• Ryguyrocky 7 months ago

    Sorry for the audio issues guys D: I know it quiet! It wont happen again!

  • Davina Gyamfi 7 months ago

    its ok ryan but its so low

  • wats popin 7 months ago

    ROLDY has to happen……..

  • Wolf Gaming1435 7 months ago

    every body makes mistakes your fans forgive you

  • jack grfo 7 months ago

    Wait the adia

  • Wyatt Miller 7 months ago

    Dude I don’t care i love your vids ass long you keep filling i will be happy

  • fly juju 7 months ago

    I wish Goldy was still dead!!!

  • waxndn03 7 months ago

    Date gold y

  • cookie party 7 months ago

    This episode is so quiet and i had it on full volume

  • Jon & Amanda Zillner 7 months ago

    I haven’t in joining the daycare video because I want to see share and Saber sorry😦

  • Linda Hadley 7 months ago

    go date goldy

  • Linda Hadley 7 months ago

    date godly

  • Iesha bogan 7 months ago

    Its okie ryguy!!!!!!!! :3

  • kat Stafford 7 months ago

    Who else here applied for daycare? I did!!!!!!

  • kat Stafford 7 months ago


  • kat Stafford 7 months ago

    I cried when Goldy died….

  • Peter Pan 7 months ago

    WELCOME TO ANOTHER DAY AT DAYCARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Riley Boy 7 months ago

    Do a video goldy kiss Ryan and fall in love

  • Emma Martin 7 months ago

    It’s OK Ryan it’s still a epic role play in the daycare 😃😀

  • Emma Martin 7 months ago

    Just asking but how is it this quiet I thought It wouldn’t be that quiet but wow it’s very quiet but again still very good

  • Brionna Green 7 months ago

    Are you and gold dating how did you guys become friends how did you meet

  • Josh Gaming 7 months ago

    When r new new daycare come out

  • Much Fabulous 7 months ago

    Goldy’s a cat :O

  • My goldfish Turtlel 7 months ago

    Make a daycare episode about Tina dying

  • kewlcraft11 7 months ago

    who else thinks Ryan should be shipped with tina

  • mithun chowdhury 7 months ago

    Its okay 😀

  • Sebastian Blake Bishop 7 months ago

    Kewlcraft yes they should

  • Olivia Templet 7 months ago

    One word… Goldy goldy

  • Thor Unruh 7 months ago

    Make unspeakable come

  • Fierzaa 7 months ago

    I’m playing rocket league while watching this 😂

  • Ysa Katyflo 7 months ago

    Ryan x Tina
    Goldy x Unicornman

    Ryan cannot be with Goldy because Ryan has been with Tina for years and he can’t break that up with a girl that came in daycare this year. I like Goldy but her with Ryan doesn’t seem right to me.

  • Mystic Gaming 7 months ago

    she probally re-carnated

  • Quisha Smith 7 months ago

    do not were

  • luna Deese 7 months ago


  • Hailye G 7 months ago

    I like trains bana banana I like trains bana banana

  • candyland 571 7 months ago

    Great video ryan I love each and every video you make keep up the good work!

  • Matthew Lavoie 7 months ago

    ryguyrocky is a liar he had a server and he did something and broke it and blamed it on his dev  he doesn’t want u to know

  • RubyWeed Chan 7 months ago

    4:17 the time she dies

  • Rovenets Dina 7 months ago

    Mose is cool but you Ryan

  • TheRealHeinekenMan 7 months ago

    Ry what happen to shark and sabre

  • BebaBoop10 7 months ago

    Wit if Nathan / unspeakablegame joins

  • Little G 7 months ago

    Quick question who LOOOOOOOVES tigers 1 like = a person who LOOOOOOOVES tigers! 🐅!

  • Sophie and Lola 7 months ago

    Hi I am your biggest fan!!!!!!

  • Sebastian Blake Bishop 7 months ago

    Same hey who here went to vbs

  • vega!! 死神 7 months ago


  • Lil Sam Cool 7 months ago

    Ryguy should rather be with gold than tina

  • Geonna Morrison 7 months ago

    make vid when goldy likes you plz

  • Howling Heart 7 months ago


  • Howling Heart 7 months ago

    Or #tyan

  • Funtime Foxy 7 months ago

    I want you to kiss goldy in your next video

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