Also we’ve got conduits, iceberg biomes, and some other stuffs


  • TheSkyShaft 1 week ago

    That boat wreck and the island with 1 tree would be a cool survival island map.

  • SimplyZak09 1 week ago

    This update is like Subnautica but in Minecraft

  • nareiK T 1 week ago

    Dolphing riding mods xD i guarantee it.

  • Charlotte Fay 1 week ago

    Honestly i dont like the murky water cause u wont be able to see the grand reef biomes as well

  • MrQwefty 1 week ago

    The conduit seems extremely hard to craft though, especially in numbers…

  • Unsuspecting Carp 1 week ago

    pls fix the saturation on the face cam

  • Gemini Lion 1 week ago

    You can get Heart of the sea from buried treasure and Nautilus shell from fishing!

  • To0onStar 1 week ago

    Hey Jardon kinda off topic but PLS do PixArk letsplay, anyone who agrees upvote so he can see 🙂

  • Brian Johnston 1 week ago

    You know what this means. Landshark is just around the corner.

  • Spyro Dragon 1 week ago

    You forgot that ocean colors now biome dependent

  • Anasteah Crous 1 week ago

    Kid friendly?

  • Jamie Sorto 1 week ago


  • ItsKrylon 1 week ago

    wish they would add sharks, somthing that could at least kill us instead of the zombies..

  • Danger Zone 1 week ago

    Just asking when is this coming to pocket edition 😂😂😂

  • JokniSawyer Gaming 1 week ago

    The spinning around in circles drowning was because he was showing you treasure u dumbo 🙂 There was treasure just under him! Poor dolphin sacrificed himself for you !

  • Alexander Stephenson 1 week ago

    The thing with blue ice is that it has a much,much higher max speed, ilmango(a very smart redstoner) tested this, blue ice can get you going fast enough to actually break 160 blocks per second, but then the game can’t handle that speed and it sometimes crashes the game.

  • Prasoon Singh 1 week ago

    Land dolphin anyone?

  • Spilledsippycup 1 week ago

    Can’t ride a dolphin like normal life, but you can ride a pig and lead it with a carrot…

  • Don'tWatchTheWorldBURN 1 week ago

    It would be neat if they added a small chance for skulls to spawn in ruins.

  • Phong Pham 1 week ago


  • SomeHockeyPlayerer 1 week ago

    You forgot to mention that you can now swim (faster) when you are holding sprint.

  • So long, and thanks for all the fish!

  • CaptainRed1000 1 week ago

    So they’ve added Seananners to the game?

  • zippee playZ 1 week ago

    soooo laaatteee

  • Matthew Wells 1 week ago

    The conduit should just create a dome of water

  • Michiel Fransen 1 week ago

    What is the seed for the cold ocean?

  • ki11er fox 1 week ago

    You can’t ride them.

    I’m disappointed

  • Chris26281 1 week ago

    I’m disappointed you didn’t mention Land Shark when showing off the dolphins…

  • RDrakewind 1 week ago

    I don’t think he put 2 and 2 together. There are boat wrecks in a glacier area and the one item is called the Heart of the Sea. Sounds like a Titanic reference. Maybe those wrecks in the future will contain them sometimes.

  • Sungmin Kim 1 week ago

    Land shark.

  • zSkyWxrs • Minecraft 1 week ago

    Hallo ich bringe ähnlichen content, würde mich freuen wenn ihr n Abo da lasst

  • strait Relic2nd 1 week ago

    cool vid

  • Digital Death 1 week ago

    “You can’t ride them” Time to riot!

  • The Sith lord Jar Jar Binks 1 week ago

    Subnautica, you have not uploaded on the second channel in a while

  • Famous Tem the Tem 1 week ago

    Dolphins rape each other just like humans

  • Sagefrmlakewood 1 week ago

    When does the update drop ???????

  • Snewo Productions 1 week ago

    You are a really cool guy 🙂

  • Chase Birzer 1 week ago

    When does this come out?

  • ETHAN FITCH 1 week ago

    you can swim through one block holes now too

  • SuperSand 1 week ago

    Icebergs? That explains the shipwrecks

  • The Fluffy Mountain Wolf 1 week ago


  • tomatoflight 1 week ago

    They better add sailboats

  • UnNotchslayer1 Games 1 week ago


  • givemedepussie pliss 1 week ago

    A feature should be you accidentally killing the dolphins by hitting them with your boat.

  • DJ's Mix 1 week ago

    Now we need Narwhals in the cold ocean. NARWHALS NARWHALS SWIMMING IN THE OCEAN…

  • Traffic Cone Camel 1 week ago

    Think they kinda jumped the gun with the whole conduit thing

  • Sparrow 1 week ago

    eventually we’ll have all the animals from the Mo creatures mod, and hopefully working pirate ships and krakens/whales.

  • MACKS 1 week ago

    I feel bad for that circle Dolphin
    Natural Selection got to him before we could.

  • TheWileyCyote #1 1 week ago

    I wanna know is this a mod or in vanila

  • Writing Cunt 1 week ago

    They should make like a really, really deep ocean biome that reaches down super far, where it turns darker and spookier and you never really see the bottom

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