• game head 2 weeks ago

    I was really hoping that he would kiss goldy 😐

  • Devin Howard 2 weeks ago

    Tina don’t have tiger ears

  • Anji Reddy 2 weeks ago

    Is it true that Ryan likes

  • Anji Reddy 2 weeks ago

    Is it true that you like Tina

  • SallyWolf7890 2 weeks ago

    *Intensely eating chips*

    *Tina kisses Ryan*

    Me: SCREEEEE— *starts choking*



  • Xavier Knox 2 weeks ago

    I have not wash your videos for a whole year and you still doing daycare s***

  • JJtherainbowgirl 1 2 weeks ago

    I died of laughter when Ryan was messing with the face cam!

  • Martha Gomez 2 weeks ago

    Tina Is stupet

  • Mitchell Wright 2 weeks ago

    Why did all of them say “Kiss me.” ? xD 😆🤣😂

  • Shay The Dragon 2 weeks ago

    Okay I’ll kiss you!

  • KhalilGames_YT 2 weeks ago

    goldy:i dare you to kiss me Ryan:k roldy confirmed

  • Rosie Audain 2 weeks ago

    2:33 tho😂😇😂😇😂😇😂😇

  • KARA WILLIAMS 2 weeks ago

    Check skullmaster098765

  • Panda Craft 2 weeks ago

    Who’s ur fav Character

  • Emipau Plays 2 weeks ago

    Ryan: He is not in his basement
    Tina: He is not in his room
    Godly: He is not in the toilet
    Tina: GOLDY

  • Kirstyn Williams 2 weeks ago

    Ryan × goldy i ship it tina bossy to ryan

  • Tiger Fox FOR LIFE! 2 weeks ago

    I don’t appreciate you guys saying o my god,can u stop perhaps?

  • Scanilili Forest 2 weeks ago

    I’ve been waiting for so long to comment this pun…

    Here goes…

    TEA-na. (Tea and Tina, eh?)

  • Ineko Vlogs 2 weeks ago

    Ryan’s face at 8:26 was hilarious

  • Bayli Vlogs 2 weeks ago

    Lol I turned around for a second then turned back and Ryan had zoomed in on his face

  • Neko Girl 2 weeks ago

    9:30 be careful childrens that’s a lot of laughter

  • Steven Stpierre 2 weeks ago

    am I imaging this as a game in Minecraft kissing or real life

  • Tryniti Elmore 2 weeks ago

    Someone should dare Unicorn_Mann to kiss Goldy!!!!

  • Michel Perez 2 weeks ago

    :8:05 omg rip my ears

  • diamondSTAR THE GOOD 2 weeks ago

    Goldy: I dare you to kiss me

    Tina: Gggrrrrr

    Ryan: I’m not moving

    Me: I can relate

    Me and my friends played truth or dare once and Jayden (my friend) Dared me to Kiss Layla (Rival) and My “Girlfriend” Arianna got super mad.

  • Edna Andres 2 weeks ago

    Tina;omg I was hitting for goldy
    Goldy;dieing of laughing
    Me:dieing of laughtinh

  • Styxart1 2 weeks ago

    Chicken man is saber because saber has goggles

  • zoey vincent 2 weeks ago

    Whens tina giving new vid

  • TheSavageBeast0001 -Roblox And More! 2 weeks ago

    0:10 R.I.P. headphone users

  • That_Rage_Gamer 2 weeks ago

    how does unicorn support himself does he have a job or get payed to be in daycare? he doesnt have a channel?

  • Mary Cobb 2 weeks ago

    haha!Tina kissed you!

  • Someone Quiocho 2 weeks ago

    Wow Ryan just awkward sorry bro!
    Edit: everyone kissing everybody! Also everybody dying!

  • Dino Jamora 2 weeks ago

    Her reaction!

  • Olga Sepeda 2 weeks ago

    You. LIke. Her. Do you. Oooooooo. Ong

  • Samm Sapmm 2 weeks ago

    he was there and i dont think u saw him xD but if u did srry

  • kali playz 2 weeks ago


  • Austin meza channel 2 weeks ago

    Why do you miss but there to young

  • Blackabyss390 , 2 weeks ago

    That face ryan has at 13:00 saying either way you fudged up

  • littlecrazy crazy 2 weeks ago

    you should of ask if unicorn man if he liked goldy

  • ajhjb ajhjb 2 weeks ago

    Goldy and Ryan should go on a date

  • Zack Nerd 2 weeks ago

    R.I.P Headphone users

  • Kara Rodriguez 2 weeks ago

    What’s your Discord again Ryan I forgot

  • Chicken Nug plays Yt 2 weeks ago

    Guys do you know that tina may,be ryans girlfriebd because why would Ryan have another girl because if his girl would be mad at tina and it maybe goody!

  • Chicken Nug plays Yt 2 weeks ago


  • ronika 76 2 weeks ago

    Tina and ryan kissing in a tree they K-I-S-S-I-N-G Tina is really jealous

  • Princess Pineda 2 weeks ago

    that boring tina is allways mad

  • BrianGamer1 RobloxXMinecraft 2 weeks ago

    8:03 look at ryans face when goldy dares him to kiss her

  • violetta gargano 2 weeks ago

    Tina:LETS JUMP OFF THE ROOF! Yea…. totaly what normal dacare kids do….

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