• Adam Shea 1 week ago

    crying Ryan remember that 😂😂😂

  • Dogboy 728 1 week ago

    Yeah more awesome daycare videos

  • Christopher Martinez O'Reilly 1 week ago

    Why did your new video get deleted

  • Dat CheesyBoi 1 week ago

    Did someone see the “New Girlfriend” video?

  • Scott Gaming 1 week ago

    Guys did you know that ryans new viedo has been removed by the user!! 🙁 R.I.P

  • Empire 16 1 week ago

    Great video

  • jaybull 1 week ago


  • Patton A Knight of Apollo 1 week ago

    Can anyone else not access the new video

  • Lucy Angel 1 week ago

    I can not get into your newest video

  • TNT_GUY20 1 week ago

    Danger attack

  • ItzMeDylan_ YT 1 week ago

    #Busted (No hacks on my sever I don’t OP people anymore on my severs)

  • The Fortnite Llama 1 week ago

    741’st lol

  • caggianoa is the best 1 week ago

    Ryan why did you take down the video that came out on Saturday June 9th? Ryan’s new girlfriend

  • deadlyghost 18 1 week ago

    Why did you delete the video you just uploaded

  • SEBASTIAN RAMOS1 1 week ago

    Tina and goldy and unioncorn are salty

  • A Roblox Noob 1 week ago

    Its almost Unicornmanns b-day!!!

  • secret teddy 1 week ago

    Its not hacking its called skills😎

  • Addeyplays 1 week ago


  • Liberty magnuson 1 week ago

    OHHHH they were under the mistletoe in Tina’s room

  • Sanicpro420 1 week ago

    they are salty

  • Kristen Truesdell 1 week ago

    who else saw mistletoe

  • Stephanne Tulk 1 week ago

    you dided cheat ryan I love your vids it makes me lol a lot:)

  • Jadon Harrison 1 week ago

    Do ur best to piss her off so much she tries to ban u then have Goldie or unicorn unban. U and keep doing it

  • Little genji 1 week ago

    he is not hacking

  • TehDerpKing Lol 1 week ago

    how he cheats: Using Wizard Hacc

  • gary morrow 1 week ago

    I mean he wasn’t hacking it’s just that ur sour loosers

  • cool dude 1 week ago

    XD tina charging at the front door like a horror film

  • Rachel Tholen Hatten 1 week ago

    You are so cool bro

  • Francis Fultz 1 week ago

    🤤Ryan killed tina 😂but tina got revenge

  • RED PEKKA'S 1 week ago


  • The Jones 1 week ago

    I call hax!

  • AnonymooseCoon 1 week ago

    When Ryan’s quiet something’s wrong

  • Leonard Sagario 1 week ago

    Every one!!!!!!! There just losers

  • SlagePlayz 515 1 week ago

    Ryan the thumbnail looks like your helping tina win

  • Rich Wood 1 week ago

    I’m #817

  • Xal Mations 1 week ago

    they’re only saying hes hacking because they r just bad and they think that he cant be that good but he is

  • Yahoska Zepeda 1 week ago

    Tell Tina is acting like a baby oh she is a baby 😌

  • Kaleb Call 1 week ago

    Have everyone look at your comments you were not hacking

  • Gordon Bush 1 week ago

    817th comment

  • Ernie Ernesto 1 week ago

    They were saying that ryan was cheating but it was all skill they don’t have skill

  • Angela Ying 1 week ago

    Guys, sometimes when people don’t understand what you do, do you everfeel like you need to swear at thier face? This is exactly what Ifeel like when Tina didn’t believe Ryan. Like if you agree with meh.

  • Bryan Rivera 1 week ago

    tell me something HOW DID HE HACK HE LOSST IN ONE OF THEM

  • Seany Dog 1 week ago

    You are calling him a hacker for being better than you guys

  • Alejandro Sanchez 1 week ago

    litle cryguyrocky is back!!!!!!

  • Killer Alpha1127 1 week ago

    They so salty

  • Kaiden Phan 1 week ago

    Ryan trust me you aren’t cheating you are just good at the game, but Unicornmann, Tina and Goldy are bad at the game.

  • Lonnyle le 1 week ago

    Ty gun mòd nw gỏi
    Kiss gòd

  • Palli Playz 1 week ago

    I think Ryan was cheating because after e overground he would scroll to the side

  • Johnydric Octavio 1 week ago

    Is it just me or did Tina said the f word

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