• Kitty Games 2 weeks ago

    That hicup…

  • Laurie Estevane 2 weeks ago

    Srry Ryan couldn’t watch your stream on Facebook couse I don’t have it and I’m only 13

  • silvia Villagomez 2 weeks ago

    Summer break!!!!!!!

  • Little Jazz 2 weeks ago

    I lost my friendship because of fortnight I like roblox and my friends like roblox to but he starts playing fornight and say goodbye to our friendship :C

  • Charlene Rushing 2 weeks ago

    This went up on my birthday!

  • Ray Ray Wilkins 2 weeks ago


  • Dream dose things 2 weeks ago

    It’s a bobbler

  • Charlene Rushing 2 weeks ago

    Who else noticed Ryan said “Is there anything else we need Dad?” Or just me! 😆

  • TheIcey Arceus 2 weeks ago


  • doge gamer 2 weeks ago

    Ryan because it’s your daycare make your own base no one knows about so you can be better than unicornman

  • TheIcey Arceus 2 weeks ago


  • TheIcey Arceus 2 weeks ago


  • kiya allen 2 weeks ago

    it would be perfect if they had a face of chicken face and put it everywhere 🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔

  • Campbell taft 2 weeks ago

    It’s I’m blue I was green I would die

  • Nga Meh 2 weeks ago

    Guys I said real life daycell

  • Pilot 2727 2 weeks ago

    No your stoping the daycare series☠️😭I’m going to die without The daycare series

  • Cox Family 2 weeks ago

    Blue and Yellow Blue and Yellow Blue and Yellow Blue and Yellow Blue and Yellow like if u know that song with black

  • puppy girl 2 weeks ago

    Red man

  • puppy girl 2 weeks ago

    Red an blue go together like peanut butter and jelly

  • I Just Bombed Me Mom 2 weeks ago

    At least you know he hates Yellow

  • Joleen Nicome 2 weeks ago

    Your awesome 😎

  • Newcastle Vendors 2 weeks ago

    go ryguyrocky

  • Alyssa Watson 2 weeks ago


  • Galaxy Plays 2 weeks ago

    Boooo 👎👎👎👎👎 fortnite

  • Jadyn Wilkinson 2 weeks ago

    yellow is life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ItIsMeFTW ' 2 weeks ago

    I forgot my fb password (FaceBook)

  • Cool Kayhler T 2 weeks ago


  • Fulvio Joaquín 2 weeks ago

    I already know you
    Would change lava to water.

  • Tommy Bustle 2 weeks ago

    IT GOES I buti i but die THEN YOU REPEAT

  • Cullen Bryant 2 weeks ago

    I would’ve put white because the white would represent a chicken and which would represent chicken man and unicornman hates chicken man

  • iiGalaxy - 2 weeks ago

    What happened to his newest vid

  • Bryson Brock 2 weeks ago

    I love blue and yellow

  • Marietta Zafe 2 weeks ago


  • Jayden Plassmeyer 2 weeks ago

    What is your yoser name I do not have facebook

  • Kesan Eugene 2 weeks ago

    Hi guys

  • Hidden Skyler 2 weeks ago

    Something was deleted on ryans channel anyone care to tell me i was dealing with things

  • Danny Cortez 2 weeks ago

    Why you do that

  • Cousins Crew Officials 2 weeks ago


  • Theresa Fisher 2 weeks ago

    Did y’all know blue is my favorite color? 🔹

  • Sean Berno 2 weeks ago

    Seafood anyone

  • Maliyah Davis 2 weeks ago

    ( •.•

  • ellaine iris reyes 2 weeks ago

    I love u rayan

  • Pixel Flix2456 2 weeks ago

    U should do a future video of Tina and Ryan and if u want add there kids

  • Max C 2 weeks ago

    Ryan plz make the kids play in the portal, I feel bad for all the kids that don’t play

  • TheRedBlaze 2 weeks ago


  • Angus Osborn 2 weeks ago

    I like duck and butter

    like if you remember

  • kristy stone 2 weeks ago



  • Jackson Plays 2 weeks ago

    I thought goldy liked yellow

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