• Rowan Challenge 3 weeks ago

    Tina is being roude/mean

  • Tonya Jones 3 weeks ago

    I want more Ryan and Tina

  • kiranjit Cheema 3 weeks ago


  • Barbie Caceres 3 weeks ago

    3:19 RYAN ID β€œBEDROCK”

  • Samantha Quenelle 3 weeks ago

    Were is Goldy????? She is the best character there!?

  • Darkwolf 4life 3 weeks ago


  • Daniel Duncan 3 weeks ago

    The answer is bedrock Ryan like if u thought the same thing

  • Jackson The Gamer 3 weeks ago

    0:01 – 0:05 he runs into a bush xD

  • Jaciere Williams 3 weeks ago

    Tina is a crybaby

  • AsterPhoenix 3 weeks ago

    If I had a nickel for everytime Ryan said “Gotta go” Id be a millionaire

  • Cookiewolf90872 3 weeks ago

    It’s bed rock lol

  • x max 3 weeks ago

    Get rid of Tina

  • Phillip Cardenas 3 weeks ago

    Fu** Tina

  • Teresa Cumbe 3 weeks ago


  • Fabian Mendiola 3 weeks ago


  • Bobby Barr 3 weeks ago

    Hey ryguyrocky or Ryan I suggest you make a server where it is a multi-level King of the Hill race to the top with booby traps and negative points and players can knock back other players into negative points or into booby traps and depending on what level you are on will determined how many points get taken away when booby traps or on negative points…!!… And!

  • allan peashooter 3 weeks ago

    Ryan how are you not offended that Tina insults your hair by calling you a β€œcutie”

  • Austin Hemstreet 3 weeks ago


  • TP EMPIRE!!!!! 3 weeks ago


  • Jorge Gil 3 weeks ago

    Run when is Pirates coming back

  • Aidima the gamer 3 weeks ago

    I don’t like it when you guys cheat…it makes me sad 😞

  • Kasen Pimienta 3 weeks ago

    tina and UMC

  • Alejandro Gallegos 3 weeks ago

    4:05 Bedrock?

  • No Copyright Music 3 weeks ago

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  • Joe Regnante 3 weeks ago

    15:20 , Nathan?!

  • Logan Graupmann 3 weeks ago

    no tina he know 5 of your lifes

  • H2O Delirious 3 weeks ago

    Bed rock

  • candace herman 3 weeks ago

    kill Tina a 10000000000 time

  • Laura Keller 3 weeks ago

    bed rock bedrock

  • Laura Keller 3 weeks ago

    cheta cheta #tinas a cheta

  • Adam Bok 3 weeks ago

    TINA CHEATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Adam Bok 3 weeks ago

    Tina sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Adam Bok 3 weeks ago

    I mean tina is cheater!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sandra Johnson 3 weeks ago

    It’s bed rock for the melon log

  • MariΓ¨ve Gagnon 3 weeks ago

    Tina aine unicornmann ore titingne

  • white scythgaming 3 weeks ago


  • Caleb Longoria 3 weeks ago

    I know this is old but we’re is shark and saber plz bring them back plzzzzzzz

  • frienly gam3r 3 weeks ago

    Yay Goldy is not here

  • CJ TheGamerBoy 3 weeks ago

    Tina actually killed cookie

  • Gaming Vlogger 3 weeks ago


  • Geselle Aguado 3 weeks ago

    I mean I love Tina but she really I mean really team against Ryan is that Tina even

  • jeremiah Balcourt 3 weeks ago


  • xXRobloxGamerXx 333 3 weeks ago

    Bring sabre and shark back plzzzzzz

  • Victor Herrera 3 weeks ago

    Is it bedrock

  • Bomberadian 258 3 weeks ago

    How do you even win this game?

  • Victor Herrera 3 weeks ago

    I just realize that they’re just doing mini games and they’re not doing r roleplay

  • Luna nightmare moon 3 weeks ago

    The thumbnail made me think that unicorn man was the purple guy I think im into fnaf to much

  • Mage Vester 3 weeks ago


  • Jamie Lawrence 3 weeks ago

    i wake up sad for school but when i lisen to the outtrow i have a smile

  • Thanos Gkioulentzeridis 3 weeks ago

    Stop playing games

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