• MrShadow_King 1 week ago

    Ryan stop being a chicken and be a man and say I love you TINA

  • Lantern Boy Gamer 1 week ago


  • Arakthos gaming 1 week ago

    LOL =P

  • Lazarus-Cruz Ah-Lam 1 week ago

    How does a lion have a tiger as a daughter?

    Goodbye youtube

  • Lisa Hidalgo 1 week ago


  • supergab 05 1 week ago

    luca the lyon and tina the tiger

  • Isaac Padilla 1 week ago

    Be honest are you and Tina (ash) dating

  • Lizbeth Villa 1 week ago

    A break I could you is the show again but that when you’re leasing look onto another day at daycare to you like you Spohn’s behind you and then he kills you and then like then Director season and then he tells everyone else and you come back to life when they take you to the hospital so

  • Kelsie Dance 1 week ago

    i wish sabre and shark were still there 🙁

  • Tawanda Musoni 1 week ago

    Meet goldys parents

  • Killman Fire 1 week ago

    I just bought the shirt it’s so good

  • Rayhan ali 1 week ago

    Before 23 views

  • Colin Jeffrey 1 week ago

    you shoud of used your gun

  • Chicken Comics inc. 1 week ago

    Nooooo not the chicken

  • Chicken Warrior 1 week ago

    Ryan: -picked up the chair and broke the ground-
    Me: -Slowly reaches for phone to call police about telling them about finding hulk-

  • Joel Martinez 1 week ago

    Thomas is my favorite I love him

  • clari 1 week ago

    why? you and tina sheed be doy friend and girl friend

  • Ro Juice 1 week ago

    I think goldy and unicorn replaced shark and saber

  • Maddie Cake Volgs 1 week ago

    I want the shirt cute soo

  • Robert WYLIE-VINE 1 week ago

    play more roblox

  • Straw Army 1 week ago

    At 15:36 was my favorite part lmao

  • Angela Lewis 1 week ago


  • Veronica Sullivan 1 week ago

    Oh my god Tina’s is a lion

  • Lavender Voice 1 week ago

    I like the way Tina Charms her Dad

  • Goldboy 165 1 week ago

    This is legit what happens when you go over to your friends house who is a girl

  • Sam Waters 1 week ago

    I thought Tina’s game was destiny 2

  • CoolBoyXD53 Idk 1 week ago

    Tina OR U NOT MY DAD

  • Braedon Hanley 1 week ago

    GUESS WHAT!?!? I FOUND TINA’S CHANNEL! HeyitzpoofGo sub to her. Get her to 1000 or higher!

  • Team 4 1 week ago

    Before views

    Ppl need to stop it’s annoying meh 😐😐😐😐😐😐

  • Trinity Francis 1 week ago

    Where’s mat and Thomas in the shirt 👕

  • Trinity Francis 1 week ago

    Also #ryangetsallthegirls

  • Trinity Francis 1 week ago

    XD Ryan “what video game was it?” Tina “UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” Tina “I don’t remember”

  • Cole Kaulback 1 week ago

    Hi you are the best YouTuber I subscribe to your video and give every like two videos I watch

  • Trinity Francis 1 week ago

    Ryan: please don’t kill me.
    Leothelion: IM GOING TO KILL YOU!!!

  • little bee 1 week ago

    Can I be in your video please

  • little bee 1 week ago

    On November two

  • [Geometry dash] JanCreepers 3381 1 week ago

    Rly Tina. Call of duty

  • 【 Royal 〜 Jake 〜 Pikachu】 1 week ago

    Hi pika 😉 nice too see you again :3

  • Myles Plays 1 week ago


  • Abby Angel 1 week ago


  • Conner Bradley 1 week ago

    Cool vid 🤑

  • Kitty Kat 1 week ago

    Wait I thought Tina was a tiger not a lion

  • Rockin With Zkyler 1 week ago

    Why no Tina the tiger

  • Rockin With Zkyler 1 week ago

    I un subscribed

  • nitro killer 1 week ago

    Kill her dad

  • The Beast Gamer 1 week ago

    Make it so that Ryan goes back to Tina’s house while Tina’s dad is there and the dad chases him again and than gets cornered and you know gets scratched and faints and is taken back to the daycare to heal him

  • Redstoner Playz Games Like Clash Royale, Minecraft 1 week ago

    uhhh tnat is not a game that is a freaking nuke assembler or a caller for the bomber plane

  • Kimberlee Sandoval 1 week ago

    Tenas dad is meany beany/mean XD

  • Cali52 1 week ago


  • Savege games 1 week ago

    i want to buy the shirt but i dont know if he has enoght money :c

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