• MJ Miller 2 weeks ago

    hi hihihihihihiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiihhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiihhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiihhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  • Ben Armstrong 2 weeks ago

    My worse gift was a Barbie

  • Ben Armstrong 2 weeks ago


  • Jason Dorsey 2 weeks ago

    Ryan please stop being mean to goldy😔

  • Zachary Glasgow 2 weeks ago


  • Ellie Hurm 2 weeks ago

    I noticed Sleezy has been screaming a lot lately

  • ETHAN WALTERS 2 weeks ago

    Hey Ryan what is the name of the ending theme song? I really like it.

  • Carrie Torres 2 weeks ago

    Bring 09sharkboy and saber to daycare

  • Victorg velasco 2 weeks ago

    I think she likes/LOVES ace

  • Ryu Skrzypek 2 weeks ago

    Tinz did lie!!!!

  • Ryu Skrzypek 2 weeks ago

    It’z meh DErP

  • uknown kid joshua reif 2 weeks ago

    Rip headphones cuz of UNICRON MAN!!!!!!!

  • StarWaterplayz - Minecraft _ 2 weeks ago

    Who notice Ryan have a bread in facecam

  • Mattox JG 2 weeks ago

    Unicorn man awesome

  • the dragon army and pandas 2 weeks ago

    Why supertrupers

  • Ugandan knuckles Ugandan 2 weeks ago

    Next can ace be in it?

  • Daniel and Dixie Harris 2 weeks ago


  • yeti lama 2 weeks ago

    bring back whose your daddy roleplays

  • KittenGirl14 2 weeks ago

    Unicorns are creatures of a warm climate with very rare chances of rain. They also feed off of happiness, rainbows, and UnicornFlakes. This poor, sad unicorn was drenched by a sudden downfall of ice water. Poor UnicornMann!

  • Kini Sbit 2 weeks ago

    I like the song at the end la la

  • dawn white 2 weeks ago


  • tristan emory 2 weeks ago

    Unicorn said video

  • Chan Elvis 2 weeks ago


  • Eileen Garcia 2 weeks ago

    Is Tina Ash.

  • mrchubbypikachu 2 weeks ago

    worst gift hmmmm? my worst gift was nothing once I got nothing from my mom.

  • Eileen Garcia 2 weeks ago

    Unicorn man can you have chanile

  • The Killer Snyper 2 weeks ago

    The old days were so much better tbh I wish it could go back to you shark and saber it would be a amazing if you could do this. Trust me most fans want this and everyone will be happy thanks you

  • mrchubbypikachu 2 weeks ago

    never expected unicorn man to look like that

  • Hunter Willimon 2 weeks ago

    A head

  • Ulyssa Partee 2 weeks ago

    I LIKE. C

  • Maximum Diamonds 2 weeks ago

    Bro i had the best idea I wan’t you to make a video we’re everybody dies (a dark video) for the end of the daycare series were the daycare burns down and you have to try to save everybody but fail so your the last guy there so you make graves and then you get cancer and die but everybody respawn sand derp has a line like “WoW ThaT Was OdD

  • Brice Gates 2 weeks ago

    The a ultimate face reveal

  • Brenda Reyes 2 weeks ago

    Hey Ryan why isn’t Matt going to daycare anymore???

  • Sasha Alvarez 2 weeks ago

    Nice forehead 😂🤣

  • Nathan DaCool 2 weeks ago

    a snowball in my face

  • SAVAGE HD 2 weeks ago

    Tina is lying

  • Dragon Gamer2 2 weeks ago

    Tina Lied 😡

  • Yage12 DICKERSON 27 2 weeks ago


  • nicolas 12003 2 weeks ago

    I think next episode Ryan and tina are breaking up and then tina will need help to get Ryan back but in 2/3/4 episode they are back together in my opinión

  • Jake Abistado 2 weeks ago

    lier lier pants on fire XD

  • Vipershot22 2 weeks ago

    Tina liked ace the life guard and unicorn said till the end of the video

  • Young gang BOI 2 weeks ago

    When mat comeback

  • Cade Riley 2 weeks ago

    my worst gift I got was socks

  • Cool piggy 2 weeks ago

    tina did like someone it was that time when sabre and shark where at the old daycare at the trian place and everyone was sayig ryan was jealus

  • llama gaming 2 weeks ago

    Where is unicorn from?

  • Cool piggy 2 weeks ago

    my worst gift was for christmas it was a toilet that didnt work

  • The Double Savages!!! 2 weeks ago

    My worst gift is a potatoe

  • Red Paolo Dimalibot 2 weeks ago

    Hi ryguyrocky search terrible ness minecraft life it will inspire you to make a season 2

  • LOLz lapsa 2 weeks ago

    My worst worst worst gift is head phones that dont work

  • Kalahni Unicorn 2 weeks ago

    When is unicorn getting his own channel for day care

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