• Angel Santos 5 months ago


  • Elena v Dijk 5 months ago

    Pat please do another season of epic proportions with Jen!!!!

  • Christine Anderson 5 months ago

    they did the giant jen’s house for hunger games…like if you love hunger games

  • Green Zombie 5 months ago

    Hey guys, please do a mob battle of the Big Baby!

  • Choyax Manila 5 months ago

    I love it soooow much🐱🐱🐱

  • MudtimeMudkip 5 months ago

    Description : “This Mod lets you dirt dirt into diamonds!”

  • Mr.Md.Aklas Rahman Bappy 5 months ago


  • อาคิรา เกตุทอง 5 months ago

    You should do a series of what is minecraft and the crafting resipi is changed to something else and download some mods

  • Tyra Hope 5 months ago

    Bring back guess that picture!!

  • Anthony Nunez 5 months ago


  • Quack The Duck 5 months ago

    did they spell DAIMONDS in the thumbnail?

  • Rod5kie 5 months ago

    dirt dirt

  • Shi Tran 5 months ago

    Our house in middle of our house, our house in middle of our house, our house in th…

  • shadow man 5 months ago

    does it work for mcpe ??? (Minecraft pocket edition)

  • vince adrian dela cruz 5 months ago

    (Hmph) you just died

  • Blazing fire Of doom 5 months ago

    I love your work and hope u keep being positive and giving support

  • Jenna Rada Chomonter 5 months ago

    Try to read this without making mistakes!! If you read this without making mistakes then leave a like and a comment!!

    I just saw the
    the dead dog
    on queens
    street yesterdayu

    Read this too:
    Fi uoy daer siht yltcerroc neht uoy era yrev trams.


  • Saruul Tulgaa 5 months ago

    this is on hunger games

  • Arora Brehm118 5 months ago

    +popularmmos!!!! congrats on your 3Msubscribers!!!

  • Domagoj Ćužić 5 months ago

    Really dude, u r making best videos when my head hurts. ):

  • Đặng Nhật Phú 5 months ago

    I see, Jen learned to attack in 1.10.2. Congrats Jen!

  • Occor the Hunk 5 months ago

    FuriousDestroyer blew up

    Jen: you just died

    Pat: I know I was there

  • Lukey Nukey 5 months ago

    he misspelled diamonds in the thumbnail

  • _King Pig_ 5 months ago

    was 1:11 an edit or what?? 😂

  • Rein Eijsbouts 5 months ago


  • Monique loves Monkeys 5 months ago

    Do hide and seek in jens big house

  • jackcupid gamer 5 months ago

    Pat there’s a YouTuber called it’s funneh she has 1 million subscribers and she has four brothers and sisters that are all grown up itsfunneh’s 24 I think she lives in Canada she doesn’t like to reveal her face but I would try to get in contact with her because I think it would help both of your channels and can I think you two would be the most Unstoppable YouTubers ever try to

  • Animation Boi 5 months ago

    play hello neighbour

  • Isaiah Hardison 5 months ago

    BOMY!!!!!! 😉😉😉😉

  • jackcupid gamer 5 months ago

    Wait she has 1 brother and 3 sisters sorry but i think it would help you so much please try at least

  • AINNX GAMER 5 months ago

    It’s not a hhhhhhaaaaaacccccckkkk

  • Cupquake lovers 5 months ago

    Did you hear jen say “lether” when she got rotten flesh??

  • Zachary Boland 5 months ago


  • Fahad QURESHI 5 months ago

    I don’t like this mod, it makes Minecraft too easy.

  • CrazyGamer 923 5 months ago

    Nope I Want That Mode *PAT*

  • CrazyGamer 923 5 months ago

    *i want That Mode*

  • Olivia Rodseth-Terblanche 5 months ago

    Do 3 vids a day well if you can……

  • ThePrimal Primarina 5 months ago

    Dat editing tho….

  • Leonardo Astapio 5 months ago

    the first mod was one huger game map

  • Ender Brine 5 months ago

    Almost everyone is saying that the spelling of Diamonds in the title are wrong
    But me here its not its just the same DIAMONDS

  • Epic Gamer mason 5 months ago

    Lab 1 to lab 3 oh well done

  • Zilullah Show 5 months ago

    Watching Zilullah Show Sub & likes please please please Please yes Thank’s Friend v:

  • Ella's Vlogs 5 months ago

    Can you hide as a pigs

  • Austin Rudd 5 months ago

    I love you

  • Minecraft SS MC player 5 months ago

    That is probably the first time you edited in sounds and a cooler transition

  • Lucas Spesaison 5 months ago


  • Jarina Manandhar 5 months ago

    Wait it blows up!!!!!

  • Bon Solaiman 5 months ago

    Epic mod if you grab a dirt turn into 64 diamonds

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