• Drewlord 3 weeks ago

    Great video! Have fun doing whatever you plan to do!

  • Gre Quaza. 3 weeks ago

    Python, if your a master builder, can you make a statue of yourself?

  • luke hershey 3 weeks ago

    Did you add anything to the little corner on the pathway I just had a new though by watching your hermitcraft season five maybe make you village into a villager village and turn the corner into a barracks like the one on episode I think 20 and use the same wall design

  • Felling Buddy 3 weeks ago

    I love Minecraft let’s plays but I get bored in other let’s plays but in your let’s play I feel good and when I am sad I watch your video.
    Keep goin bro

  • Ms Numchuk 3 weeks ago

    After a long day at work, nothing makes me happier than seeing you uploaded a Minecraft survival video.

    No lie, I love this game and will always love survival series. Its just so fun to see what other people create and come up with.

    I just found your channel through these uploads! You have a very lively personality and keep me engaged for the entirety of your episodes; a rarity these days, I stopped watching lets plays ages ago except for yours. Keep it up!

  • Caleb Ouellette 3 weeks ago

    Hey ython keep up the good work you are a great Minecraft builder.

  • Kesha Caine 3 weeks ago

    You should make that little cave area into a witch area with a brewing stand and witch things,and potion.

  • Raghav Gupta 3 weeks ago

    Ay!!congrats for 25000 subs

  • jordanmonaghan8 3 weeks ago

    This series is killer loving it more and more, Bloody brilliant job Python… Base = so cool especially the elevated walkway circling the town. The towers would be good for the main entrance, it would be epic if the towers or perhaps just one main tower went right up high into the sky and acted as the central lookout point, plus a future elytra platform

  • Hailey Vargas 3 weeks ago

    I was looking around for a survival Minecrafter and then I found you! Subbed and THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!

  • Really Ryan 3 weeks ago

    Maybe make a tunnel / sewer pipe in the hole PS you are the best Minecraft YouTuber

  • Sinister Minds 3 weeks ago

    You could make any of the undersides of the mountains into a blacksmith, I feel like it’d be a pretty awesome addition to the area. 🙂

  • Justin Richter 3 weeks ago

    Loving the series!! I really like the build so far!! You’ve opened my eyes to new things, like the little cabin and surrounding the area with an upper path!!! It is amazing:) I’m used to building giant houses with two layers… I love the little cabin idea!

    You’ve inspired me to start a new vanilla, which I’m starting right now! I’m currently on 1.12.1 with maps, coal grinder, biomes o plenty, and dungeons on hardcore mode. Just finished my diamond armor with mending and thorns, with protection 4… time to start the vanilla adventure 😉 thanks for the great series!

  • Jack'O Creeper 3 weeks ago

    Good job! Best YouTuber EVERrrrrrrrrrrr

  • Mark John Contaoi 3 weeks ago

    I like your vids bro

  • Kelvin Chen 3 weeks ago

    HEY CONGRATS DUDE!!! You got 25K subscribers!!!

  • VerbGamingYT GAMING 3 weeks ago

    PythonMC are you gonna make automatic farms for carrots,potatoes and wheats?

  • Jet Li Condeza 3 weeks ago

    Rip Chickens 🐔 2K18 They will be remembered…..😢😢

  • Chikn 3 weeks ago

    :0 you’re eating my kind! Chickens!!!

  • The dope 3 weeks ago

    Keep up the good work and you the BEST!!!

  • KingJulian 00 3 weeks ago

    Hes realy fast at i guess clicking

  • Marinko Ćubela 3 weeks ago


  • DragonsLoveStuff 3 weeks ago

    really good videos man!

  • Fanalama 3 weeks ago

    Always uploading like midnight for me in SA. Lol could go to sleep knowing that the next day will have the Pythonator!

  • slime squishy123 3 weeks ago

    I am okay with no daily episode.

  • UltraSoulGaming - Shiny Hunter Sebas 3 weeks ago

    Hi python I’ve got a spectacular idea! How about you build a nether tunnel to the acacia village and to other relevant locations! Your nether tunnel in your last series was really cool and I see a lot of potential for it! Your the best Ytuber and I’ll like you even more of you read this out! Thanks man
    Sebas 😀

  • Rohan MISHRA 3 weeks ago

    I just came home from my last day of school for the term, and I got onto youtube and the immediately clicked onto your video. And well your vid didn’t disappoint. Well it never disappoints so yeah.

  • SidedGamerHQ 3 weeks ago

    python make a farm

  • SidedGamerHQ 3 weeks ago

    python do your time on your family its right

  • Kaiser Reyes 3 weeks ago

    Its up to you how frequently you want to upload a video. But JUST DONT stop the sirie

  • Retz HD 3 weeks ago

    I wish i could download this world…

  • Alex Wilcox 3 weeks ago

    Python you should make a penthouse type build on the top of the highest point in your town area

  • JaguarBrickFilms 3 weeks ago

    I get it Python. Family will always come before Minecraft.

  • PaulCraft 3 weeks ago

    Python will you do map download on episode 25?

  • Damalas75 3 weeks ago

    I love survival MC it always new and different every time even if the goals are the same.

  • Night Core Gaming 3 weeks ago

    python do u know ideactivatemc?

  • Damalas75 3 weeks ago

    For that annoying cave.. why not seal the door way and make it an underground subway/rail system to access your other towns later on. PS when you burn lv do it on books so they can stack and add up. Waste not want not.

  • Itz 12KSREP 3 weeks ago

    How did your helmet break before your boots? I mean how?!

  • Amber Barr 3 weeks ago

    It’s a big boy now

  • The Animator 3 weeks ago

    Will you set out to find a woodland mansion?

  • Ella van der Velden 3 weeks ago

    Hi Python! I think it would be useful if you added another rail going down to the mineshaft so you can get down and up quicker. Also when you’re down in the mineshaft maybe build the rails to get fast to the long other side to find new diamonds?

  • 32bitGirl 3 weeks ago

    How did you initially get your channel to grow? I feel like if I start mine off with a simple Let’s play series like this nobody would be interested

  • Shaylinn Elizabeth Young 3 weeks ago

    question for the next vid!! : will your world downloads be available for mobile minecraft?? i hope so!

  • Mervanya 3 weeks ago

    Love how you pronounce zombies, makes them much less intimidating lol.

  • ann onn 3 weeks ago

    Dude, there’s 25,534 people waiting for your next MC video. Last week, you had like 15k subs. C’mon.

  • tyran euhus 3 weeks ago

    okay honestly python, i just binge watched your survival let’s play, and you deserve so much more subscribers. i think you have such a happy and positive attitude towards youtube and you definitely deserve more subs! keep up the good work man!

  • Hj Ahmad Adnan 3 weeks ago


  • Summer Gaming 3 weeks ago

    I like these ‘odd-job’ episodes, they make a nice change from the ‘norm’. The design of the gateway/support beams is really good. The whole area is really coming together now 🙂

  • WolfyisGoofy 3 weeks ago

    python it would mean the world to me if you hearted and pinned this comment! 🙂

    It’s ok if you don’t want to I don’t see why you should…

  • DeHubbed Grips 3 weeks ago

    A hotel would be really cool.😀😁😆😉

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