Time to fight it out with Lucky Blocks in Bedwars!
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  • Cecilia Igban 1 week ago

    Jen is a cheater😶

  • John Abington 1 week ago

    Pat I am a fan tell Jen that she is the killer

  • Janeth Celis 1 week ago

    Jen stek11😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

  • Amy Clark 1 week ago

    Love u guys you do the best videos

  • Thekingdelta 1 week ago


  • gaming gg and leeryan gaming 1.7.1 1 week ago

    Pls accept my friend request pls

  • Jolanda Nijs 1 week ago

    Knock knock

    Who is ther ?


    Doctor who?

    Doctor who

  • Rolando Wong 1 week ago

    do the diamond lucky block on this bedwars

  • Angel Jones 1 week ago

    Do more hunger games y’all need more and plus I subscribed love you!!! And please get online more on mineplex on cakewars love you even more!!!!!

  • flame wolf 1 week ago

    Does anyone think they talk too much

  • flame wolf 1 week ago

    Why did he not use the obsidian first

  • Cat Lover 1 week ago

    They obviously don’t watch doctor who. Fish fingers and custard is the 11th doctors favourite food. Lol

  • HarmonyGames 1 week ago

    Jen. Doctor Who’s favourite food is *_fish fingers and custard,_* which must be why you got fish custard. Additionally, could you guys react to Amazon Echo: PopularMMOs Edition (yes, Michelle Cosidine reminded me of this) and (reply to this comment with more suggestions from them to react to)? And *_WHAT?!_* You don’t know what jelly babies are? Gosh, you don’t know what you’re missing (I’m from the UK).

    Edit: Is it just me or are the blocks

    *_wiggle wiggle wiggling_*

  • Sunny Subba 1 week ago

    since you’ve started reactions I recommend these vids (not compulsory to record but pls watch these next comment will have links

  • Tom Potter 1 week ago

    U make minecraft cool again good job ur my fav youtuber

  • junvic feria 1 week ago

    Karma on pat

  • mine turtle 1 week ago

    Starts at 3:36

  • jazzy sommers 1 week ago

    Remember. in lucky blocks that sometimes it becomes night. and u have beds.so insted of u swiching and using commands. you can sleep in the beds

  • jazzy sommers 1 week ago

    like if agre

  • Twist Swirl 1 week ago

    Yasssss finally one like!!!!!

    Wait that was me 🙁

  • Ashley Wiinters 1 week ago

    Play two player wizard tycoon on roblox please

  • Gabriel Franco 1 week ago

    I just subscribed I love ur vids

  • Grace T 1 week ago

    Pat: It’s on!!
    Jen: It’s onnnn!!!!

  • Flower Power 2511 1 week ago

    Plz can u guys go onto hypixel and play bedwars

  • Adrian Ramirez 1 week ago

    U should dig in your base then build to jens area

  • spolix 592 1 week ago

    Pat why u so noob

  • Khang Vu 1 week ago

    this vid make my laugh so hard !!!

  • Ajinkya Pandey 1 week ago

    Love you pat but why don’t reply to my comments

  • HoIMaStER 1 week ago


  • Gregory Pang 1 week ago

    why do you say ‘deefense’ instead of defense

  • FanofPatandJen 31 1 week ago

    This time Jen won the “pitty” round.

  • Mark Silva 1 week ago

    I love you pat and jen

  • Shabana Naznin Shaikh 1 week ago

    Pls post from Jen’s side too

  • Froy Lapid 1 week ago

    5:13 it’s a sword you Jen noob

  • Timothy Babbel 1 week ago

    I love how frequently you post videos!

  • Froy Lapid 1 week ago

    Jen just pressing not holding maybe HOLDSHIFT JEN

  • Kelsey Millers 1 week ago

    more Mario kart

  • Zack Cross 1 week ago

    a little tip for jen “jump of”

  • Emmett Hamilton 1 week ago

    jen could of dun bed-er

  • CoolDragon Jack999 1 week ago

    Happy mothers day Jen

  • CoolDragon Jack999 1 week ago

    Me and Cloud loveyou

  • Brenna Duffield 1 week ago

    3:31=Jen in caffeine☕️😂

  • CoolDragon Jack999 1 week ago

    Lets grow our chanell

  • Bessma Alrawi 1 week ago

    love you

  • CoolDragon Jack999 1 week ago

    My chanelll is CoolDragon Jack999

  • BroodingSalmon 13 1 week ago

    U guys suc


  • Brenna Duffield 1 week ago

    Knock knock
    Whose there
    Doctor who?
    Well’ u just guessed the answer😂

  • Sylvia Browne-Niles 1 week ago

    Whoa yeah coffee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Manuel Garcia 1 week ago

    It was suppose to be obsidian before end stone pat……THINK

  • Tmob03 1 week ago

    Will you please play other games like you used to like fnaf and the impossible game, thanks

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