• Frisk Dreamurr Chara 3 weeks ago

    Roses are red
    Violets are purple
    Haha your not a
    Yandere idc of it rhymes
    But I will kill for my senpai
    Anytime or Anybody
    (PIN THIS)

  • Perez Perez III 3 weeks ago

    Use the dragon block z mod and have a battle

  • DerpyDoesStuff 3 weeks ago

    2:44 Ryan you were the one who decorated it so idk why you’re surprised, I mean there’s proof on Goldy’s channel

  • KingCam27 Jackson 3 weeks ago

    Tina is a 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • Put your own base

  • Plushie Ranger 3 weeks ago


  • The Yellow Unicorn 3 weeks ago

    9:42 did anybody else hear snapchat go off

  • Luis Padilla 3 weeks ago

    I made friends with lizzy on discord

  • Jennifer Tavarez 3 weeks ago

    Can you take goldy out of the roleplay

  • Julee Thao 3 weeks ago

    Tina sassy pants

  • Jennifer Tavarez 3 weeks ago

    Go to unicorn foxers channel and look up tina x ryan

  • Mozka Munoz 3 weeks ago

    Wheres the secret?

  • christen hodges 3 weeks ago

    20:47 fudge you Tina with your big ass forehead

  • OfficialFlameYT 3 weeks ago

    Wait, why is pup in minigames when he’s not in the DAYCARE anymore?

  • iCraftBuilder HD 3 weeks ago

    When is Tina gonna get a channel?

  • Dak Stewart Vlogs 3 weeks ago

    O liekfkfdkdkdkm. cckfmc. Jjfjdd

  • jasmin leto 3 weeks ago


  • DontReadMyProfilePicture 3 weeks ago

    now this is a good video

  • NineTails 3 weeks ago

    I heard Tina say pu**y

  • puppeylover 1234 3 weeks ago


  • Santy Polo 3 weeks ago

    Bring back shark and saber

  • The Cobble Minecart 3 weeks ago


  • Dragon Boy 3 weeks ago

    Do not go out with Tina cause she crazy

  • Stephanie Teague 3 weeks ago

    More daycare

  • Roy Gastanes 3 weeks ago

    when she screamed I Said omg that scared me

  • Louis Ail 3 weeks ago


  • Pika Cat 3 weeks ago

    I can’t get the ending music out of my head

  • Pika Cat 3 weeks ago

    Bring back shark and sabre

  • Morgan Anderson 3 weeks ago

    Why don’t you make a new base for boys only?

  • Jayne Holland 3 weeks ago

    I miss the detector and Thomas

  • Nicole Lai 3 weeks ago

    Tina = yandere chan

  • Nicole Lai 3 weeks ago

    You should date Tina because she likes you and bring back stranded please

  • itzzstrafejr minecraft 3 weeks ago

    Yo he almoat said gold and not tina hahaha yes

  • Christian Savis 3 weeks ago

    I WILL NEVER WANT DAYCARE TO END (keep up the good work Ryan I love your channel keep up the good work) STOP BEING SCARED OF TINA

  • FinZ Players 99 3 weeks ago

    Sad to watch these videos with no thomas or director what happend to them? I want them back 🙁

  • lovely Patato 3 weeks ago


  • kittykiss77 ploop 3 weeks ago

    can Saber and Shark come back pls?

  • darkman nega 3 weeks ago

    ryan dont tell anyone else but tina kidnapped goldy signed.???

  • that one photographer 3 weeks ago

    their needs to be a video where Goldy starts to cry because ryan is baicly bulling her or not thats fine too

  • Mackenzie Swanson 3 weeks ago

    Kiddnap Goldy with Tina

  • Kitty kitty bang bang 555 Vlogs/gaming secrets 3 weeks ago

    GOLDY meowing is my thing now stop

  • Brian and Nancy Anthony 3 weeks ago

    Anyone hear Ryan’s Snapchat notification go off?

  • Briana Simon 3 weeks ago

    Ryan needs to confess his love for Tina right?

  • filipinjo 3 weeks ago

    you go on severs to often

  • Gfly Woe 3 weeks ago

    Ryan can you date Cokkie

  • Joshua add Stone 3 weeks ago

    Where is director

  • sillyartcookie 200 3 weeks ago

    I miss shark and saber they make me laugh pls bing them back like if you want them back

  • Kirito the black swords man 3 weeks ago

    Add Goldy and unicornman at the Minecraft reccess

  • Aeron Vincent Nacu 3 weeks ago

    Rguy make a base

  • Hazzna bin din 3 weeks ago

    Can play TNT tag

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