• Redstone Ray 7 months ago

    Actually i have been meaning to ask…
    1.When Is Thomas And Matt going to get back in the roleplay
    2.In a far back videos about daycare roleplays (when you still have Shark And Sabre) you said your mom is dead (mom in the daycare roleplay) but i also forget which one is it..so yeah this second question means: You said your mom (in the roleplay)is
    dead when you tried to impress Tina when you still have shark and sabre..


    3.Random question :
    Do You Like Eating Pizza In Dominos Pizza Or Pizza Hut..?

  • Demon king Scott 7 months ago

    You should do an animation

  • mayah olaguir 7 months ago

    Ryan do u remember shark.saber.moose and slade came to the daycare i like so many youtubers that they in the daycare hehe

  • Tryniti Elmore 7 months ago

    Bring back Tomas and the Director!!!! Like if you agree!!!!

  • monicabillingsley 7 months ago

    Rygy you took short cuts not fair

  • G Gaming 7 months ago

    Pls make a new video 😊

  • Patrick Pedersen 7 months ago

    Why doesent Tina Make videos?

  • Casen Gamer 7 months ago

    Pleas make a Halloween speshel episode of daycare and you go trick or treating with Tina and you get lot of candy 🍘🌭🍿🌯🌮🌽🍉🍇🍌🍏🍎🍝🍟🍔🍔🍔🍔🍟🍕remember to bring a costume

  • Casen Gamer 7 months ago

    Pleas go in the portel and lose your memory 😓 pleas do it I don’t really like the mini games

  • dominykas bagan 7 months ago


  • dominykas bagan 7 months ago

    Lol jm films asked and filmed the outro check him out!

  • dominykas bagan 7 months ago

    Sorry if i said the name wrong

  • dominykas bagan 7 months ago

    Its js not jm

  • Tammy Country 7 months ago

    Ryan I love your videos and I watch them everyday.

  • ItsMeAtomic 7 months ago

    i dare you to troll tina by killing her and saying you done it by purpose and goldy and ryguyrocky goes on a fake date and at the end when tina gets mad everyone runs up to goldy and kill her

  • KatzARooni 7 months ago

    I want to go on ur roleplay D:

  • Mr Crafty 7 months ago

    you let everyone else in not me

  • Mr Crafty 7 months ago


  • Winnie Chen 7 months ago

    I like your video and i subscribe

  • Kerry Fender 7 months ago


  • Kerry Fender 7 months ago


  • Elijah Daniel 7 months ago

    You should go on a date with Tina because she’s your love stop acting like you don’t like her just ask her out on a regular date and at the end tell her that you love her and give her a kiss

  • ricardo miller 7 months ago

    can you show you minecraft house

  • Michaela Foster 7 months ago

    ryan you didnt uplode yesterday

  • Neil Johnson 7 months ago

    you have to act like your in love with goldie next episode

  • Summer Sunshine 7 months ago

    Ryguyrocky – Tina the Tiger = Ryan sad forever
    Ryan this yt show was ment to be a comdy about a boy and a girl who like each other but one is afraid to adimt it so bring back the funny romance between u and tina Plssssssss

  • marshmollow the cat 7 months ago


  • marshmollow the cat 7 months ago


  • zombie vlogs 7 months ago


  • zombie vlogs 7 months ago

    Where is the director

  • Karen Alvarado 7 months ago


  • Luzy Reyes 7 months ago


  • MCT MCT 7 months ago

    Daycare DERpZ

  • DEBORAH VEL 7 months ago

    8-4=8 because if you – the 4 it isn’t there anymore so it’s 8 (I know it’s 4)

  • LR Diamond 7 months ago

    Kiss goldy plzs

  • Tiffany Rollins 7 months ago

    snack !!!!!!!!!

  • Creeper Master 204 7 months ago

    Does Tina have a YouTube channel

  • Natividad Martinez 7 months ago

    What tony is Tina brother

  • Christianjk52 Chandlerjk52 7 months ago

    RYAN Tina is so over protective dont you think that a little I mean super duperduperdupervdupervduperdupervvduperdupervvvvdupervdupervvduperdupervduper weird

  • Fnaf Plushies 7 months ago


  • vlarenced 7 months ago

    ur gonna make them quit for setting car on fire if its true

  • Demon slayer1000 7 months ago

    I like the new way Ryan is acting now Imma keep watching your vids but I don’t like when you let Tina win and when you don’t win so don’t do that ANYMORE and that makes the videos better again 💚💝💟💟

  • Justin Gray 7 months ago

    Omg the maps were very accurate

  • Maritza Arroyo 7 months ago

    Kiss tina

  • Dallen Scroggs 7 months ago

    Team anyone trade me plz plz send me plz help me me thx please plz

  • Dallen Scroggs 7 months ago


  • Samantha L'Heureux 7 months ago


  • Reyan Is here 7 months ago


  • jamie miller 7 months ago

    Ryan should go through the portal and forget who everyone is including himself

  • Emaraled Seeker 7 months ago


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