• ShadowGaming 7 months ago

    What happened to Matt and Thomas?

  • vic.b Amukoye 7 months ago

    are you ryan bundotich

  • THE crazychicen Pablo 7 months ago

    Rayen van i join daycare

  • roblox and more // ro ro block pro gamer 7 months ago

    Hi was wondering when you and tina are getting back together.

  • roblox and more // ro ro block pro gamer 7 months ago

    Tina needs a youtube channel

  • Hafiza Hani 7 months ago

    Ryan do a date with somewhere else

  • Talented Slowking 7 months ago

    Nice ending which Tina and plz yt? Back together plzplz and subscribe

  • LuckyGamer332 Vlogs Celis 7 months ago


  • Hazzna bin din 7 months ago

    What is ryan server!!!!!!????? Tell me every one and please..
    Server name:
    Server Adress:

  • Caroline Lafond 7 months ago

    go out with glued and tian is threing to said sore

  • Zikio Vargas 7 months ago

    Come on Tina you are epic just come back with Ryan

  • Bluestincreeper 7 months ago

    roses are red
    violets are blue
    ryan is awesome
    and so are you

  • Clint Bracken 7 months ago

    Ryan you should apologize to Tina and then you or she can kiss

  • jayden lowry 7 months ago

    Ryan you need to do an episode where you started a gun squad

  • Rose Jackie 7 months ago

    This is why you should like Goldy and not Tina because Tina said she wouldn’t kill you but she used the knife squad to kill you and Goldy doesn’t hurt you like Tina does

  • A&O the Twin Show 7 months ago

    where is Thomas.

  • ViiraTheColdSurvivor 24 7 months ago

    UnicornMann_ likes Goldy_MC !!!

  • Mickey HD modz 7 months ago


  • Kenneth Marr 7 months ago


  • pokemaster742 7 months ago


  • Jessy Alejo 7 months ago

    Do a fanfiction video pls

  • Kary Rosario 7 months ago

    the last part was funny

  • nadralone 7 months ago


  • SPARTAXIAN COMMANDO 7 months ago


  • INSANO Games 7 months ago

    Kkk caramba seu canal e top mito passa la no meu isso e mapa faz vídeo como pota capa no começo do vídeo

  • Aaron Fellows 7 months ago

    Ryan do more monsters by the way you are so cool and epic

  • king k1207 7 months ago

    Derp was in daycare but. Not prison

  • yunuehn juarez 7 months ago

    hey Ryan can you make a video where you and your Channel or all these Channel or you get a girlfriend because I’m Tina I said you guys are over video hello beautiful thanks

  • yunuehn juarez 7 months ago

    sorry I was laying

  • Brad Timmons 7 months ago

    Hey Ryan your videos are so funny and epic but plz make a new character for your rp cast, and where’s the pirate rp I miss it…..😢😢😭

  • Tybeatsmode 318 7 months ago

    Haha maze runner

  • therockydragon 203 7 months ago

    Tell tina you love her then she might be nice

  • Ruby Tinoco 7 months ago

    Can you kick Tina out of the Minecraft Annoying in a f****** b****

  • jadyking savage 7 months ago

    Ryan pls give me information how to keep your cat alive my cat is about to die but i dont know when.

  • jimmygaming2000 pro of ice and fire 7 months ago

    ryan plz make a new video

  • Zebricorn Girl 7 months ago

    Where’s Minecraft life Ryan!?!?

  • Zebricorn Girl 7 months ago

    U shouldn’t have saved her Ryan! (From Unicorn!)

  • Francisco Ochoa 7 months ago

    Plz bring back sabre and shark plz and kiss tina ppppppppllllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Kristina Quinn 7 months ago

    If Tina don’t forgive you break up with her

  • SAJL Hall-Belluscio 7 months ago

    Tina ain’t no tiger shes a person in a tiger clothes

  • Renaytbcj1249 Krance78513 7 months ago

    I wothe your canle evre day

  • Larry Mitchell 7 months ago

    I subscribe

  • Yo-shy Bro 7 months ago

    You can get 5,000 likes

  • Melek Yisrael 7 months ago

    Ryan I need to see this u vs the daycare u win and then Tina thinks your the strongest and then other people can pick the rest like if u agree

  • Mia Thompson 7 months ago

    Hi guys sup cool episode

  • TheDarkEmporer 21 7 months ago

    Something tells me that 🦄 man likes goldy

  • Skyla Avakin Life And Roleplays 7 months ago

    This id my second time watching this its funny

  • angela cauley 7 months ago

    I love your dancer videos

  • thephoneguy 7 months ago

    Stop the goldy abuse or that will be 1 less viewer

  • Demon slayer1000 7 months ago

    Goldy and Ryan should go out for one day.we all know unicorn man has a crush on goldy.

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