This Mansion is terrifying!
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  • megano the bee booper 2 weeks ago

    Dude its a gremlin refrience

  • Jocelyn Cantu 2 weeks ago

    will you play the orphanage pls?

  • The Dude 2 weeks ago

    Please play a horror map played late it is very scary and it is amazing! 🙂

  • Edp445's Bed 2 weeks ago

    gou gou ga ga XD

  • Edp445's Bed 2 weeks ago

    btw yall i hate the eagles

  • ItsMjauuu Plays 2 weeks ago

    0:35 Sans is dat u ???

  • GamerGirlAshley - Minecraft and Roblox 2 weeks ago

    Pat when is the animation contest. and diamond cat’s animation should win

  • Tornado Wizard 2 weeks ago

    did you say burgers? 6:07

  • Sarah Taylor 2 weeks ago

    I was just thinking about my Ginnie pig dying a year ago ( 2017 ) and I was crying but you made me stop crying thx 😅

  • Emanuel vargas 2 weeks ago

    Jen, play undertel plzzzzzzzzzz

  • Manuel Guallpa 2 weeks ago

    When Jen Scream the first time it made me laugh so hard I almost died

  • Ethan Jacobson 2 weeks ago

    Please Bring Back The Crafting Dead!!!!!

  • Drex Enoveso 2 weeks ago

    That Skeleton on the painting is Sam’s that’s his name he’s from undertales you should check that game out it’s super fun at least I think it is I never played it before but it’s all other YouTubers. Did

  • Jasmine Mendoza 2 weeks ago


  • Jasmine Mendoza 2 weeks ago

    Hi pat jen Do good

  • Zoey so so 2 weeks ago

    Hi you guys are cool, I love you guys you make my day better keep up the good work.🙂🙂🙂🙂❤❤❤❤

  • Jasmine Mendoza 2 weeks ago

    Hi pat jen I Love can you make more videos and don’t like Maz I love you

  • Jasmine Mendoza 2 weeks ago

    I like you guys I love you house

  • TheOneNOnlyDraden024 2 weeks ago

    The skeleton at the beginning looks like sans

  • TomWin W 2 weeks ago

    that thing that lava from out if the sky? that was a dream

  • Pusheen The Cat 2 weeks ago


  • MinecraftGamer 2 weeks ago


  • Morgly 20 2 weeks ago


  • Pusheen The Cat 2 weeks ago

    Why does the hamster food look like a rock???

  • Sloan Henson 2 weeks ago

    I am tried of seeing 3:00 am videos. Unoriginal!!! :/

  • cooper Carrozza 2 weeks ago

    It’s 12:00 at night and the jump scare at4:40 made me scream and wake everyone up. OOPS

  • Sherylyn Silva 2 weeks ago

    Bendy and the ink machine

  • Shawn Jones 2 weeks ago

    0:30 that’s sans from undertale

  • Buraian Anime 2 weeks ago


  • Jairyk Gonzalez 2 weeks ago

    Sans from under teale

  • Rowan Neill 2 weeks ago

    Let’s not be rude to Pat, Jen. Millions of people watch. You are basically anouncing it to an audience. But you both are so funny! Keep making people happy!

  • iiJustLexie 2 weeks ago

    0:31 “He looks so happy!, I feel good inside now.” – Jen xDD

  • Grace Zheng 2 weeks ago

    Pat and Jen are the best youtubers in the world! Like if agree please!😄

  • Tai McEwan 2 weeks ago

    Have they played fnaf cause if not they should!

  • Jaxon Ethridge 2 weeks ago

    Look at how jacked pat is

  • Jeff Games 2 weeks ago

    Hi pat

  • Brook Edgar 2 weeks ago

    Pat jen add me on roblox @dountcrazy

  • lucifer The God 2 weeks ago

    Not down there 😂😜😂

  • Unicorn Lover888 2 weeks ago

    you guys are solo amazing

  • Ben plays 2 weeks ago

    Hey pat and jen

  • Alpha_WolfEclispe 1234 2 weeks ago

    You guys should play The Orphanage. It is soooo good!!!

  • Caiden luvz denosaurus 2 weeks ago

    Pat you should do 3:00 a.m challenges,it would be fun to watch you guys. Like if you agree

  • William England 2 weeks ago

    i love you pat i wish i could just meet you

  • i〈3rc 2 weeks ago


  • protolovania 2 weeks ago

    5:20 I heard a bad word I think by Jen I don’t know if you heard it.

  • luu luu 2 weeks ago

    Full volume check,full screen check,night time check,wish me luck…

  • Eva Vasileva 2 weeks ago


  • Eva Vasileva 2 weeks ago

    It was not that scary

  • Soulester Games ' 2 weeks ago

    I’m watching this at 3 am

  • Almighty Emboar AE 2 weeks ago

    U dont know u find in the start the Skeleton is Sans the game where character Undertale

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