Minecraft Daycare – Thanksgiving with Tina!? (Minecraft Roleplay)



  • Derp 1 week ago

    SowWY GuYz My ThAnKsGiVinG ePisODe iS a WeEk LatE. WaZ bUzY EaTiNg TuRkeY aNd pIe! 😀 but HaPpY hOliDAyz!

  • DarkCatzAj 1 week ago

    Like If derp is awesome

  • Stacey F 1 week ago

    Hohoho i liked every comment from my time

  • Gabrielvlogs !! 1 week ago


  • ChibiOfficial 1 week ago

    *rings the doorbel lcleche*

  • MacKenzie Bourdage 1 week ago

    I’m thankful for my family and friends. I’m also thankful for having a roof over my head, food to eat, and clothes to wear. And my dog.

  • Bobby Barr 1 week ago

    If Tina can’t come to the Thanksgiving party bring the Thanksgiving party to Tina.!! And!

  • kiler213 beat 1 week ago

    I’m eating Turkey right now

  • BigDGamez 1 week ago

    I’m thankful for all my friends at school

  • Jason Walsh 1 week ago

    This made me cry that is so sad……😞

  • Emma DeVincentis 1 week ago

    I feel the same way Ryan I don’t wanna grow up

  • Caleb Good 1 week ago

    Im thankful for you derp! Your the best ever!!!!

  • Lori Casey 1 week ago

    In thank for Jesus Christ and god for makeing the world abd me

  • AaronWolfReaver 1 week ago

    I’m thankful for dErpz and his amazing videos!

  • Da Monster 1 week ago

    Imz thankzfulz forz uz derpz andz forz myz lifez

  • Nio Barachina-Smith 1 week ago

    Doesn’t Tina’s dad sound like Burt

  • wolf gamer999 1 week ago

    Why was tina bigger

  • Austin Hemstreet 1 week ago

    I’m thankful for this girl I know Charlotte she has been a very happy part in my life for a long time I have a crush on her

  • Dino Playz 1 week ago

    620th like!

  • JebDaKiller 1 week ago

    232 yah boi

  • Pokemon-Minecraft Dude 1 week ago

    I was happy that Tina wasn’t attending the Thanksgiving meal.

  • The WoodlandFreedom Dreamers 1 week ago

    Good Slap…. Harley is a good kid.
    Still thinking Ryan has a secret crush on Tina. :3

  • Jeffrey He 1 week ago

    It’s kinda gross that the fact that she sliced across the bathroom floor

  • Treyson Belt 1 week ago

    I am thankful for star wars

  • GT YITHON 1 week ago

    I see all of movie I Tears up

  • ophelia miller jones 1 week ago

    Btw I haven’t watched the whole video.couldnt they bring the food to the hospital and have thanksgiving there

  • Joseph Akrill 1 week ago

    Itz okz derpz

  • Dirk Dy 1 week ago

    love you derp and ryan and tina

  • Survivial_Party //TheGreenEngineer 1 week ago

    I don’t have thanksgiving because i am british and us brits dont have thanksgiving we have turkey and the like on christmas day

  • Mrcacu303 1 week ago

    Hi DeRpZ

  • Aleyda Reyes 1 week ago

    i am thank ful for friends like you guys

  • richie cranmer 1 week ago

    Hi derp

  • Levi Heim 1 week ago

    just a minor one

  • Fahad Al Hajjaji 1 week ago

    They are all sad when Tina didn’t come it’s just like my friends in school when am sick they don’t play and they are 😱

  • Kewahn Lewis 1 week ago

    DeRp youtube

  • Sandra Appel 1 week ago

    im thankful for family and youtube

  • tracy reda 1 week ago

    I hope that Tina dose die on Ryan I flee sorry for Ryan maybe is she sick for Christmas then maybe is died on Christmas morning we have to do a funeral I won’t to come to here funeral and to join you see ya bye

  • Jarrett Barnes 1 week ago

    Im 4th

  • Aceplayz38 1 week ago

    Wow 808 people loved the video so they liked and 13 people liked it sooo much they turned there phone upside down and liked it again

  • Rhys010809 1 week ago

    could bring thanksgiving to her

  • Alyssa Porter 1 week ago

    253 comment

  • Rachel southam 1 week ago

    Make a video and Harley could tell Xavier she likes him

  • basicbeauty10101 msp 1 week ago

    They were acting like Tina was dead

  • Jennifer Krauss 1 week ago

    I have a picture of you derp

  • Maria Hatcher 1 week ago


  • Zhya Colon 1 week ago

    This was so SAS I was crying

  • Five Night’s At Freddy’s Girl 1 week ago

    My name is Tina

  • Herminia Deleon 1 week ago

    I cried when they got sad : (

  • Jaden Hilburn 1 week ago

    DeRpS i LOves ThE TuRKeY

  • Justin Wilsher 1 week ago

    Who’s your favorite character derp is the thumbs down Ryan is the thumbs up

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