• oliviasdragons 404 2 weeks ago

    I would like to congaulte tina and ryan with their wonderful relationship so far *clap clap clap*

  • Johanna Landeros 2 weeks ago

    Ryan you’re the best 😁😁😁😁

  • Dino Playz 2 weeks ago

    No one believes me the internet solves everything 😀

  • twolf 244 2 weeks ago

    Ryan bring everyone to this seed #000000

  • Husky Lover 2 weeks ago

    What is the server name for the mine craft

  • Jake Patrick 2 weeks ago

    Ryguy you and ash❤

  • Sherri Kammueller 2 weeks ago

    OMG haven’t seen a daycare I such long time

  • Aaron Trasfi 2 weeks ago

    Am more cool

  • Sherri Kammueller 2 weeks ago

    Get saber and shark back on plezzzz

  • Sekou Ballard 2 weeks ago

    make a new vido today pleas

  • Diana Cahoose 2 weeks ago

    Eo. Hi. Ryan. Am. In. This. Awzome. And. A. Like. The. Book

  • Viral Gaming 2 weeks ago

    Tina was cool at first butt now she’s just evil

  • Charlena Teasdale 2 weeks ago

    1000 likes and I make a video.

  • Ella Becerra 2 weeks ago

    Why can’t I watch Minecraft recess (Minecraft roleplay) episode 2?

  • Noah Hull 2 weeks ago


  • Viral Gaming 2 weeks ago

    Ryan’s just a bully now

  • Team Entity Enderbrine 2 weeks ago

    Ryan the video protecting tina is not working

  • jack Rodriguez 2 weeks ago

    im getting board of this

  • ryguy rocky 2 weeks ago

    You cheated on tina because caryn called you cute

  • Logan Snider 2 weeks ago

    Your new video won’t work

  • treyshawn carter 2 weeks ago

    Plz make new veidos i been waiting for two day almost👿👿👿👿

  • Cheryl Woosley 2 weeks ago

    Where did shark and saber and moose can you bring them back I don’t care if you needed more characters I just need moose shark and saber beagle boys and your boy just say yes Minecraft moose I’m not more characters and what you need to bring back Bruce safer than shark please I need it people Miss shark saver and moves but Moses not really in there so really and gave it a snow moves but sometimes please Ryan pretty please pretty please pretty please pretty please pretty pretty pretty please Ryan please put shark and Savor and your boy moose please

  • Cheryl Woosley 2 weeks ago

    I got to say my last sentence and moose milk and cheese and Mimo

  • Evan Lementino 2 weeks ago

    Kick Goldy out

  • Arol Velasquez 2 weeks ago

    Pls continue the cseason 2 of camp recess

  • Boy83gaming 2 weeks ago

    For some reason I see the video come out but it’s not out yet

  • juanito plays minecraft samano 2 weeks ago

    Do ryan and goldy are together

  • Michael GilyarD 2 weeks ago

    Can you fix the glitch with the newest video

  • Rainbow KingYT 2 weeks ago

    I unsub because Ryan and Tina was being me to gold 🙁

  • Little Pro 2 weeks ago

    Ask Tina on a date

  • Little Pro 2 weeks ago


  • Bestgame 2016 2 weeks ago

    U should bring back Matt also know as the director

  • Tony The Gaming Pro 2 weeks ago

    RYGUYROCKY is the best Youtuber if you agree subscribe to him and me

  • Bj Marquez 2 weeks ago

    Unicorn likes Goldy he’s protecting her


  • Derdyy 2 weeks ago

    Also To Those Kids Who Say *Is Tina Your Real GIRLFRIEND OOOO RYAN X ASHLEY AHhdhxzvknkbbhlflhdvbhflbjflbjflbjlfbfll*
    Like No Tina (Ashley) Is Not Ryans Girlfriend Its For Roleplay Purposes

  • wolf pack 2 weeks ago

    Ask shark to play agen

  • KaisReviewTV 2 weeks ago


  • JK Murder Time 2 weeks ago

    what happen to shark

  • Kids Kids 2 weeks ago

    Why are you making Minecraft recess now?

  • HEROBRINE mckenna 2 weeks ago

  • Seth Tablett 2 weeks ago

    Hello ryan in your next video take tina on a vacation just you and tina

  • Seth Tablett 2 weeks ago

    Hey ryan i am subscribed to you
    In your next video can you take Tina on a romantic vacation please
    It will be soooo amazing

  • Jakle _Playz 2 weeks ago

    Da Rage


  • Tinathetiger #tigersrule 2 weeks ago

    I love ur vids SO much. Please do a shoutout to me plz just call me TTT if u like

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    great vid Ryan

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    I love this video

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    #Team Tryan

  • Alpha Jadex 2 weeks ago

    Ryan and Tina are like the physcopath couple when they play this game and they get murderer and detective

  • Josh The Mage 9 2 weeks ago

    that dodge doh 7:02

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