• DarkMark 1 month ago

    9:05 uh unicorn man

  • Maggie Payne 1 month ago

    Where’s Tina?

  • Fabian Hernandez 1 month ago

    I think saber should get goldy and not unicorn man

  • tropical pumkin 1 month ago

    Was sabre the 1000000 subscribers special

  • Stephen Dickey 1 month ago

    ryan do you like tina truth

  • Hachi Ramirezmacias 1 month ago

    Your mean to Goldy so boo to you

  • Alex Mejia 1 month ago

    I just got your book in the mail on tuesday it is so good already even tho i finished chapter 1

  • iiGalaxy iiVoid 1 month ago

    I was thinking about the elf on shelf

  • Leighton Sumner 1 month ago

    Can u do a face reveal on unicorn man and pls shout me out goldy
    is a nub

  • Rowan Francis 1 month ago

    Where’s Tina

  • colette smith 1 month ago

    WHere shark

  • Gaming Vlogger 1 month ago


  • Oluwatosin Akinbinu 1 month ago

    Minecraft ryguyrocky I think

  • Charlena Teasdale 1 month ago

    😀 Penguins!

  • Charlena Teasdale 1 month ago

    Penguins will reighn.

  • ThePuppet 123 1 month ago

    would you rather be, very hot, Or. Very Cold,

  • Brittanie Hill 1 month ago

    I love your videos you are the best Youtube in the world

  • Camia Allen yt 1 month ago

    Unicornmann × Goldy = Unidy!!!!♡♡♡♡:-) 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Camia Allen yt 1 month ago

    Where’s tina?

  • CraftyMinekat 1 month ago

    Results: Goldy: 0 UnicornMann_: 0 Ryan: 2 Chicken Man: 0
    This is only a mere loss for UCM

  • Noisy Jay {Zalgo} 1 month ago

    unicorn mann is the real santa since he has a real beard

  • Noisy Jay {Zalgo} 1 month ago


  • yoyo dog123 1 month ago

    Where was tina

  • ParadoxGamer 1 month ago


  • Jia Chen Lee 1 month ago

    /were Tina???

  • Rowan Edgell 1 month ago

    the vid is not in the discription

  • Shannon Seymour 1 month ago

    What elf is the best singer :anwser elf-is-presley

  • Iplazminecraft x 1 month ago

    Wheres tina

  • StareFlair142 3 1 month ago

    I died when Goldy when gold had a chain saw

    Victoria ???
    ???? -2017
    September ??
    Was a weird girl…!!!

  • Marie Owens 1 month ago

    The quick state click

  • Marie Owens 1 month ago


  • Blue Scar 1 month ago

    Watching vids that I missed

  • Lesly Haynes 1 month ago

    My favorite part is 8:54

  • Lesly Haynes 1 month ago


  • Lesly Haynes 1 month ago

    And 9:05

  • Lesly Haynes 1 month ago

    And when goldy said come here boy on 9:11

  • vlarenced 1 month ago

    Wheres tina!!!!

  • Rashell, Kaison Salisbury 1 month ago

    Summon dragons what Shields and fight them

  • slog man 1 month ago

    It’s crazy nuts

  • The WoodlandFreedom Dreamers 1 month ago

    Ryan… the Secret Crush episode… ITS NOT THERE

  • Cory 12PS4 1 month ago

    I watched the video and it was trying to be dude perfect? WHAT THE HECK RYAN

  • Daniel Smith 1 month ago

    Goldy sounded like a anime character

  • Dale manning 1 month ago

    It’s not on properlife

  • TheGamingKitty3629 Catnip 1 month ago

    Did no one notice Tina is gone

  • Kyguycool 1 month ago

    Ryguy Herve Hfjfnfh jhh

  • Gray Fullbuster Fan 1 month ago

    Did you Just say Crap

  • sandra sanchez 1 month ago

    unicorn was halarius

  • Tom Mercado 1 month ago

    Ryan x Tina sitting in a tree kissing, First comes love then comes marrie then comes a baby then a baby cerrege

  • Typic Gnu 8984713 1 month ago

    9:42 Ryan says “Bye, Baby” to Goldy

  • cedrickheadspeth 1 month ago

    oooooooooooooooooooooooooo ryan said crap

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