• Nick Nalley 2 weeks ago

    Itโ€™s over watch

  • IndogoWhisper 82 2 weeks ago


  • sherly bong 2 weeks ago


  • #mlg gamer nampemba 2 weeks ago

    Tina just chill don,t be stressed

  • Andrew laPradd 2 weeks ago

    Happpy new year Ryan Tina unicorn goldy

  • suada hh 2 weeks ago

    Happy new year everyone and Ryan!! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  • sydfrancis moreno 2 weeks ago

    make some more daycare vids please beacuse i joind the roleplay

  • Davina Gyamfi 2 weeks ago

    Happy New Year Ryan

  • the_gaming _kid 2 weeks ago

    YAS overwatch refrence

  • Alex Gherobrine 2 weeks ago

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm sandwich. Sandy witch?

  • DNA Creator 2 weeks ago

    Bring Matt Back Plz Like If You Want Matt Back

  • Nicolai Carlsen 2 weeks ago


  • Shamili Kochervu 2 weeks ago

    This is Ryan: Why canโ€™t we be friends? Why canโ€™t we be friends?๐ŸŽผ

  • Hot Wheels by Heaven 2 weeks ago

    Was the girl goldy or someone else?

  • Dalton Pleasant 2 weeks ago

    With super jump

  • crazy ellie 2 weeks ago

    what happened to sabre he was in it a little bit but hes not in it now if he doesn’t want to do it the just have shark instead

  • Tj Turnbull 2 weeks ago

    Zach proposed Megan u should propose to Tina

  • Chase Tuchel 2 weeks ago

    How many times has unicorn eaten while recording?

  • Maddie Sings 2 weeks ago

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ar you and Tina a thing or married

  • Gamergirl 85 2 weeks ago

    me: oh my tea is ready!

  • Hector Quezada 2 weeks ago

    Happy new year ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽŠ๐ŸŽˆ๐ŸŽˆ

  • Little_Lexi 2 weeks ago

    When Ryan throws the cat snowballs id call that a cat fight #BADPUNS xD

  • Tyisawesame 867 2 weeks ago

    Ryan sabre was the “New Kid” and he’s not here right now or he wasn’t for at least the last two episodes so where is he? Like if u agree whit h this question

  • dooleyvegas 2 weeks ago

    Ware is Matt he was more funny than all of you

  • Dominic Perez 2 weeks ago

    Bring shark back

  • elina macina 2 weeks ago

    plz marry tina in day care

  • elina macina 2 weeks ago

    u and tina are close

  • Awesome Pop 2 weeks ago

    Ryan class before

  • Duel Brawler 2 weeks ago

    It is overwatch

  • Bertha Davila 2 weeks ago


  • ahlam mishow 2 weeks ago

    Ryguy I will sub and like every video if you could do me one thing.let moose join your daycare or you join his for like 1 week plz let it happen

  • debbie cobrand 2 weeks ago

    don’t tiene anymore he’s teaching you do too much

  • debbie cobrand 2 weeks ago

    18 minutes early and no one likes her

  • AshesOnFyre 2 weeks ago

    My new years resolution is to make a new years resolution
    There resolution complete

  • Jason Vang 2 weeks ago

    ryan have tina wear panda woinzie but a cute one and because tina can’t wear her tiger woinzie is it smell so bad

  • Melanie Lacerda 2 weeks ago

    Ryan u should do face cam like Tina does

  • Jason Vang 2 weeks ago

    also ryan change tina old hair style and put a new beter one but its more cutier

  • Tintin_Creativeworks 2 weeks ago

    Ryan!!!!! Be a werewolf plssss and make it be called Ryanโ€™s secret

  • Leah Isokait 2 weeks ago

    And you have a girlfriend got to say it someday some people like you and they’re your fan you know your scribers your could maybe like you

  • McCormack Man 2 weeks ago

    I am totally fine with Tina vs Goldy but I don’t like Ryan always vs Goldy ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Shadow Fredbear 2 weeks ago

    Tina is horrible

  • Eve Minion 2 weeks ago

    Hopes and dreams is an undertale song….. DONT EAT THE BUTTERCUPS CHILDREN

  • Diamond_Peter 2 weeks ago

    Make a vid where you guys actually go to your house and don’t end the video

  • Muscledmist 8080 2 weeks ago

    U should have the professor from minecraft life in daycare and he has his accent and he works with unicornmann

  • Pugplayz 2 weeks ago

    There needs to be a fight for the next episode

  • Jamietube Gaming 2 weeks ago

    Anyone else notice they only play mini games again just like season 1?

  • Nathan Skrdlant 2 weeks ago

    You play overwatch and use roadhog. I like to use Reinhardt. BTW love you vids

  • Clara Resendiz 2 weeks ago

    I loved your vids๐Ÿ˜

  • RainbowHalo 54 2 weeks ago

    Ryan can you start a new roleplay series. Like this comment if you agree

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