• MoreOfAmore 9 months ago


  • Jakruel 9 months ago

    Ryan’s FOV is 69 XD

  • Colten Mauksch 9 months ago


  • Tyler gaming 9 months ago

    is tena going to have a vose forever bcuses dups canl

  • Toasty The Human Toaster 9 months ago

    Best movie

  • Gunnar Johanson 9 months ago

    well goldy flirt with ryan and she never kissed him even when they were alone! tina x ryan for life

  • Edwin Guo 9 months ago

    Ryan Can you have new girlfriend for minecraft daycare and add more people

  • ash greninja 9 months ago

    Have sex to Tina

  • Nicholas Cirillo 9 months ago


  • Moose Craft 9 months ago

    *bring back shark and sabre like this so ryan can see*

  • Elizabeth Marrero 9 months ago

    i think unicorn man is thomas

  • minele play 9 months ago

    use Ritch Click to aim plz

  • Brooklyn mejaki 9 months ago

    You tried to possibly make a video where Tina goes to the dark side in Star Wars and you go to the lake and he fights please please please please please please please please please please please please please please I am begging you I really want a Star Wars video where you fight Tina because she is in the dark side I really want to see you like Tina because you are in the light and she is in the dark and I would also like to see the director be a Darth Vader it would be really funny and Thomas is the guy in the light who is your mentor and everybody is separate and could you possibly bring back saver saber and shark please bye

  • rime chakour 9 months ago

    More daycar

  • Sam Kal 9 months ago

    I have suggestion for daycare maybe you can: go a date with Tina in the special restaurant and ya get there by the portal and there is a dance 👍👍👍

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  • Tabitha Dorcass 9 months ago


  • Mason savage 9 months ago

    Remember the first time they went to the movies with shark and saber and Tina and cookie put on a show and it was romance and Tina kissed Ryan and Matt said IT IS SO ADORABLE

  • The Lonestar Games 9 months ago


  • The Lonestar Games 9 months ago


  • The Lonestar Games 9 months ago


  • The Team 8 Crew 9 months ago

    Next ep. Should have
    goldy kiss you at the end of the day then Tina missed you in da afternoon

  • Ahmad Tarabulsi 9 months ago

    Please.bring back sabre and shark and add moose and unspeakable ❤️💛💙💜

  • Shakes and Malos Gaming Channel On The Phone 9 months ago

    why does Tina never remember when she kisses other people???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? like if you think it’s confusing

  • STARKILLER25 9 months ago

    I swear to good plz break up with Tina she very annoying go out with godly or something just do it let your dreams be dreams just do it !!!!!!!!😂🤣

  • STARKILLER25 9 months ago

    Swear to god just do it

  • BryantTheSkull 13 9 months ago

    I hop shark and saber come back and i hop goldy and Ryan kiss

  • Desi Rutland 9 months ago

    Do you like Tina

  • itz Rihpsy 9 months ago

    great video

  • itz Rihpsy 9 months ago

    shark and saber were great at rp

  • Sabiha Tanvir 9 months ago

    Me to

  • Sabiha Tanvir 9 months ago

    Next episode go on the portal and think about assasinn creed
    Hi would love to see that btw I subscribed

  • Emily Sokwelll 9 months ago

    Where’s shark

  • Kennedy Moreno-Santiago 9 months ago

    Your the first best Youtuber

  • ivan plays 9 months ago

    so how come goldy video in Minecraft daycare u kiss goldy

  • ivan plays 9 months ago

    Leave a like if u think shark and saber want to be in Minecraft daycare

  • Edamien Baines 9 months ago

    Ryan please don’t cheat on Tina

  • Cecile Willett 9 months ago

    Ryan why is there always a red flash in the the middle of the vids like if you have saw the a red flash in most of his vids

  • Sameh Mostafa 9 months ago

    how laughed at the techiceldiffuclties iknow i spelt it wrong

  • Adrian Roche 9 months ago

    I never saw your videos

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  • Gabrielle Johnson 9 months ago


  • Eli B 9 months ago

    9:49 Sharks dirt awwwww I miss Shark and Sabre

  • indra otsutsuki 9 months ago

    RYAN IS SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!

  • indra otsutsuki 9 months ago

    Ryan have u played Roblox?

  • indra otsutsuki 9 months ago

    also GOLDY SUCKS Tina should​ date Ryan again and again xD

  • Dominique Hoffman 9 months ago

    Same I miss shark and saves too😢

  • Dominique Hoffman 9 months ago


  • benna shayna 9 months ago

    You can get in this M.i.n.ecraft-Alt 100 % free it can be harmless or just is most effective plus.google.com/u/0/+MineCraftyAcc/posts/SqyCKq4NPXj

  • Darwina Calvin 9 months ago

    you made a 9/11 joke

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