• Artist Adule 6 months ago

    did the director insult Tina? 16:12

  • Sammy Sanchez 6 months ago

    Did you sing the trailer song for BO1 shangri-la DUDE ITS NOW ON BO3 zombie crohnicals I went to shangri – la and I THE BEAST very hard i downed at round 19 I was ok at it it was my first time Ahh when i was like 2 or 3 i was play BO2

  • Mike Roberts 6 months ago

    Ryan remember that random call u got

  • Mike Roberts 6 months ago

    That was shark and moose

  • Mike Roberts 6 months ago

    I fell for it

  • Mike Roberts 6 months ago

    What I mean was the “Tina” call

  • Ethan Finney 6 months ago

    I was hoping goody would win

  • Beatriz Ruth Enriquez 6 months ago

    what happend to shark and savure

  • Brandon Padilla 6 months ago


  • Fnaf Foxy Le Le 6 months ago

    Ryan/ryguyrocky where is shark and sabre i thought they were in this series

  • UnMooseable MMOs 6 months ago

    Ryan make a episode where Goldy and Tina have a compilation to see who you deserve and make Tina win (competition is like who can do certain stuff better)

  • MoreOfAmore 6 months ago

    The end had me laughing so hard

  • NyDat CoolGuy 6 months ago


  • Dan Wickler 6 months ago

    yay skywars i love watching youtubers play skywars

  • Maria Jakob 6 months ago

    i like derrp

  • Tiam de Legend 6 months ago

    I got a feeling they are running out of ideas 😂

  • Eusebip Quispe 6 months ago

    Ryan can you do your next vid can you have a date with goldy and tina found out you were dating goldy and thanks

  • United European Commonwealth 6 months ago

    What about derp bring derp dreams come ture

  • Nate the Great 6 months ago

    I wonder is the portal actually their imagination and they think of everything😂😂

  • Samantha Rojas 6 months ago

    Go on a date with goldy pls I will love to see it pls

  • Yeimisol Rodriguez 6 months ago

    goldys just a sore loser loser LOSERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  • Nightingale Legend 6 months ago

    People who dislike ryan just stop watching his videos!

  • Justin Alexander 6 months ago

    what video of daycare was ryan crashed from clicking a tab called paintball but it was shotgun shells?

  • Greg Joseph 6 months ago


  • Jelly J 6 months ago


  • Nelson Albano 6 months ago

    Ryan vs tina who won ryan ryan clutch ryan clutch

  • EPIK COOL FACE 6 months ago

    Ryan why didn’t u let Tina win?😦

  • Jonathan Figueroa-Cruz 6 months ago

    Play a different game if you lose Ryan then you have to take Goldie on a date

  • Jonathan Figueroa-Cruz 6 months ago

    And the challenge is the whole episode so even if you lose just 1 challenge to godly you have to take goldy one a date

  • Jonathan Figueroa-Cruz 6 months ago

    and it’s a one V1 the whole episode

  • Jonathan Figueroa-Cruz 6 months ago

    And if you win then you at least have to give goldy a flower

  • Jonathan Figueroa-Cruz 6 months ago

    and Ryan you have to do it after daycare

  • Andre Roxas 6 months ago

    Can you make saber and shark come back

  • Boby Joniantokho 6 months ago

    can ryan pick other than tinai liek dany the duck

  • Boby Joniantokho 6 months ago

    dude one thing u replace 09sharkbiy n sabre can this 09shark n saber meeet unicorn man and goldy?

  • Ernestuks LTU 6 months ago

    I love when u running fro director xd

  • M3G4 T3RR4 6 months ago

    When are you going to start counting down to the billions again?

  • Ace Marseh 6 months ago

    Bring back shark and sabre like or reply if you want them back

  • Dylan Olson 6 months ago

    so eran is goldy

  • Snow Craft 6 months ago

    Ryan soes not like Tina he said it in one of Mooses videos.

  • Tallan Cole 6 months ago

    do a episode where tina moves and u date goldy after and tina comes back

  • Jerry Hughes 6 months ago

    Happy 100th Daycare!

  • carson playz 6 months ago

    Thumbs up if you knew this is the 100th episode

  • Sloth Games 6 months ago

    Happy hundredth episode 😉😉😉💯💯

  • Robert Edwards 6 months ago

    moosecraft try to call

  • Warlem Machado 6 months ago

    HE HAS 3million COINS HOW

  • Toni Black 6 months ago

    kiss tina

  • Amari Wright 6 months ago

    Wow I detector and first round

  • Danny Bui 6 months ago

    Where’s Tomas I used to watch this but then I forgot

  • Anthony Murguia 6 months ago

    Do one were goldy and ryguy kiss

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