• Dylan Hughes 7 months ago

    Crainer you look ugly XD JK

  • Hassal Grove 7 months ago

    Ssundee can you bring back jailbreak?

  • Can i get 100 subs without any subscribers ? 7 months ago

    Your vids are starting to get a little boring ………..

  • DiamondDust9 7 months ago

    Crainer looks stupid

  • bryan faith 7 months ago

    can anyone count howmany times ian say (okay)??

  • Ginger Boy 7 months ago

    crainer looks stupid

  • johannes Alexander Fabricante 7 months ago

    Crainer is stuped stuped stuped i like you team ssundee more than team crainer

  • Raffie Ready 7 months ago

    Cramer looks stupid

  • Luca Van Maare 7 months ago

    Crainer looks stupid

  • martin leckenby 7 months ago

    crainer looks stupid XD

  • Aliikai Schroeder 7 months ago


  • lionbeast04 booper dooper 7 months ago

    crainer looks ugly

  • Isaac Chan 7 months ago

    Crainer should be bonnet all the time

  • sundragon sun 7 months ago


  • CSGOTryhard 7 months ago

    Bruh an emerald block is 3 emeralds. How the heck did Crainer win the pretty off? -_-

  • XxAsh KetchumxX// Roblox and games 7 months ago

    ait if ppl dont vote 4 u u shoot them geez….

  • Francine Teresa 7 months ago

    Ssundee all the way!

  • Peter Simmons 7 months ago

    I liked it when it was only ssundee and crainer

  • Joshie Gaming 7 months ago

    If you sub to me I will like your vids

  • Pat og Nico 7 months ago

    Play crash bandicoot and understand the eoah Meme:D

  • David Tanapol 7 months ago

    Where is My BOi Bernie?

  • Luke Pudlo 7 months ago

    Crainer looks stupid

  • Septic Fam 7 months ago

    Goooooo Ssundee 😂😂

  • Zifceac Robert 7 months ago

    I know that not everyone thinks that ssundee is the best minecraft youtuber, still he is none other than ssundee, i mean ssundee is special, he makes the “ssundee videos” that we watch every single day, for me he is the best youtuber, i dont care if u dont think the same, no one will ever make me stop watching ssundee. FOR SSUNDEE:(PROBABLY WILL NOT SEE THIS) KEEP UP THE WORK AND THE LOVELY GOOD QUALITY VIDS, GOOD JOB MAN!! 🙂

  • Blaze Team 7 months ago


  • Ionescu George 7 months ago

    ░░░░░░░░▄▀▀▀▀█▀█░░▀▄▄░░░▀▄░ Stop calling me Elmo!!!░

  • Neri Calimbo 7 months ago

    Do a 1v1 ssundee vs crainer

  • McDonalds Man Bob 2017 7 months ago

    Crainer is stupid Ssundee for president I double voted

  • TheDogeGuy 7 months ago

    Maddie it’s called majora’s mask. you jest offended each zelda fan by saying zelda mask.

  • panas kaewvichean 7 months ago


  • Shane Motol 7 months ago

    Do an killer challenges

  • DeadShot 1223 7 months ago

    Ouwawatuwatuindotusax 😂😂

  • Gung Krisna 7 months ago


  • Grayson Haywood 7 months ago

    Crainer is stupid

  • iammiguel01 7 months ago

    i vote for ssundee
    1 like = one vote for ssundee

  • ThatFreeKid 15 7 months ago

    crainer looks stupid! XD

  • Jana Siroka 7 months ago

    If crainer would not kill ssundee sunder would have won

  • Chang L T 7 months ago

    crainer is stupid

  • ewelina wozniczak 7 months ago

    crainer looks stupid

  • Proper Beto 7 months ago

    Crane look stupid

  • dranreb javier 7 months ago

    MrCrainer es a soped

  • Zapper Playz 7 months ago

    i vote kehaan

  • damian Lee 7 months ago

    crainer is dumb

  • Julian Walby 7 months ago

    lol I just noticed they were all democrats

  • xSkylerInvasions 7 months ago

    What mod do you use for the bending arms and legs?

  • Vlog Man 7 months ago


  • Freedom League 7 months ago

    ssundee is facing ugly shot up ypu

  • Gekke Woofs 7 months ago

    Crainer looks stupid

  • lifern ming long 7 months ago

    Drainer your stupid

  • funky monkey 7 months ago

    crainer you look stupid

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