DELIVERY GUY IN MINECRAFT! Can I keep my $100,000+ salary delivering


  • Diamond T-rex xz 5 months ago


    To understand I’m no one is first now just enjoy the video

  • yash shah 5 months ago

    Why no stream ??

  • Raggedy Gaming 5 months ago

    Noo why is there so many people un subscribing Mitch. 🙁

  • Calum Wheeler 5 months ago


  • lebra 5 months ago

    Getting chilly in Canada I’m in the cold province Manitoba it’s so lovely all the leaves 🍁 u should share my island on moster island skybouds

  • Alexander Cichon 5 months ago

    Suuuuup mitch

  • ThE nUB GaMeR and Zack gamer 5 months ago


  • Crescendo Kids Tv 5 months ago

    I hope the 1% that reads this will follow their dreams and never give up. My dream is to become a successful Youtuber.

  • NyanCatGirl0819 Minecraft 5 months ago

    I love you BAJAN, but why did you do the video the day after popularmmos did it yesterday

  • bluefox-gaming 5 months ago


  • Gaming WithBuraz 5 months ago

    Yo,sup boys and girls

  • TheRealSlice_ YT 5 months ago

    Lol deadlox just played it can u play with him plsss

  • Ninja Cheetah 5 months ago

    I just watched DanTdms video on this!!

  • 2Big 4Statz 5 months ago

    Bruv u copied dan the the cup thing NOW THIS

  • DW Vlogs 5 months ago


  • Damian Fluharty 5 months ago

    Hey Mitch

  • Arizon3 5 months ago

    Nice video

  • jack bird 5 months ago

    why is everyone playing this

  • RIPRIDEROCKT- Minecraft And More 5 months ago

    Where is the new benja vids??????????????? Upload them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • treerexaudi Official - Minecraft 5 months ago

    Subbed for good luck

  • Jazz xD 5 months ago

    Who watched popularmmos play this he was first to play 😂

  • Velocity 5 months ago

    i remember when you got like 100k views a video easy, now you get like 30k average. i feel so bad for you man i used to be a huge fan

  • bludrax 223 5 months ago


  • Godspeed Parkour 5 months ago

    Who else remember the first ever battle dome 500th video. Uploaded on April 12, 2012. Anyone else also remember the video he made of his cottage tour.

  • Creeper Killer 5 months ago

    Mitch, please can i have a shout out in the next video?

  • Savage Pikachu 5 months ago

    Go back to the old bajancandian

  • The Speedster 5 months ago

    Funny video as usual😂

  • Taco Cat 5 months ago

    Bajan play battlefront 2 like if you agree

  • Max Arov 5 months ago

    If I win for the October give away, my name is PlasmaMax and I’m on the First Island. Love your videos.😄😄

  • Chris Exstrom 5 months ago

    I made a vid on this lol I was just a creeped out

  • TNT Pandaz 5 months ago

    Mitch could we link up ?

  • mlg gaming boss 5 months ago

    Where is webcam???

  • ItsMr HeyBales 5 months ago

    y u no face cam?? also Notice me Senpai

  • Jerald Barnes 5 months ago

    Popularmmos did the same map before you

  • Sky Storm 5 months ago

    I like this video because it’s so different from everything we know. It’s great to have a change once in a while to spice things up!

  • Clara Lohner 5 months ago

    LOL i watched someone else play this its amazing

  • Buddyboy425 Minecraft 5 months ago

    Same with popular mmo

  • rexhail adikin 5 months ago

    Wow hi dantdm

  • CreeperLadMC 5 months ago

    Hullo 😀

  • Saboor 2 5 months ago

    Where are the 6 million subs, if u really support u would hit the like button.

  • Anderton Leow 5 months ago

    why are you so soft

  • Caleb Curry 5 months ago

    popularmmos did this map too

  • Anderton Leow 5 months ago


  • Lubabalo Grace 5 months ago


  • DaBeast34 5 months ago

    Those thumbnails are aweeesome. What does your editor use to make them?

  • DanielCube 5 months ago

    Lol I got a Pizza Hut ad before this video

  • Scott W. 5 months ago

    Can you make vids about money wars

  • Night wing Night of the sky 5 months ago

    I have seen this befor

  • Wyatt PlaysMC 5 months ago

    They should have made the guys name tony pepperoni

    Who gets the reference?

  • Parker Plays 5 months ago

    Make clash of clans vid?

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