago

    Do a collabe with someone that is no X33N (No offence X33N)

  • Analog Raven 3 weeks ago

    Just the two of us
    We can make it if we try
    Just the two of us

    Just the two of us
    Building them castles in the sky
    Just the two of us
    You and I
    –Bill Withers

  • Truin Gamer 3 weeks ago

    Cap I love the videos, so keep it up ^__^ Also next time you are on and if you have any extra kill challenge emeralds you want to slide to some of your fans(hint hint), that would be more than greatly appreciated.

  • Alex Aicrum 3 weeks ago

    Yass more skybounds pls

  • Sanity016 3 weeks ago

    I love skybounds probably more than I should. it’s my favourite series on this channel. (I know I’m in the minority but still… I appreciate the fact that you’re still uploading 🙂

  • Carlo David Hernandez Mendoza 3 weeks ago

    Great videoooo:)

  • Ice Blaze 3 weeks ago

    That’s a huge tan line around your eyes XD

  • Thomas McDonnell 3 weeks ago

    this is why i don’t like custom enchants they are never balanced.
    you get really protective armor but someone always find a way to one shot you.
    or in this case two shot spookles

  • Noodel 3 weeks ago

    Where da minecraf???

  • PurpleDazed 3 weeks ago

    Think the reason he got the first immortal shard was cause someone drop it to him

  • Jamie Tucker 3 weeks ago

    captain sparkles you’re so good at pvp that was actually entertaining not usually entertained by Minecraft but that was fun 🙂

  • MikiGames TV 3 weeks ago

    I like mimecraft

  • The Fox Overlord But Totally Not A Furry 3 weeks ago

    Where da minecraf?

  • Lazy Mode 3 weeks ago

    Is their any chance you can do live stream of this?

  • Jm Monares 3 weeks ago

    Do a pixelmon series and use Pixelmon Reforged it only needs 1GB

  • Jerrys_sword 3 weeks ago

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? the normal kill challenges only give reward spinners, but these are the 15 min ones that reward eternal and immortal shards, and you get 5?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? All i can say is VIP perks

  • Jason Goatcher 3 weeks ago

    I’m a paying Youtube Red customer, and yet the bastards at Google don’t think I deserve better than 480p. It costs less than 2 cents a gig for them to deliver content, but lets get gobs of money in our pockets at the expense of the little guys.

    Sociopathic bastards, that’s what the Google execs are. Plain and simple.

  • Wind-up Shroom 3 weeks ago

    Anyone else notice the change of Jordan’s channel screen?

  • Ken Mendoza 3 weeks ago

    Finally, I had enough _reaction videos._

  • Ethan Atwood 3 weeks ago

    Really? You guys aren’t willing to spend 7 mill on the immortal boosters? SPARKLEZ YOU HAVE 129 million!!! 7 doesn’t even do a dent in your fortune

  • Carlos Hasbun 3 weeks ago

    Did anyone else see when Sparkles took 177 points of damage and died!?!?!

  • iiNexility 3 weeks ago

    Too much minecraft,

    or too little minecraft?

  • Seth Munar 3 weeks ago

    ehem Skill like Slay on your sword ehem

  • Henry Heinz 3 weeks ago

    Where is trollcraft season 2

  • Raven0328 3 weeks ago

    Troll craft should get a new season

  • Specter 3 weeks ago

    of course the admins just give them kill challenge emeralds

  • Jman Rip 3 weeks ago

    Where da minecraf

  • Sam Parsons 3 weeks ago

    Sparklez and X33N are crazy for thinking immo boosters go for 1.25 mil. they go fro 6 mil now on dinos. if youre lucky you can get em for 5 mil. they went up in price by a lot. they used to be 4.5-5 mil. also i hate that his kill challenge reward was a random immo shard. mine wasnt and im extra salty about that caus ethe one i placed 3rd in was a 30 minute one and i got like 7 kills to hold that spot while he gets 5 (some of which are on nakeds) and gets a freaking random immo shard

  • …and get this man a mianite season 3

  • Jonathan Medina 3 weeks ago

    Finally someone who doesn’t play fortnite don’t get me wrong I live fortnite but everyone just wants views I’m glad he doesn’t tho!

  • Steven Erics 3 weeks ago

    hey jardon why the new back ground

  • Lolthswowdk 3 weeks ago

    Yo, Where da minecraft br…..O there it is:)

  • Kirklan Searcy 3 weeks ago

    I am a little behind but wey is xeens skin a female

  • Maxim Kolosov 3 weeks ago

    0 likes on any comment wtf

  • LegitGuy 3 weeks ago

    I cannot explain how sad it makes me that people still play minecraft

  • BBOY King 3 weeks ago

    actuly i have the worst luck

  • ram zohar 3 weeks ago

    please more!!! xD

  • NoBobWhy1 3 weeks ago

    Ya Minecraft 😀

  • ander tealeaf 3 weeks ago

    jordan do more troll craft and skylands

  • Frizbop Playz 3 weeks ago

    Go back to skyblock or troll craft this is boring still love other vids though

  • Inara 3 weeks ago

    I have tons of items on Dino: Loads of creeper/eman spawners, banker 3, and tons of other shit. I don’t play anymore, though. Reply here if you want to buy it via paypal, we’ll talk over Discord. Great way to get top on the /baltop on Sparkles world.

  • Ale Gaming 3 weeks ago

    No wonder Captainsparklez is dead he still plays minecraft in 2018 hope he dies faster on youtube

  • Noah Herstein 3 weeks ago

    Someone is keeping the memories. 🙂

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