• Luis Gomez 1 month ago

    I know why tina has to use love bombs and love potions cuz she knows she has no chance with ryan on yhe other hand goldy uses her heart to make ryan truly like her unlike tina.

  • Golden eye 1 month ago

    I thought u own the day care

  • Golden eye 1 month ago

    Team goldy

  • Natalie Granbois 1 month ago

    Tina is evil so everyone stay away from her

  • Shadow Wizard 1 month ago

    yo is tina the tiger a yandere?

  • Andrick TV 1 month ago

    and slee and goldy and matt to proper dummis

  • MyaMadness267 YT 1 month ago


  • pony Pal 1 month ago

    I vote Goldy team goldy

  • Hunterdeath12 1 month ago

    It’s everyday bro with the daycare flow

  • Hunterdeath12 1 month ago

    Almost 1 mil subs never done before

  • Brandon Ibarra 1 month ago

    #Tina v #Goldy who will win

  • Catdung Nguyen 1 month ago

    Goldy is so interested of everything she is so weird

  • ricky ricdawg 1 month ago

    Make a season three

  • Arabella Garcia 1 month ago

    I officially ship Goldy and ryan after seeing tina’s behavior

  • Electric Potato 1 month ago

    Godly and unicorn Mann Can not replace shark and sabre well I guess unicorn man can stay.

  • COIN COIN MAN 1 month ago

    Tina’s dad vs goldys dad like or comment if u agree

  • purple paci 1 month ago

    Pls kill me

  • Asilva 1 month ago


  • H8Games H8games 1 month ago

    Goldy runs this daycare

  • RuuedyRoast 1 month ago


  • LOVE TheHealthyCow Fan Group 1 month ago

    Ah cmon ı wana see them fight

  • Dylan_DD Gaming 1 month ago

    Awkward vid

  • IncorporatedGamer 1 month ago

    The thumbnail is so bad it looks like Tina is trying to grow a weird type of beard

  • I vote goldy

  • DANIEL Cannon 1 month ago

    Hello ryannnnnn😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • DJ Pixels 1 month ago

    RyGuyRocky make a video called Tina’s Attack and when Tina’s uses the love bomb and makes war then everything goes down hill

  • Jazmine Rodriguez 1 month ago


  • Ducky Doodlez 1 month ago

    eveyone go to 11:50 you can hear a dog i think its the one that moosecraft found

  • Ducky Doodlez 1 month ago

    man tina got rekt

  • Ducky Doodlez 1 month ago

    i vote goldy

  • Rachel Rutkowski 1 month ago

    Quest for ryan to get to 1M subs is a go guys

  • Daniel Kennedy 1 month ago


  • bryan woten 1 month ago

    Ryan you need to get saber and shark back like if you want this

  • Clint Bracken 1 month ago

    Next episode Tina should be yelling at Ryan and Goldy

  • Maria Valdes 1 month ago

    lol goldy

  • Brittany Couvillion 1 month ago

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make it so you’re still mad at Tina, but then she activates the bomb!!!!

  • keera nielson 1 month ago

    # ryguyrocky savig

  • IHazTacoz _YT 1 month ago

    #bells on bro see ya at mine fair

  • Brittany Haymon 1 month ago

    So cool

  • Kelsey Mchaskell 1 month ago

    You should break it up ruyguyrocky
    But Goldy like you

  • charizard gaming 1 month ago

    just dump tina

  • lord SHADIC 1 month ago


  • Jacquez HARRIS Jr 1 month ago

    I got the shirt wearing it right now!

  • Andrea Mannino 1 month ago

    so funny omg

  • Mary Acock 1 month ago


  • zZxDragonBlade 1 month ago

    Guys I want Ryan to do truth or dare and we have to give him a dare and dare him to kiss ash in real life

  • Ultra Violet28 1 month ago


  • Gaming Hunter360 1 month ago


  • Blackbird Brandy 1 month ago

    Everyone catch at 15:02 unicorn says sh*t

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