• The Knights 5 months ago

    Ryan could you do me a fav. If u could I would really appreciate it. Could you keep the shirt until three Saturdays? I cant get it right now but in three Saturdays I can. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Super cheesy boy 604 5 months ago


  • Super cheesy boy 604 5 months ago

    Hey ry

  • Super cheesy boy 604 5 months ago

    Why u so taller then all kids

  • Liam Hart 5 months ago


  • Pokediger1 Fan 5 months ago

    Make a vid we’re Tina gives everyone a love potion but not mr red and Tomas and every kid in the daycare loves someone

  • Random Eman 5 months ago

    Ryan i have been in school for 2 and a half months those shirts are late

  • Irene Ramey 5 months ago

    Shark saber

  • Joe Perez 5 months ago

    When tina said get down be humble i was thinking of that song im all like omg 😲

  • Jehová Cancino 5 months ago


  • Pimpgames Jaime 5 months ago

    Can u make a video where u love and kiss Goldy in front of time?

  • Raylynn Katcher 5 months ago

    What song is at the end? Its kinda catchy!!! Lalalalalalalalala…..😂 type #RYGUYBAEBOY if you love ryguy!!!!!!

  • Riley Campbell 5 months ago

    soooo cringy i just love it XD im laughing so hard i cant stop your killing me XD

  • batman and beautygirl 5 months ago

    tina is a hacker

  • Christianjk52 Chandlerjk52 5 months ago

    I don’t eve know I am mad

  • Tanala Duncan 5 months ago

    Rly thats the it eating

  • CT is Gaming 5 months ago

    It’s possible to run a 1 block gap in Minecraft

  • The Wolf's Voice 5 months ago

    I dislike Goldy way more now.

  • The Knights 5 months ago

    Ryan can u do me a fav? If u could that would be great! Can u keep the t-shirts for like two more weeks after this week plzzzzzzzzz because I cant get it right now and I can only get it two weeks after this week and I really want that shirt! If you could…THX PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!

  • Minecraft Master 5 months ago

    I don’t like cake

  • DEBORAH VEL 5 months ago

    I watch you and jay

  • Galaxy Yt 5 months ago


  • Kyle Saechao 5 months ago

    Bring back sabre and shark

  • Katie Marquez 5 months ago

    The funny thing is, is that I was eating chips when Goldy was eating chips😂

  • Toast Tim 5 months ago

    Omg Goldy said the F word on 8:32

  • Charlee Prutsman 5 months ago

    I miss shark and saber like if you want them to come back

  • MsCandice247 5 months ago

    moosea army and moose milk

  • Tariq Saeed 5 months ago

    Tina is being annoying like if you agree

  • Tariq Saeed 5 months ago

    I think goldy is being bullied and Tina is annoying

  • The red hood 5 months ago

    I’m watching this at night and as soon as you talked about a doctor I got scared

  • Teal Bauz 5 months ago

    An no cupcake

    Your a bad friend Ryan

  • Annielin 14570 5 months ago

    Yh gody I saw it don’t lie

  • Kendryk Aquino 5 months ago

    Got dat merch 🙂

  • Gianina Cheli 5 months ago


  • Xx Angie xX1 5 months ago

    Bring shark and saber back! Like if u agree

  • Aeron Bosales 5 months ago

    I miss director

  • Edward Van Der Merve 5 months ago

    Where did shark and saber go ryguy

  • Gei guy likehotdog 5 months ago

    Is ash dating ryan

  • Sharon McCormack 5 months ago

    tina is a brat

  • Sharon McCormack 5 months ago

    tina is a bart and if you think give a like

  • Andrea Mannino 5 months ago

    you should go through the portal and go to a world were every ones personality is diffrent except tines like your mean to her

  • toucan man 5 months ago

    ryan can i give me a link to your outro music

  • toucan man 5 months ago


  • Joe Polidoro 5 months ago


  • David Alexander 5 months ago

    moose craft im a big fan a super fan

  • MIA Wise 5 months ago

    You know tht goldy,tina,unicornman are just fans of ryans

  • Trevor Vincent 5 months ago

    What gun mod do you use

  • Sam Waters 5 months ago

    ima chicken

  • the girl dominator 5 months ago

    When Is Recess Coming Back!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!

  • Rayhanu Meyer 5 months ago

    Hay dude your friend Ryan told me about you and I think he is cool so I’m subscribing to you. And I love your videos

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