• Roger Clarke 3 weeks ago

    I love your daycare videos 😀

  • SuperflyJD 3 weeks ago

    i want to be part of your group so bad but im a kid 🙁

  • Nathan S Does things 3 weeks ago

    Overwatch/lucio confirmed cant stop wont stop

  • Jtechgaming 3 weeks ago

    Guys unicorn man wasnt in murder mystery did any one notice that?🤔

  • Joseph Quashie 3 weeks ago

    make more crafting dead videos

  • Kaleb Munyon 3 weeks ago

    I liked the joke

  • Jeffy 3 weeks ago


  • SenTrek 09 3 weeks ago

    Someone please make a meme out of the -the the the the the- from tina

  • Melanie Carpio 3 weeks ago

    It’s Mr.Oinkers from his book “JUST IN TIME”

  • EVAN ANDERSON 3 weeks ago


  • King of nights 3 weeks ago

    riguy on tomr yoy that me soming thx btw look at my youtube chanl plz

  • ItsKatplays 3 weeks ago

    Hehe sneak peak off her series

  • 2008cody2008 Vlogs 3 weeks ago

    I like the JOKES! Lol

  • Jymere Brown 3 weeks ago

    How come the game was the same as defore if the secret door wasn’t there before

  • ItsKatplays 3 weeks ago

    That scream ryan

  • Ella Graveline 3 weeks ago

    Why wasn’t unicorn man playing the game

  • sodam mckinon 3 weeks ago

    Yes Ryan you are the best finally this is the murder mystery I like

  • Kelsey Bess 3 weeks ago


  • Giovanni Chatman 3 weeks ago

    Tina my beautiful girl and she is mine ryan

  • Mark Wheeler 3 weeks ago

    New daycare?!`!

  • John Edwards 3 weeks ago

    Ruyguyrocky you where a rocket shirt under your jacket

  • GamingwithMangle 3 weeks ago


  • Ryan Ellis 3 weeks ago

    I wish daycare was still like the old videos like not minigames

  • Rory Jr 3 weeks ago

    THIS WAS a copy of a nother one just with extra stuff

  • rox mac 3 weeks ago

    My YouTube channel and Ryan you are the best

  • Angus Osborn 3 weeks ago

    Can’t stop won’t stop

    I’m on top of the world

    Let’s break it down!

  • Edward Medeiros 3 weeks ago

    strait up legit question is anyone else just laying n bed naked just chilling watching YouTube at 1 in the morning?

  • Someone is this guy 3 weeks ago

    OMG crossover (dragons) her series grottos and Gremlins yeah!!

  • Alpha Playz 3 weeks ago

    Is that a real game? That Tina keep talking about? If so I would like to try it out?

  • ZidPlaysGames &Stuff 3 weeks ago

    The “Brain People” (Us) Should think of A Game where Ryan goes to A Random Jailbreak Game ORRRRR…. Ryan Goes through the Portal or Goes to Roblox

  • Mary Ann Sayson 3 weeks ago


  • Carley Smith 3 weeks ago


  • MusicMew 3 weeks ago

    PEOPLE check out tinas channel and watch dragons to see Tina and Ryan play her “app”

  • Lyla Chapman-Croke 3 weeks ago

    Unicorn Mann wasn’t there in the game

  • Khalil Middleton 3 weeks ago

    Why can’t thy have secrets but y’all can

  • Khalil Middleton 3 weeks ago

    Burt’s video’s are role play

  • Jocelyn Totanes 3 weeks ago


  • Caroline King 3 weeks ago

    ryguyrocky make unicornmann and goldy go on a date

  • Ted Stout 3 weeks ago

    we’re was unicorn mann at

  • No Name 3 weeks ago

    (Ryguy)plantman that’s my superhero name
    (Me)how are you a super hero you killed every one lol

  • Exotic butter gamer 3 weeks ago

    #no portal only day care

  • Vicki Martin 3 weeks ago

    Im sorry for not watching this on the day you sended me it but I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your vids

  • Sequan And Friends 3 weeks ago

    Now I Have To Check This Out On Tina’s Channel To See The “Secret Room” OO I BET ITS A SHRINE!!!!!!

  • Heather Bearb 3 weeks ago

    where was unicorn man in murder mystery

  • EpicnessWithAlex 3 weeks ago

    Ryan, you should do an episode where you sneak into the secret green room thingy in the slingshot squad base.

  • vera tulio 3 weeks ago

    Ryguy if you know Yu-Gi-Oh then sometimes play Yu-Gi-Oh in the daycare or start a Yu-Gi-Oh roleplay.

  • Gamerboy 849 3 weeks ago

    Tina: I was innocent 3 I a row
    Godly: I was innocent the whole time
    Ryan: I was Ryan the whole time

    More like I was Ryan the whole time it was actually this look

    Ryan: I was plant man the whole time

  • Bro Hi 3 weeks ago

    On tinas part they find the pig

  • LucasPlayz _ 3 weeks ago

    Why don’t Ryan and Tina prove Sabres loyalty to the slingshot squad by making his do some tests

  • Lighting Rob 3 weeks ago

    I think I know what is behind the door that Ryan is not allowed to go into
    I think it’s the Ryan notes and Ryan’s stuff that was in the vault back in the old daycare

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